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The new house, it came with rose bushes, too

Recent conversation with my former-Mormon hair stylist

“My boyfriend cannot wake up without a cup of coffee. Like, he will not get out of bed unless there is a cup of coffee waiting for him.” “Wait a second. How do you know this about him?” “Um…” “UM?” “Because he told me?” “Whatever. You’ve been spending the night with your boyfriend.” “PLEASE DON’T [...]

Her hair is the one thing she inherited from me

Begging for a lick of my vanilla ice cream, could you refuse this face?

Video: “I Think We’re Dead.”

Mother’s Day gift from Jon

Total priss

A last goodbye

A few days before I left for San Francisco we drove back to the old house to walk through and make sure that we had completed everything on a list of small improvements that the buyer had requested, things like a little paint touch-up here, a bit of minor electrical work there. For a house [...]

Only in Utah

This is a small snippet from a radio news show here in Salt Lake City where the traffic reporter, Kristy Snow, is apparently high on cold medicine, and the result is really quite wonderful. This is what happens when you do those hard drugs! Click here to listen (thanks, Candice)

And we weren’t even drunk when we did this to him