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One of the white lilies Jon got me for my birthday

A kid again

Today was, I don’t know, the 400th straight day of near 100-degree weather, so to break up the numbing monotony of it we drove to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream after dinner. And things were fine until we hit a language barrier, when she asked for a cup but meant a cone, and we [...]

Chappelle’s Show – Prince vs Charlie Murphy

Chappelle’s Show – Prince vs Charlie Murphy Someone who didn’t grow up listening to Prince and the Revolution might not get this, but damn, this is brilliant.

Early evening, downtown SLC

Anticipating a leftover

The Sad Song Video

The Sad Song Video Mesmerizing video created entirely by using tiny digital camera movies pieced together in AfterEffects. The music and visuals are stunning. This is one very talented guy. (via hicks)

Mr. Studious

Getting help blowing out two candles

Wish I was special

Wish I was special Illustrative flash animation to an acoustic version of “Creep” by Radiohead. (thank you, Uncle Shandon)

Edgar Degas was also born today

Today is my 32nd birthday. My parents always like to remind me that I was born four weeks late, and that the extra month my mother carried me is the reason behind every health problem she’s ever had. Which is completely misguided because, hello, I was not the one who decided 10 months previously that [...]