• Liss

    You would think after 251 comments that there would be nothing original left to say, and you’d be right. However, this was very funny to read, and as I join in the “We love Heather” chorus, I can’t help but wonder if these people honestly think they will make a difference in your life by sending these emails, or do they do it, simply because they really have nothing better to do…

  • SharonT

    Personally, I would proudly wear a Dooce shirt…heck I think you should mail that one hater a shirt that reads, “Dooce…the other OTHER white meat”.

  • http://therodebachers.blogspot.com Elle

    Hate mail is the best. Thank you so much for sharing it and making me laugh so hard I woke up Lily, Chuck in a bra helped too…it really was worth it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/heaths_b HeathsB

    i wish the haters would send me hatemail it is by far the cheapest entertainment. its almost spiritual.

  • Laura

    I can only aspire to have a blog as ingeniously funny as yours. Of course since you don’t post every single day I may begin to get angry. Oh wait, just because I don’t have a life doesn’t mean you don’t as well! Maybe people just don’t realize this yet?

  • beccalynn

    “Raise your hand if you made it to the end of that one.”

    To be real honest? I didn’t make it through any of them. Not even the ones that were 3 words long. I never took ‘Idiot’ in school, so I have a hard time understanding the language.

  • Amanda H

    Dooce, why didn’t you tell us CHuck was planning a sex change? You are supposed to update ont hese thing IMMEDIATELY! (one-eleven!!)

  • Shelly

    Hi Heather,

    Just signed up to say that that picture of Chuck almost made me snort water through my nose.

    Thanks for blogging and putting up with those hatemails…you have alot of friends out there that you have not met yet.

  • Carrie Johnston

    I LOVE CHUCK! LONG LIVE CHUCK PICTURES! That one is very funny.

  • delic8genius

    Aye, that would be a haul of “dislike mail.” And two words: Chu-uck!

  • Kelly

    You’re fucking awesome! Chuck rules!!

  • Caroline

    Dooce, you’re the coolest person I’ve never met, and I wouldn’t change a thing about you, or this blog, which is consistently delightful and brilliant. Thanks for letting us all tour your life. I’m sorry that a few of us forget to wipe our feet at the door.

  • http://theseatedview.blogspot.com/ Lene

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while and its time to speak up. Favourite is spelled with a ‘u’. I mean, I’m pretty sure the world will end if you continue this reckless and willful abandonment of innocent letters. (thought I’d join the lunacy, but am afraid I might not have a good enough cause)

    p.s. Chuck is adorable. Can I request more pictures of him?

  • Glaurious

    Love the site. Ads are a way of life, and GOOD FOR YOU to use them to your advantage to support the family. As you already know, most people are idiots! I’m glad your detractors don’t get you down and you can see the humor in their ridiculous-ness!

    PS Next time you are in NYC I want to buy you (and Jon) a drink and/or invite you to my home. I don’t know you but I know we’d get along in so many ways, and I want to toast you and all that you do to survive in this world! I’m the mom of a 15 month old boy who plans to — along with my husband — raise him in this crazy asphalt jungle. You’ll see, it can be done, it’s just not everyone’s cup of tea (Long Island Iced Tea, or otherwise!) Though I am sorta jealous of your open spaces, but there is give and take with everything! I know you cant get a pizza delivered at 11pm in Utah!

    Feel free to contact me anytime if you wanna take me up on the offer.

  • southerngirl


    The hatemail posts are always diamond.

  • http://bellacantare.livejournal.com bellacantare

    Are all Mormans that awful at grammar and spelling?
    Thanks for the Chuck pic, I think it’s my new fav.

  • http://www.maisonpants.com Ms. Pants

    When I saw today’s entry, I immediately shot over a note to my friend: “Ohhh! Hatemail day on Dooce!!”

    While I understand some people are ultra-sensitive about mental illness, I think there are more of us out there with The Crazy who would just like everyone to save the eggshell walking for something else. If I can’t laugh about the fact that I’m a little whacko, I might just go even further into lalaland.

    (PS: I wouldn’t have rummaged through your knicker drawer but I might have stolen and disposed of some Crocs.)

  • Erica Cake

    Oh the great Dooce has pleased me once again with the Exclamation Point edition! These are my favorite posts of yours. It reminds me to laugh and have great humor towards those who “dis” my lifestyle. I will forever try to respond to my inlaws with your witty style and approach. Thanks for doing “that thing you do”.

  • Jerolyn

    Commandment 11~ Thou shalt not DISK thy holiness the Almighty Dooce. Amen

  • http://www.bellyville.net Shannon

    Pete’s comment would make a fabulous t-shirt.

  • Jerolyn

    Commandment 11~ Thou shalt not DISK thy holiness the Almighty Dooce. Amen

  • http://sydneys_shadow.blogspot.com SydneyDawn

    So much awesome in this post. Love the pic of Chuck.

  • Miss Erin

    So, what size bra does Chuck wear? I have a few extras he can borrow for variety.

