• http://tiggerlane.blogspot.com Tiggerlane

    Okay, enough already! I am a bad dog parent – and I know it. I KNOW that I need to walk my dog daily – so dammit, now that you’ve done it, I have no excuse. You and Cesar.

    At least it sounds like it really HAS improved the Chuck relationship – so maybe my dog will act normal if I do this.

    DAMN the peer pressure!

  • http://www.nakedjen.com nakedjen

    I have been reading your blog since before Leta was born. I am a huge fan of Chuck’s and love that he’s going for walks every day. Dogs love their walks! I also love that Leta thinks he lives in the car.

    Because of circumstances beyond my control, I’m about to move to SLC. Yes, it’s true. Buddha and Stella and I (Oh, I know you don’t know who we are, but wait…maybe we’ll bump into you and Chuck on a walk??) will soon be going for our twice daily walks every day in SLC instead of in Santa Cruz. I’ve been promised there are decent dog parks there!

    I’m just hoping my spoiled Labradors think the snow is just as much fun as the beach. Perhaps Chuck can show them how to balance things on their heads so they think this move is more than just a change of address for their dog mama and instead is about learning new tricks?

  • http://ciaosamin.blogspot.com samin

    wait a minute….where’s the photo of chuck on the toilet????

  • http://www.prefurr.com/ Miss D

    Love the post! And I love the tale of redemption-through-daily-walking so much I’m going to use it to illustrate an earnest dog-walking post. We’re new to puppy ownership down under here, and were deeply dismayed the first time things went like this and like that and the dog decided to play “let’s make a groodle sandwich…”

  • Katie

    My dog hides in her crate and cowers while we, um, do this and that, if you know what I mean. There was that one time, though, that I think she got disoriented and hopped on the bed and accidentally touched my husband’s nether regions with her nose. It traumatized both of them. If she hears the slightest sounds of lovin’ now, she hops off the bed faster than you can blink. She’s even been known to CLOSE the crate door behind her, somehow.

  • http://poodlesandpyramids.wordpress.com/ mrf

    great post. What a concept, the dog getting off the bed when mommy and daddy have “special couple time.” Our three standard poodles just stay up on the bed thru the whole thing , one of them always lays on the other side of me till it is “done.” God, typing this I realize that it’s wrong … just weird and so wrong. Perhaps Chuck could have a workshop for other dogs? His breakout session, “When The Lights Go Out: Are They At it Again?”

  • http://www.foxygreen.com foxygreen

    Heather I love reading your blog so much! It always brightens my mood. Thanks so much for sharing your stories and observations for the greater good of the internet and my life :)

  • Alicia

    You make me laugh, Heather!

    Keep up the great work :)

  • Lynn

    My parent’s little dog totally starts humping her stuffed animals when the passion starts. And it’s really scary that I know this.

  • Anonymous

    Our friends took their 3 year old girl shopping. They got to the checkout with the items, and the mother realised she didn’t have enough cash on her, and said so. Their daughter piped up ‘That’s because you spent all our money on Whiskey!’

    Silence and a stare from the checkout operator, until she explained that their dog is named Whisky, and they had just been to buy him a new bed.

  • http://www.lilja.no Stellare

    I find it perfectly normal to bring the dog along in the car – all the time. In fact, when I grew up, we sometimes took the dog for a ride solely to please the dog. This dog simply loved car riding. No, dogs in cars make totally sense to me.

  • http://wakeupapril.com Jackie

    Taking your dog around in your car is totally normal… and to be honest, I’m not even that weirded out by the toilet picture, but I do find it unnerving when people put sweaters on their dogs. It’s just so redundant.

  • http://kathy-p.blogspot.com/ Kathy

    Word to the poster who said crazy dog person sounds much saner than crazy cat person. If I could get my cat in the car I would, but she’d just bolt. We’ve only just accepted that if she wants to go out, she has to get in the carrier. (The leash thing? Did not work.)

  • http://kitkat.typepad.com Kate

    I wish I lived in Utah so I could send my four year old son to school with Leta. He loves controlling women with unreasonable demands, and their packrat tendencies would go so well together. It’d be a match made in OCD-impossible-to-please heaven.

  • Icanread

    you=word wizard.

  • Icanread

    you want me dead??????oh mannnnn. My word verification for my last comment was “must suicidal”. I mean, you just could have SAID it Heather,,,,sobbing ensues.

  • JA

    This is why I so love reading your blog…

    Thank you.

  • http://corrinrenee.com Corrin

    Oliver, the cutest wiener dog ever, goes everywhere with us, so it’s totally normal for Chuck to be your co-pilot.

  • http://www.thejoyof.blogspot.com Joy

    I too cannot resist my dog Wilbur’s eyes when it comes to drving in the car. In fact, he’s doing it right now…gotta go.

  • Anonymous

    That is hilarious! You have a talent for communicating the simple things in life in a way that I can’t help but laugh out loud!

  • Rach

    I do so wish my dog was able to enjoy a car ride; all she does is squirm around and vault over the seats and make a traffic hazard of herself. The cat wasn’t too pleased about not being allowed to sit on my feet as I drive, so she’s out too.

    I love your blog and I try to read each and every post as far back as I can manage, before going completely loopy. Thanks for brightening my day and teaching me to look at things differently :)

  • Sarah

    I think you should give Leta’s teacher a Chuckles calendar, it will all be perfectly clear to her then.

    (btw .. just rec’d mind, it is BEAUTIFUL..)

  • http://frettingthesmallstuff.typepad.com andrea

    Chuck lives in a van down by the river! Sorry I couldn’t help myself. He totally is a motivational dog of sorts.

  • LikeALurker

    Nothing cute, smart or funny to write – it’s just that COMMENTS ARE OPEN, so I must COMMENT !

