• http://www.fivebyfivephotgraphy.com Scott Murdoch

    Yeah, need to put in my two cents as well, to say thanks and what a great read your hate mail always is. Each time I hope, hope, hope that the writers of the letters you post catch them here and see, in new light, what morons they’re being. (Morons? Mormons?)

    You are a constant source of entertainment Heather, thank you. Whenever people stop and ask me about my “Dooche” t-shirt, I correct them and then always, always send them to you.

    Keep it up, you know you rock.


  • Richard

    Wow. Chuck has tremendous tits.

  • SurprisingWoman

    I have already commented but I had to comment again on Chuck’s smiling face.

    Cutest thing ever. Love, love, love it.

  • Jentle

    So YOU’RE the reason I’m not Mormon…. Whew. I guess I have something to tell the missionaries now.

  • Drew

    Hi Heather, you’ve got a great site! I read it every day. Forget the haters.

  • http://athousandwords.hocusfocusphoto.com Heather Morrow

    Seriously….I LOVE your HATE mail.

    BTW, nice bra, Chuck. It goes well with your skin tones.

  • vbd93

    you are so fucking funny!

  • SurprisingWoman

    I lurve the fact that Chuck is sticking out his tongue in the photo…. so perfect.

    Damn, so if I decided to run down to Utah County I wouldn’t find you at the address you list? Wow, what a surprise that you would try to keep your family safe by not listing your address.

    Man, people are just stoopid.

  • http://blog.me-nikk.com/ me-nikk

    Dooce, really… I love and adore you. Simple as that. People amaze me day in and day out how they have such small shallow lives that they have nothing better to do and focus on than complain about the most mundane of things. Like my next door neighbor YELLING at me because my cats have left PAWPRINTS on his deck!!! OUTSIDE! WHERE THERE”S DIRT! OMG!

    You put a smile on my lips and a chuckle in my heart every day. EVERY DAY!!! And for that I thank you! And for that I hope that they (whoever they are) pay you oddles and oddles because folks, this is after all AMERICA!!! where you do what you choose as a career.

    And the mental health jokes… we’ll I’m right there with ya sistah fighting the demons every day… and mental health jokes are MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! If you can’t make light and fun of yourself, then you’ve got a whole lot of hurt and pain headed your way. GOOD GOD people LIGHTENED THE PISS UP!!! And find a hobby while you’re at it.

    Oh… did I mention that I loved you?!?

  • http://www.finnsspace.wordpress.com Kathryn

    is it wrong that your hatemail amuses me so?

    p.s. love Chuck’s bra

  • kathrynaz

    Your response to the last one? From the guy at work complaining about your work? Sheer brilliance.

  • http://ohophelia.diaryland.com alina m.

    I read the email and I get all mad and flustered and then I read your response and breathe and think “oh thank goodness it’s her getting these instead of me…I’d be calling the mob on these people.”

    That’s why you get paid all those (apparently undeserved) bucks.

  • liza

    I love Chuck. I really, really do.

    And you are so witty–

  • http://thefex.blogspot.com AlexaLisbeth

    Where’s the sting? The haters need to GET CREATIVE.

    Oh, and I totally hate pink.

  • TinaH

    Ok, no one else is saying this, so I will.

    My boobs are TOTALLY bigger than Chucks.

  • http://dryink.org Erika

    Loved the one from Robert and the response, thanks.

  • http://www.sarahandthegoonsquad.com/ Sarah

    Personally, I’d like to hear more about how you are going to try to get arrested.

    Maybe if you wore your not even remotely funny shirt to a PETA gathering you could start a riot.

    That would be awesome.

  • http://www.zlikezebra.blogspot.com zellmer

    What Robert said. Only without the “what a joke” part.

  • http://chickpea981.blogspot.com chickpea

    I’m always amazed at how much effort is put into leaving a nasty comment or sending hatemail when it requires a millionth of the effort to just hit the X in the upper right hand corner. This is just further proof that the vast majority of people are complete idiots.

  • http://www.rulihe.com almightyL

    People on the internet are seperated into two factions: Gloriously awesome and INSANELY stupid. You’re the former! And you’ve given us wonderful representation of the latter.

  • http://allstarme.wordpress.com Allstarme

    Man, I need to take lessons from you in receiving hatemail. I’d love to get email from losers like that!

  • Jill Shalvis

    LOL. Amazing, isn’t it? I recently got my first hate mail on my own blog, so I’ve joined your club.

  • http://refreshingrain.net Crys

    Your hate mail makes my day a thousand times better. I wish I got hatemail just so I would havesomething to laugh about

  • Non_Highlighted Heather

    I saw shit ass ho motherfucker and I got all excited. Then I realized it was a post about hate mail. No lube or turkey baster for me tonight. xo

  • reiki26

    It must be so sad that someone hates themselves so much that they have to post ignorant comments on someone else’s website to make themselves feel better.

    You’ve made my day once again, Heather!
    Thank you from a faithful reader.

  • http://www.cleopatraqueenofdenial2.blogspot.com gypsy

    Pete has time to write you emails, but not to learn what an article is.

