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This one was a lot harder than you might imagine

Right before the kitchen caught on fire

30 Seconds with Phone Guy: Mind Waffle

30 Seconds with Phone Guy: Mind Waffle I think this is my favorite Phone Guy, although it may be tied with this one.

Still a decade older

Today is Jon’s 42nd birthday. During the first winter that Jon and I lived together in Los Angeles, our apartment was heated by a single, tall gas unit built into the living room wall. Which meant that it got really cold sometimes in the bedroom. Jon was always turning the heater up as high as [...]

Trailer for No Country For Old Men

Trailer for No Country For Old Men The new Coen Brothers movie based the novel by Cormac McCarthy. I cannot wait to see this film.

Just her size

Please remove The Human from my sleeping quarters

Birthday cake

This was the birthday cake GEORGE! bought for me from the grocery store: It’s supposed to look like a watermelon, and he said he got me this specific cake because of how much I love watermelon? What? I do? I’m thinking this was one of the last cakes they had sitting out at the bakery, [...]

Last Exit to Nowhere

Last Exit to Nowhere “A collection of unique shirt designs which are inspired and pay homage to some of the most memorable places, corporations and companies in 20th century fiction.”

Chuck lays claim to Squishy Baby, screaming ensues