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I know, I know, you don’t like purple. Or black. And that font over there is too small to read. And don’t even get you started on squares, they’re almost as bad as having to walk around with a rock in your shoe. These are all valid complaints and are being taken very seriously. Or [...]

I just wanna dance with my shirt off

Muscles Go here and listen to “Ice Cream.” I’ve been trying to take a break from Radiohead so that I don’t burn a permanent hole in my iPod, so I went looking for something completely opposite and found this. Bought the whole album on iTunes, and it’s some of the most clever and flat-out fun [...]

Will now go lie down and scratch own belly

The new site has launched, so you should refresh your browser, empty your cache, turn your computer off and on, maybe turn in circles a few times? Rub your eyes? Blink and then wipe your monitor with your panties? It’s late here, and we have been working tirelessly for a few days to bring this [...]


Jon and I recently drove up to Butterfield Canyon to see the fall foliage and stopped in Herriman to take some pictures of this barn right off the side of the road.

I do

Jon and I have never owned traditional wedding rings for various reasons, some involving money and the fact that I don’t like to wear jewelry unless I’m dressing up for a specific occasion. Like say, to impress my mother. Or maybe on that official trip to Target. So I buy “wedding rings” all the time, [...]


The little guy is very tired from all the work he had to do to get this site launched. To reward him, we hired a $200/hr bitch who was willing to try certain things, if you know what I’m saying.

November 2007 – December 2007

And then I used White-Out to correct a misspelling on my computer screen

I just got a phone call from a friend, and when she told me she was calling from Switzerland, I could feel myself starting to talk louder and louder until I was screaming, just in case she couldn’t hear me all the way over there.

Smell Goods

I like to smell good sometimes. Yes. I do.


Taken in the Salt Lake Public Library. Really nice hanging glass sculptures in there.