    And it’s also heartening to know that spelling has absolutely NO BEARING on whether a person is qualified to dole out moral and spiritual advice. Because now I know that I can trust myselfe to tell everyone about my thoughts on their eternal salvation – and that of their children.

    Blog on, sistah.

  • http://girlongirlaction.wordpress.com/ elana

    Oh man! The hatemail always makes me feel so TENSE.


  • http://www.abevigoda.com Amanda B.

    Damn it, I love you woman.

    That is all.

  • http://boardroomtoplayroom.blogspot.com Kandice

    Thank God for you Heather, for making me laugh on a regular basis.

  • Julia

    I would have to stop reading if you stop posting pics of Chuck. I am addicted to your blog, it makes me laugh out loud and who isn’t better for that? The haters must have pretty sad lives to spend it criticizing those minute details.

  • http://boardroomtoplayroom.blogspot.com Kandice

    Thank God, for you Heather, for making me laugh on a regular basis.

  • anthraxaj

    This blog cheers up my dull existence when I am at work. Keep it up and send big bags of Chuck poop to all the hatemailers!!

  • reiki26

    It must be so sad that someone hates themselves so much that they have to post ignorant comments on someone else’s website to make themselves feel better.

    You’ve made my day once again, Heather!
    Thank you from a faithful reader.

  • jill

    oh my god, this is hysterical. by the time i got to chuck i was laughing my fool head off. MORE CHUCK.

  • http://allsalvageable.blogspot.com/ Ann

    I enjoy your responses to complaints almost as much as I love Chuck’s photos.

  • Anu

    LMAO at Chuck’s pic. Way to get back at Jeff. Just awsome!

  • curlyhairday

    I guess I can’t be Mayor of Dooceville (that’s probably your job, right?)… or First Husband… or Amazingly Cute Toddler Mascot… or Canine Commander…but maybe I could be Sheriff? Because I would really, really, like to proclaim today as “Disk a Mormon Day.” Please let me know when my badge is in the mail. (So that I can begin to gather my Disking Posse.)

  • http://atelier-ad.blogspot.com/ Michelle L

    If only we could all be as witty as you! I found myself skimming over the hatemail, just to read your retort.

    Its quite a hateration out there!

  • samantha

    Wow! Some people just take life so seriously!

  • LisaBoo

    I must say that people are idiots (read you are awesome).

    If people hate you, why do they read your blog? Oh wait, cause not reading it would make sense.

  • http://lifeofshoe.blogspot.com shel

    i love you.

    it’s obvious that some people take things way too literally and have no sense of humor. then there is the understanding of sarcasm. it’s a shame, really.

    as for your life being boring? far from it. hello? you have a kid who cracks me up to no end. and that damn dog? i covet him. i want one just like him. if you ever clone him, i want to be first on the list.

    did i mention that i love you? :)

  • Steph

    You made my day. Well, you and your dull life. Thanks Heather, and I hope the haters never go away, not because I agree with them, but because they are so damn entertaining.
    You have no idea how difficult it was not to use an exlamation point on this comment…

  • http://www.notthesoap.com Ariel Hassman

    There can never be enough pictures of Chuck. NEVER.

  • lexi

    A razor sharp wit. It’s addictive, I love it when you duel with these amateurs, it’s the best laugh I’ve had in ages.

  • http://faithsista.blogspot.com Faith

    “Alot of non-mormons read your website and probably spur the chance they have to investigate the lds faith because of your calous thoughts and actions directed at the lds church and the state of utah.”

    I *totally* was going to become Mormon before I found your blog, Heather. You fucked me up. You fucked me up BAD.

    (Thank you.)

    Ok, does the person who sent that email have any ability to even edit just a little bit? It would be ever so helpful if I could figure out what they mean when they say, “Alot of non-mormons read your website and probably spur the chance they have to investigate the lds faith…”

    Your website “spur[s] the chance” for someone to look into a religion? What? What does that meeeeaaaan?

    I hadn’t realized it was so long since a good hatemail post, actually. As I always say, I feel bad that you get it at all, but I love to read it. Thank you for sharing!

  • http://www.closetuniverse.com A.J. Axline

    Me you like. Lots.


  • http://dooce.migrantroo.com minxlj

    Thank you for opening comments, simply because it gives us a chance to tell all the sad, lifeless MORONS who waste their time sending undeserved hatemail what we think of them.


  • http://silentgoddess.etsy.com Lane Meyer

    You…not them.

  • Ruthie

    Hey, #242 Lene, being an editor I just had to speak up — favorite is the correct spelling in this neck of the woods, that being the U.S. of A. Though many of us love all things Brit, we threw over their spelling conventions along with their government some time ago.

    As to the hatemail comments, I hope their quality improves, Dooce, as they do make for entertaining material for you to work off of. But if anything ever proved the definition of envy as the emotion that “occurs when a person lacks another’s superior quality, achievement, or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it,” that would be the comments from this subset of your blog posters. They need to gain a little self esteem or go read a different blog.

    You rock.

  • http://www.matthewcogswell.com/blog M@

    My inner monologue made Pete sound somewhat like Boris Yeltsin.

    If there is one thing that I’ve learned from your Exclamation Point series, it’s that People Take Shit Way Too Seriously.

    Also, I think many of them are missing a chromosome or something.