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At least it’s not the Cranberries

The gym is blasting an entire Pink Floyd album over the speakers. Makes sense because whenever I listen to Pink Floyd, the first thing that comes to mind? Weightlifting.

Storm cloud in the desert

The Committee for Standards of Decency on the Internet will be very glad that I cropped this photo


We’ve just finished lunch at my favorite type of restaurant, a dark and dirty Mexican taqueria where you’re kind of afraid to sit down anywhere because you might catch chlamydia, and Leta has just finished eating an entire plate of refried beans. That she loves this kind of food as much as I do is [...]


Where bluebirds fly

Five years of dealing with my crap

Five years ago today I eloped with this man on a cliff at Yosemite National park: To celebrate we saved up some cash to buy a gourmet coffee machine. Those of you who are single might not know this, but the quality of a cup of coffee can sometimes be directly proportional to how much [...]

Today is our fifth wedding anniversary

Looking out for antelope

Has thoroughly modern taste