• Anonymous

    HAHA! Everyone is first (nice touch)

    Personally, I love the purple and the new layout and the bigger pictures and everything.

    According to my internet settings, the video is definitely not safe for work – Category:GPORN!!

  • http://avuee.wordpress.com cristina

    I like purple and black together, and the new design too.

  • http://girlfromthenorthcountry.wordpress.com Ann

    I love the site. It looks lovely. I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now and am thrilled with it. Keep up the good work and ignore the nasties.

  • Sarah K.

    To Mr., Mrs., and Mini Blurbodoocery—
    First of all, I love your site, I love your writing, I love the redesign. People can send hate mail till they’re blue in the face, but it’s your site, and you can do whatever you want with it. And Jesus has to sit there and bite his tongue, because you might post on a SUNDAY. About BOURBON. And SEX. I just threw that last one in there in the hopes that y’all are getting laid after that because HOLY COW, that probably took a ton of time and energy.

    I actually have a question, which may or may not be FAQ appropriate– I’d love to promote you at my website, just a link telling all my nearest and dearest to GO and READ DOOCE, and I’d love to use a graphic. I guess they’re called buttons, but I was hoping for something along the lines of your mastheads, only a wee smaller.

    Besides that, ROCK ON. I aspire to one day be as cool a SAHM as you are.

    Love and hard liquor,

  • http://refreshingrain.net Crys

    I for one, am totally in love with the new design – black an purple colors included. Oh and I especially love the idea of larger daily photos.

  • http://www.superpsychomagnet.com WalterBean

    I don’t know if there is any glory in being number 221 but I’ll continue anyway.

    To be honest, the redesign freaked me out for a day. Now, it’s grown on me and I totally like it. I really like that the pictures are bigger too!!

  • http://www.txlonghornwife.blogspot.com Mo

    I adore the design and think y’all did a great job. The style section is my absolute favorite.

  • http://got-toast.blogspot.com Trysha

    I like the new page. I am digging the Daily Style section.

  • amanda

    I love straight lines and squares. :) I also relate to you and would read your blog regardless of the dressing.

  • http://www.misswisabus.com Miss Wisabus

    Purple and black were my favorite colors in 8th grade. I wanted to paint my room, but my mom wouldn’t let me.

    Anyway. I like it!

  • jaz

    Hi Heather
    I love what you have achieved here..
    > Streamlining the text to the side
    > How quick the photos load
    > The white space creates a nice fresh space to the pg..
    > Also dig the “Daily Style” , hopefully comments will open soon on this it will manifest into a great space for comment and discussion..
    relax and thank u Jon!!

  • Shari

    Love it!

  • http://granolasdodallas.blogspot.com Amy Lawson

    You know what I like? The fact that your readers think they have so much pull and say in what your weblog looks like. Makes me laugh a little.

    You should take every one of their suggestions to heart. That makes me laugh a little, too.

    Actually, you should just keep making your site look however in the hell you want to….afterall, you’re the freaking internet queen.

  • Laurie Shocaroff

    I love your blog and I’ve been reading it for over a year. I’m completely amazed that a woman from Utah raised a mormon can be so much like a woman from Indiana raised a Catholic. I love your honesty your willingness to let us inside your head no matter where that may be. I love your letters to Leta, I too have written to my 9 year old since she was a baby and thought about binding it and putting it in a book and giving it as a present to her when she has a child. Your sense of style is amazing also, I’m so glad to see the new section up, I just recently decided to follow my heart and go back to college and obtain a degree in design and fine arts! I also have enjoyed reading your problems with depression, my ex-husband has bi-polar and unfortunately it destroyed our marriage, something I’ll never get over. I was so sad to hear about the lost of your baby recently and I’m hoping you are getting through it as well as possible. Thanks most of all for touching my life with your words. I’m so glad the comments were opened I’ve been wanting to say hello and tell you, you rock for a long time!!!

  • http://www.almostvegetarian.com Almost Vegetarian

    What? It’s fun. Anything with Chuck would be fun. Especially Chuck, the Fashionista. Chuck in your lingerie. Chuck in GEORGE’S! bed. Chuck in a Halloween costume.