    You rock my world hot mama! (I wanted to add a few more exclamation points, but I somehow restrained myself)

  • sherrylk

    Love your site, love the Chuck pics

  • LadyBug

    Work it, Chuck!
    Bow chicka bow-wow!

  • Miss Erin

    So, what size bra does Chuck wear? I have a few extras he can borrow for variety.

    You rock my world hot mamma! (I wanted to add a few more exclamation points, but I somehow restrained myself)

  • juneyor

    you are a f*#king genius. next time just reply to hate mail with this simple saying ” gobble a nut up and shut up”

  • http://goochmedia.blogspot.com gooch

    Heather, you rock.

    I would never waste my precious time sending you hate mail. These losers need to get a life.

    Thanks for sharing the idiot mail. That is what it REALLY should be called. Idiot mail.

    jes gooch

  • Gaby

    Hatemail is awful, but it does make for good comedy. I also believe that some people need to use spell check before posting a comment. And trust me, you could NEVER offend me. Totally love the “t-shirt”!!!! Keep your head up, you have lots of loyal readers.

  • http://chaithere.blogspot.com AndreaBT

    the bright spot to all this hate is…we all get a laugh at their expense!

  • http://www.noshowmo.com noshowmo

    Aaaahhh, geting my dooce hatemail fix. I agree that it’s not been as satisfying lately, but thanks for throwing us a bone.

  • http://pixiepurls.com mediadiva

    omg the the guy with the work e-mail address is freakin funny, and I ADORE that photo of chuck with the bra on :) THAT would make a good t-shirt actually :) haha

  • NaysWay

    So hilarious. I love reading your Exclamation Point entries… at work. HA! Classic. I especially love the “you are idiot” reply. Nothing like laughing out loud at your desk and making everyone wonder what the hell is so funny.

    And, that t-shirt? I am SO ordering from that site.

  • sasha

    What, you don’t live at the UPS store?

  • Jackie

    You rock, Heather. Thanks for always making me laugh. That’s all.

  • http://wildrose.rpgraphics.net LisaC

    That picture of Chuck just made me crack up laughing. As in out loud. At work.


    All’s I can think is Chuck going “Thpt!”

  • http://www.FineryInLife.com Jazz Brown

    I think I just peed my pants laughing! Chuck Rocks!

  • http://wealhtheow.typepad.com wealhtheow

    There could never be too many pictures of Chuck.

  • Kelli

    I love hatemail almost as much as I love when animals tongues are sticking out just that little bit! Anyone who objects to Chuck pictures is clearly suffering from a lack of something vital to the enjoyment of life

  • http://www.xanga.com/lacrema lacrema

    Holy f. I just went through all the trouble of signing up for typepad just so I could say:

    thank you so much for posting a photo of chuck in a bra. i was having a seriously sucky day, and you just made it waaaaay better.

  • http://bluestalking.typepad.com Bluestalking Reader

    I really do love you, Dooce. Not in a psycho or even gay way (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but in a you have so much courage, so much talent, and I admire you way.

    I think you give a lot of other people courage, too, just seeing you fight back. You’re a fine, strong human being.

    And your mom didn’t pay me to say that, either. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

    P.S.: Chuck rules!

  • http://www.herpeshilton.com heah325

    Your wit continues to amuse and amaze me. Kudos! I have been a reader for about 5 months now and I have to say thanks for the entertainment!

  • http://kalisah.blogspot.com/ kalisah

    OMG, your Mormon reformer emailer sounds JUST LIKE Sarah’s co-worker at the burger stand on Big Love – the state trooper’s daugher, who’s always trying to convert others to the one true religion on the face of the earth.

  • http://www.srah.net/weblog srah

    What does “taken on the disk” mean? I keep reading that sentence over and over and I can’t parse it as any sort of meaningful English sentence.

  • arline

    i love all your posts, but especially the hate mail ones! it never ceases to amaze me how many people will interrupt their lives just to give you a piece of their minds/their opinion of you…

  • alikatze

    Yay, Dooce. Carry on, please. Too bad your hatemail wasn’t more stimulating, but, hey, folks’re on vaca. Yes, hate does go on vaca — nice that, eh?

  • liveoutside

    People aren’t outraged enough to send inspired hatemail? Oh disk! (Maybe the “k” is silent?)

  • The Domestic Goddess

    Seriously, if someone is looking at your site everyday waiting for an update it sounds a tad obsessive. Isn’t that what they make RSS feeds for?
    And, if they hate your site so much, why are they reading it? It’s like blaming HBO for showing dirty movies. Uh, turn it OFF.
    Also, I don’t think you look too skinny. I get the same comments from my family and I eat more than a third world country.

  • http://www.tenminutestonaptime.blogspot.com Teryn

    I think I’m in love with Chuck.

  • jdkjd


    -I now own the Meat shirt, because it made me laugh.

    -My daughters fight over the green dress, modeled by Leta, love her style.

    -You are a writer and deserve to be compensated for your work. How that happens is no one else’s business.

    Just a couple thoughts…