  • http://www.digitalpretzel.com fred

    “sometimes he goes like this, and he would very much like for me to go like that”

    hahaha.. story of every guys life. thanks for the reminder heather!

  • http://deesays.vox.com dee

    Loved this! My parents take their dog pretty much every time they go in the car too. Nothing wrong with that!

  • http://mymorningcigarette.blogspot.com Ross


    I represent a percentage of your readership that would normally not leave a comment. But today on this wonderful Friday I’ve decided to let you know that we’re here, readin’ on. Good stuff you have here.

  • Dynagirl

    If your crazy then Im crazy too. I take my two dogs with me jsut about everywhere, that includes work. My older dog, Shyanne, goes to work with me and entertains the otherwise unplesant bunch of F*&^%rs that come in to complain because their bill is PRINTED DIFFERNT THIS YEAR, or BECAUSE THE TRASH GUY DIDN’T PICK UP LIGHT BULBS. Seriously if it wasnt for her, I would kill someone. The puppy though still craps on the seat, so she stays home more often.

  • Theresa

    Another stellar post, Dooce.

    And my word verification is “I shudder”… It’s nice that it was tied in with the closing theme of the post.

    Our Australian Cattle Dog/Border Collie loves going for a ride, even if it’s just to move the car into the yard to wash it. When we moved from Montana back to Florida, the 2600-mile trip was just another adventure for her, keeping company with her humans and cockatiel and African Grey in the SUV. The Grey tries to order her around (Sydney be quiet… go potty… sit, etc.) but she’s intelligent enough to realize that he doesn’t really have any enforcement authority.

  • http://www.realpeoplerealstuff.com Rachel Silver

    I don’t have a dog, but I sometimes borrow my mother’s toy poodle, Sophie. I like to take her to meetings at the agency where I freelance. We put her on the conference table, whereon she prances.

    Once she was there when UPS made a delivery. True to form, she started yapping her head off. My boss commented, “Hmmm. She never barks at the FedEx guy.”

    I think the UPS guy now has a complex.

  • http://melodystrapdoor.blogspot.com melodyk99

    206, no wait 207 comments?


  • Carrie

    I’m so glad you’ve opened the comments up!
    Do you actually read all of them? There’s a whole lot!

    I loved this entry, it was so funny!
    It’s like Chuck is another human being living in your house.
    He is such a character!

    I think you should post a video of Leta throwing her body on the floor…

  • http://www.johndickerson.com John Dickerson

    I find it difficult to concentrate with that man eating his fingers in the Sears ad at the top of the page. If Leta lets her teacher know about the promoting of self cannibalism you’re gonna get a call.

  • http://www.thelisashow.org Lisa

    Hey, Dooce. I’ve been reading you on and off for as long as I’ve been blogging (on and off as well, for about seven years now). It makes me all warm and fuzzy that you’ve decided to let people comment again. Chuck’s adorable. I’m waiting to adopt a puppy myself. I’m pretty sure it’s going everywhere with me, too.

  • TZ

    I had to laugh at your threaten-the-life-of-Dora discipline technique. I used something similar a few years back when my daughter’s biggest obsession was Barney. She would carry a stuffed Barney with her everywhere we went and on several outings I remember marching her and Barney into a public restroom and threatening to FLUSH Barney unless she behaved!

    Mean and sadistic, maybe, but it worked like a charm and no harm ever came to Barney!

  • zanne

    i live in northern california. people’s dogs go everywhere with them.
    EVERYWHERE. blockbuster, pubs, groceries stores, restrooms.
    work. other people’s houses.

    RARELY if ever are they in their own houses.

    they probably do live in the car.

  • http://theneoskeptic.blogspot.com The Neoskeptic

    recently got back from thanksgiving at my sister’s. they have a 6 y/o pom (name: mulligan) and a 3 y/o son.

    whenever my dog (1.5 y/o Irish – Finnegan) even DRANK WATER FROM THEIR DOG’S BOWL my nephew totally had a fit. “LOOK, FINNEGAN’s DRINKING THE WATERRRRR! MAKE HIM STOP! THAT’s MULLIGAN’s WATER!!!”

    I, too, take my dog, ev.ery.where. strangers on the street passing us by say hi to the dog and totally ignore the hooman attached to his leash.

    great post.

  • wry catcher

    First of all, I must prostrate myself at your feet, for I am in loving worship of you for crashing the Servers of Evil at The Why. I could not have had a better ending to a shitty day. I hope their pictures of modest calf-length shorts are permanently corrupted by your satanic doings.

    Second, we take our two dogs everywhere with us, they have their own section of the car. We take them to shops and to restaurants (where they often get served a drink before we do) and to friends’ houses, whether they like it or not. Love us, love our dogs. AKA, pretend you like them, or bite me.

    Third, Leta is going to be such an awesome woman, I almost wish I could fast-forward just to watch her take her first asshole boss apart with her pinkies. Because aside from killing the goddamn student “honor” association’s website, THAT would probably be the one other thing that would make my day.

  • Barbara E.

    Why are you letting us comment all over the place all of a sudden? You know we’re on our best behavior right now, but give us another week, and it’ll be like Crack Baby Daycare in here.

  • http://sanctitysabbatical.blogspot.com/ Strizz

    Also I really like the descriptions with your daily photos.

  • http://sanctitysabbatical.blogspot.com/ Strizz

    OK it was an also because I didn’t verify the last comment. It went something like this:

    I have been in those frightful car situations, usually involving a strapped in toddler who has trapped me in the vehicle ride from hell. I would have to respond with “I will so pull this car over and cut his tail off. Is that what you want? A stubby tailed dog? Huh? If you had a tail would you want me to just chop it off? Would you?”

    I think the guilt thing is working for me, so far. Boots has a tail. muhahaha