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Inside edition

The good people over at Apartment Therapy asked if I would let them take a peek into my workspace and answer a few questions about the gear and accessories scattered about, perhaps to gain insight into where and how this blog happens. So I took a few pictures and sent them over (click here if [...]

More than a little thrilled about Halloween

Phone home

Spam One-liners

Spam One-liners Creating art from spam. Brilliant.

A study in contrasts

I’ve said this before, but whenever we watch my sister’s dog Bo for a few days, we’re reminded of how much our dog really isn’t a dog, or at least how dogs can come with such disparate personalities. Over in this corner we have Bo, a walrus with legs, a snuggler, a barker, an absentminded [...]

Chauncey gets his ass kicked

Fruit-bearing, outside the office window

RADIOHEAD, In Rainbows

RADIOHEAD, In Rainbows No really, seriously? You haven’t downloaded it yet? Because I love it more than their last one, more than anything I’ve heard this year, except for maybe Wilco. BUT IT’S DANGEROUSLY CLOSE. It’s all I’m listening to right now. You should really go have yourself a listen. And then another one. And [...]

Solid proof that the child is bilingual

I taught her everything she knows, and I’ll never let her forget that:

Report: Many U.S. Parents Outsourcing Child Care Overseas

Report: Many U.S. Parents Outsourcing Child Care Overseas I get the feeling that some people think this is exactly the kind of parent I am. And they would be so, so correct.