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If this doesn’t melt your heart then you should see a doctor

When Leah visited last week she brought a huge basket full of chocolate and candy and this little stuffed frog. I’m still mad at her about the chocolate and the candy, because there is so much of it, and do you have any idea how much work it’s going to be to consume it all? [...]

After using the couch as a trampoline

By the end of the day Leta’s hair has always slipped out of whatever apparatus I have used to restrain it. Taming that child’s hair will be a challenge for at least the next forty years. People have commented that she looks like a raggamuffin, but when her hair falls around her face like this [...]

Because I couldn’t say it on the phone

I was recently at lunch with a few friends, one who had just been diagnosed with OCD that manifests itself in a need to straighten up everything around her, and I was all really? That’s considered OCD? Because I thought that was just considered BEING ALIVE. And because she hasn’t ever read this website she [...]

Hand-painted gift tags

My friend, Annie, can do amazing things with watercolors, and last year for Christmas she gave me a handful of these one-of-a-kind gift tags, all hand-painted. They’re so adorable that I’m hesitant to attach them to a gift where they will be ripped off and tossed out with the garbage. Annie doesn’t have an online [...]


Chuck resembles Santa’s Little Helper more than he does Scooy-Doo, but we’re limited here by what they hand out in Wendy’s Kid’s Meals.

A gift from a neighbor

The leaves on this poinsettia are so richly red that I could not get the camera to focus automatically. So I switched it to manual focus, held my breath to keep still, and hoped for the best.

Why I stopped reading music reviews

Electronic music writing guide A music reviewer runs into a problem that plagues most writers: coming up with new ways to say the same thing. “Ideally, there could be a set of pre-written sentences that I could simply cut and paste into short reviews,” he says. For instance: “… the general tone is made up [...]

Koi In A Fountain Dessert Plates

Last year for Christmas I asked Jon for these plates, told him exactly which shelf they were on at Anthropologie, and explained that if he decided to get me socks instead he could just go ahead and cut my heart right out of my chest because IT WOULD BE THE SAME THING. I take my [...]


If you put your face really close to your monitor you should be able to smell Fritos.

Leah and Joe

This was taken on Friday night after Leah and I drove through a blizzard to pick up Joe from the airport. She thought we were going to die, but did we? WE CERTAINLY DIDN’T. In fact, we lived. We lived and we loved and IT WAS AWESOME.