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August 2007

He is as soft as he looks

Summer sunset

This is a first

My weekend alone went better than planned, and by early Saturday morning I had completed nearly 90% of the work I needed to get done. So I checked out early and headed home to clear my brain, stopping briefly at IKEA to pick up some Things We Don’t Need, including these two rectangular glass vases [...]

Ikea sells the coolest plants

Third eye

Flowers for Jon’s birthday

Lovely lady

Holing up for the weekend

Today I drove down to a hotel in the nether regions of Utah to camp out by myself and try to finish off some stuff I’ve got due very early next week. I had forgotten about this, but the billboards along the freeway in Utah get much more conservative the farther south you go, and [...]

Peanuts, by Charles Bukowski

Peanuts, by Charles Bukowski “I could never give up women for the same reason I could never give up the piano, Charlie Branaski: I’m just too damn good.”