    In short, Chuck, dressed or not. Because we adore Chuck.

    Who doesn’t?


    (And congratulations on your design. As a blogger myself, I know how incredibly time-consuming it is. And I swiped the design for almostvegetarian.com elsewhere.)

    Cheers, the sequel.

  • Rhonda

    Love you..love the site!

  • http://partofeverything.blogspot.com Melissa

    Testing a line break.

    Testing a line break.

    Testing a URL http://www.dooce.com

    Another line break.

    *Ok my last “run-on” comment was posted in Mac Safari, this is posted in Camino. Still run-on. But I see earlier comments by others had line breaks so do what you will. :)

  • http://www.miscmum.com Karen (miscmum)

    I just wanted to say: “Keep up the great work!”

  • Sara

    LOVE the redesign! Great job!

  • Beth

    oh, I was SO HOPING when you said to watch the video that it was THAT video. You’re right, everyone needs to watch it! Love the redesign. At first I wasn’t sure, but after a couple days I realize it definitely looks/feels more user friendly and organized. I do like that the links section is integrated into the regular posts, too.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure how/why this is happening, but I have a Mac running Firefox, and when I tried to open the comments, it not only locked up the browser, but kicked my whole internet connection (this happened twice, so I don’t think it’s a fluke)…

  • http://thetwodogblog.blogspot.com www.thetwodogblog.blogspot.com

    people are rude.

    i would never ask to see your tits.

    your ass? that’s a different story. . .


  • http://jenniferslanguishing.blogspot.com/ Jennifer

    Most excellent work, Armstrongs. You guys are (or at least effectively present yourselves online as) good people, and I love reading Dooce(R).

  • http://fiveblondes.wordpress.com Erica

    I felt very comfy-cozy in the old design (and it was your only design I’ve known), but I do like the spaciousness of this one. And I adore the Style pictures – except I don’t completely adore that whenever you mention a particular Etsy store or something similar by the time I get there there is nothing left for me.
    You, my dear, are driving an industry of sorts. Creating a mini-universe. The next Google?
    And, I see you’re using reCaptcha! Very cool.

  • http://twolittlechicks.blogspot.com/ Rayne

    I think it looks fantastic! Congratulations on all for bringing to life something you envisioned.

  • kirsten

    Love the new design. Chuckles for president!

  • http://tahoegirl.vox.com Tahoe Jenn

    A much overdue thank you for proving to my boyfriend that I’m not the only one who likes to dress up (he says humiliate) my dog. Oh, and the new design is fab.

  • http://www.kelleyroo.com Kelley

    I loooove it. The photos are SO BIG!! high five!

  • http://www.duchessjane.com DuJane

    I love it!

  • sadbookaboutadog

    I love you. I love the new layout. I love it all. Except–I have a slight problem with the font size of the post titles. I think they’re a teency tinsy bit too big. Two reasons: they’re bigger than “Dooce” at top and they look a bit weird when they spill over to the next line. That’s all. I know it sounds nit picky, but they that’s what struck me.


  • http://mauriandsherry.com Sherry

    Thank you, thank you for NOT using reverse text. I’m really going to like the links change. Sometimes I forget to look for new additions. And I don’t understand people thinking it’s okay to complain about your site or your posts. No one is forcing them to go there. Unless addiction is the cause. That’s my excuse.

  • http://www.whyembarassmyselfwithmyatualhomepage.com Andrea

    I think the new site looks great, and everyone else should shut the fark up about it. I mean, seriously. You give us free entertainment. FREE! How can people bitch about what they are getting for FREE? Do they not understand the FREE? I check this site every day (because I’ve become a little obsessed, but mostly because I’ve become a little obsessed) and I have a laugh at least once a day from something I read on this site. Seriously. You cannot put a price tag on that laugh. If your masthead contained poop muffins, I’d be fine with it. Just don’t stop the FUNNY.

  • Karen

    Looks soooo wonderful! WordPress?

    Also, thanks for Muscle – my 3 yr. old is running through the house singing “I AM AWESOME” (the wrong lyrics from “Sweaty.”

