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We don’t recommend buying children at the grocery store

Because although this one looked sturdy and fresh on the shelf, when we got her home we found out she didn’t even know how to fix Mama a hot dog. Good thing I hadn’t taken the tags off yet.

Houndstooth coat

This is a bit of a luxury item that I bought a couple months ago at Express for $128 (it’s listed here on their website for $198). I had no intention of purchasing it until I put it on, and then some sort of magical thing happened, I felt pretty, and when Jon saw the [...]

Tastes like expensive plastic

I needed a place to store my fancy new bracelets, and luckily Chuck said he had nothing better to do.

Cousin Joshua

This is one of my sister’s twins, and he’s possibly Leta’s favorite cousin as he lets her boss him around. Here he’s playing with a pirate costume that my mom bought him for a dollar, but by the end of the day he had given it to Leta because she wouldn’t stop begging for it. [...]