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Oliver, daily: 12 January 2007

Oliver, daily: 12 January 2007 Leta looked over and saw this on my screen and screamed, “THE BABY! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BABY?!” And I told her that this baby obviously has a bad hangover.

Japanese Foliage Photoshop brushes

Japanese Foliage Photoshop brushes From the same designer who created the foliage brushes I have used in the creation of several mastheads. These are going to be so much fun to use. Can’t wait.

New Years Eve, looking ahead

A resolution that has finally stuck (so far)

This holiday weekend my War on Clutter continued, and this time it was a thorough attack on Leta’s room, a place that is under occupation by Awful Plastic Overlords. Once again I asked Jon if I could take a picture of the mess before I had touched anything, and he threatened several unspeakable things. Showing [...]

What if…

What if… A collection of ideas that would make the world so much better. This brilliant one will probably only make sense to those who own very anxious dogs.

Itty Bitty

Someone who cares

Today I got a spam with this subject line: RE: Bacon Insider Information Apparently, Jesus answers prayers. This is all the evidence I need.

Self-portrait, loft in SoMa

Endless Caruso One Liners

Endless Caruso One Liners This has to be one of my favorite things that I’ve seen on YouTube. Sums up perfectly why that show is one of the worst and most inadvertently hilarious on television.

Soon afterward the smell of several oaty dog farts filled the room