  • http://www.grynet.eu Gry

    It’s going to take some time getting used to.. But I think we can work through it. Together we can do it dooce, together we can do it!


    Oh well.. :D

  • http://www.geocities.com/poetrywrtr Trish

    I like the new look of your website and think that the purple and black look is striking. Loved the video too btw. Hang loose.

  • http://blog.lisa-marie.net lisa-marie

    I love the new design – the purple, the curvy font, the squares, everything! It’s awesome!

  • Kacey

    I love purple and Chuck. Even my grumpy husband has fallen in love with your family (I think Leta will help me convince him that children, while sometimes unreasonable, can be awesome). I’ve been reading off and on since 2002, and now I’m completely addicted. I approve of the redesign!

    I think the new layout is easier to navigate. I also find it easier to read because of the larger width and left alignment.

  • http://astrangelife.typepad.com Karen

    I love the new look, it rocks! I’ll bet Jon’s brain has lactic acid buildup equivalent to him running a marathon. Administer large glasses of Gin. Congratulations on your site.

  • Catalina

    Love the new design….you guys are brilliant !

  • mikeinseattle

    May I suggest that anchor tags be more contrasty with other text? “this video” doesn’t look any different than the surrounding text to me.

    Also, will you and Jon and Chuck adopt me and my dog? I’m really envious of George.

    Much love to you all.

  • http://www.thongcharm.com Anonymous

    I love it! But – one request – I link to the blog through an RSS reader – and always looked forward to seeing my daily photos and chuck in my RSS list. Can you find a way to include those in the feed? Thanks!!

  • http://makingmyownfun.wordpress.com Making My Own Fun

    You know what? I’m commenting just because I can. Not because I have anything even remotely exciting to say. I’ve been reading for probably a year and have only ever had one chance to comment (because, obviously, your site is all about ME). So, yay! Here’s to the comments section! (Oh, and the new design ain’t half bad either. I think I may have to start running on the treadmill with my brain as well – might get it out of its current funk.)

  • http://www.annalan.net Annaland

    So nice and shiny and new. Good stuff. Tasty too. Really. When I opened up the site and noticed the change I licked the screen. Tastes like chicken.

    Good job.

  • Janell

    Love the new look! I’m just getting started with Drupel at my own office — best of luck. It seems really user-friendly to date. I especially love the links with the main content; it’s a great touch.

  • Chloe

    I have been awaiting the change to your site and love what you have done. What a wonderful husband you have to have made it all possible:) I enjoy your writing and will continue to be a faithful reader!!!

  • http://www.jwards.blogspot.com Miriam

    I like it! Worth every single follicle.

    If you really feel like tweaking, I do think the font on the main column is slightly hard to read because it’s so nice and skinny. Would it wreck the look to do it slightly larger in size but the same font?

    I am jazzed about the style stuff.

  • Michelle

    I can’t remember where I found a link to your blog (maybe BoingBoing or something???), but your’s is the only blog I can stand where people talk about their kids. I don’t have kids of my own, I love my nieces and nephew, but reading about other people’s kids, for the most part is like pouring sand in your eyes. You make it amusing, yet do it in such a way that you are not totally discounting the incredible amount of labor and self-sacrifice that go into raising a little human. Good job. Oh, btw, love the redesign. I, personally, love black and purple.

  • Amy

    I like the new look! I also like the idea of opening new windows when the links are clicked. I love the photos too and had to laugh at Julie’s comment about your camera. My dad is a photographer and HATES IT when someone asks about what kind of camera he uses. He can take good photos with ANY camera. Anyway…got a giggle.

  • selenium7

    I spent four or five years of my life only wearing black and purple with the odd white or grey or blue, so the site was a funny kind of surprise, but of course, LOVE IT!

    It is much cleaner, brighter, shinier and cool. Almost edible!

  • Pinky

    I love the new layout/design. Great job and I hope Jon has one or two strands of hair left. If he can’t braid at least he can twist.

    My favorite aspect(besides your hysterical writing) is the new, larger photos!