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Hot dog

Generation gap

Last night GEORGE!’s 19-year-old friend, Cami, came over with one of her girlfriends, Elyse, to share a store-bought dessert with us. I specify store-bought because Cami is somewhat devout in her Mormon faith and should know at least ten different dessert recipes off the top of her head, and before she is allowed to get [...]

Anecdotal Evidence 4

Anecdotal Evidence 4 “Eventually one of us said something funny… and then it happened.” George is very good at telling stories.


This one taken by Jon.

If you aren’t already watching this show, you really should be

Human tetris

Human tetris This is definitely my kind of reality programming. (thanks, Vanessa)

Finally getting around to putting some decorative touches on the house

At the top of his game

The father of my child

While Jon was away for the weekend at a music festival in Tennessee with his two best friends, the rest of us enjoyed a quiet Father’s Day here without him and in his honor went out to breakfast on Sunday morning where, for the entire thirty minutes that we waited to be seated, and then [...]