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Portrait of Bo Hogan

A peculiar cyst

The Mommy Track: Six Months In

The Mommy Track: Six Months In Bryony Gomez-Palacio, co-founder of UnderConsideration, gives an honest and refreshing look at the balancing act that is motherhood and work. I found myself saying YES! over and over again as I read this.

Off to the right, Jon holds up a Cheez-It

Friday morning, looking ahead

Nothing a baby wipe can’t take care of

My sister’s Beagle, Bo, who is staying with us for the next few days, he has walked underneath the kitchen table and is patiently standing by Leta’s dangling legs, hoping she drops a goldfish cracker. Leta: “Mama, Bo is looking at me.” Me: “He’s just looking for a treat. Don’t worry about Bo.” Leta: “But [...]

Thursday, sitting down to work

Tweedledee and Tweedledum

Reading the fine print

So, I’m doing okay. Today is good. I mean, considering that in the last two weeks I have been living the 100-calorie, snackable version of the pregnancy, labor, and postpartum experience. 12 months of hormones shrunk into a miniature, bite-size portion. Sadly, it does not taste like an Oreo. The good news is that my [...]

A place in the sun