• http://pamsdogmobile.spaces.live.com Big Dog Mom Pam

    Crate training is the best thing EVER. Did it with both my dogs and it was fantabulous not having to worry about puppy messes in the house. Oh, and the I gotta chew everything phase went a lot faster in the crate. Coco is adorable and I love the glitter in my veins phrase. Good luck with the adorable puppy. I promise you she will “sleep through the night” very soon . . .

  • http://www.maizehutton.com Maize Hutton

    I’m sure you’re getting tons of potty advice but I thought, for what it’s worth, I’d throw in my 2 cents.

    I just got a new Westie for Christmas (we now have two) and what our breeder told us was to make the puppy go to the bathroom in the same place every time, not to let her have a run of the entire yard. This way, she smells where she went last and will know to go there again. Also, we’ve trained our Violet by saying the words “hurry up.” The idea is to repeat it over and over again so she understands she must go quickly. Sounds stupid but it works. Apparently, this is a good trick when you’re on a road trip as dogs tend to take their time trying to find the perfect spot and when you’re in a hurry, it’s annoying.

    Our breeder also told us not to say anything to Violet when we take her out of her crate and to stand still when she’s outside going because talking to her or moving around can distract her from what she needs to do. We’ve also put a lead out there that we attach to her collar so we don’t have to stand there in the freezing cold rain.

    Coco sure is a cutie!

  • http://www.randomandodd.com Random and Odd

    Ahh. Welcome to the world of Border Collies. I have a Border Collie/Australian Shepard mix.


    My son named her “Halo”, I call her “From Hell”.

    There is actually a picture of her deceptively cute face on my blog right now. Don’t let those freckles fool you…she leaves toilet paper ALL OVER THE PLACE.

  • http://www.almostvegetarian.com Almost Vegetarian

    Heather – We got a puppy, too, just before the holidays and she is pretty much housebroken now. The trick? We followed a book entitled “How to Housebreak your dog in 7 Days” ($7.99). Our breeder recommended it and we found it at Borders.

    In fact, we haven’t had an interrupted nights’ sleep since day 3 of her being with us. Thank heavens. It was such a nightmare having to warm up my husband after he walked her. I mean, really.

    If you have any questions, you can email me. Sophie (I haven’t written about her in my blog yet, but I plan to in the next week or two) is 16 weeks now, so I suspect we are half a step ahead of you.

    Oh look, we are entering the wonderful, wonderful world of teething.

    Put that down. Down! Yes you! I’m not kidding here . .


  • http://immoralmc.blogspot.com Maria

    She’s so friggin’ cute – Chuck has got some serious competition now!!

  • http://cowjumpmoon.blogspot.com Shalini

    She is so cute. Can I permanently borrow her?

    Good luck with training her!

    I love the January masthead too!

  • http://www.lilja.no Stellare

    Lovely animal!

    I found a sweet bunch of other animals for you, too (start with hipp…):


  • http://madeinrichmond.net Valerie

    Even though I’m incapable of cleaning a bathroom or parallel parking, I know how to raise me some puppies.

    I’m just gonna say, making a little ruckus on top of her crate when she starts making noise in the middle of the night might help you out. You know she can get through the night and she’ll let you know when she *really* means it.

  • http://www.kimbanelson.com Kimba

    I have a regular-sized Aussie and he has nearly the same markings as Coco. She’s absolutely adorable! And miniature! Had I only known! I hope she doesn’t pull everything out of the trash the way Bear does, just to piss you off. They’re smart little buggars, almost too smart! :)

  • http://multiplemomt.blogspot.com/ Tina

    I’m a die-hard cat fan, although I enjoy OPD’s (other people’s dogs) and have a furry niece and nephew. Coco is VERY cute. Will she grow to be bigger than Chuck? With all that adorable fluff, do you have to brush her more than Chuck? Is he very jealous?

  • http://lindswing.blogspot.com Lindsey

    Reading about sleepless nights is helpful, as it functions as adoption control in the same way that watching babies for more than 60 minutes functions as birth control. So, I thank you. I was perusing shelter puppy lists (adorable! little! snuggly! abandoned! soft! aww! want!) recently, and this will help me to make a more informed decision. :)

  • http://lisamertins.com lisa

    i wondered how long it would take for coco to stop pretending she was so effortless. the first week is always “the calm before the storm” with pups :)

  • http://mommyknows.com mommyknows

    Holy Stinkin’ Cute! Hope you get sleep soon …

  • freakyfrau

    Coco is the love!!! I’m so happy for you. I’m glad Chuck is tolerating her.
    Interesting dog fact…Coco should be able to go 1 hour for each month in age, plus 1 without pottying. So a 3 month old dog should be able to go almost 4 hours without needing to go out. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, you’ll be sleeping at night again soon (until you get pregnant, then…..)
    Anyhow, your Coco posts make me smile, thank you.
    (Be careful with her chewing on stringy stuff, it can wreak havoc on the intestines, I had a dog die from eating an afghan.)

  • http://www.apugsview.com Gretchen Minx

    I once counted how many circles my pug made on snowy night looking for his perfect pooping spot. It was THIRTY SEVEN TIMES!!! I was shouting pick a damn spot will ya! Coco is a doll that makes my teeth hurt when I see a picture of her.

  • michelle g

    I totally love it! Coco rocks! I want to run out and get a dog now!!! Of course, Chuck makes me want one, too!

  • Dana V.

    Delurking to say… Miss Coco is TOO MUCH! I had an Austrailian Shepard, and he was the best dog ever. It took about 6 minutes to housebreak him, and he learned how to play frisbee on the first throw. I’m looking forward to a point in my life when I can get another one.

    Oh my gosh, the aussie butt-wiggle and that smile… has Coco smiled yet?

  • http://authenticallymine.blogspot.com/ Michelle

    I absolutely love the white eyebrows? Are they eyebrows? The look too high up to be eyelashes. Anyhoo love them. But I cannot believe you are taking away Daily Chuck and making it Daily Chuck and Coco….nooooooo I am sticking up for Chuck here. Coco is adorable yes but Chuck is loyal forever the best dog!

  • http://www.kimblahg.com kimblahg

    You are killin me here lady. This time of the year always makes me want a puppy or kitten but I could not do that to a small, unsuspecting animal- my three two year olds would have a field day and the poor pet would be forever traumatized. Sigh- the sacrafices I make for these kids!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Heather. When I’m having a really shitty day I can go to your site and laugh. THANK YOU! I love “injecting glitter into my veins…” -love it. Thanks, and I hope you get some more sleep soon.


  • http://www.kimblahg.com Kimblahg

    I was wondering the same thing as Michelle. Will Daily Chuck become Daily Dog?

  • Ellen

    Cutest puppy. Ever. I’d definitely go out and get one of those right now, but we’ve got four dogs and my family would kill me if I came home with another one.

  • Jen

    I am not a dog person. I have two cats– and swore up and down that there would be no dog living here. Coco might be changing that though. She is the perfect looking puppy, and I really really want one now. Damn!

  • Rosie

    I can’t stand how cute she is!!

  • http://heelprintsinthesand.com Jennine

    I’m pretty sure that if Chuck and this new puppy ever had offspring together, they would all look like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

  • http://almostgrownup.wordpress.com/ almostgrownup

    ok, this is not about Coco.

    does Leta have the most incredibly gorgeous eyes, ever? i think i am in love with your daughter!

  • http://www.amidoingokay.blogspot.com V

    veins injected with glitter


  • http://www.findingnormal.com andrea

    OK, I know you’ve probably had a MILLION people tell you this already (I hit apple F and found a least 4 comments already), but when I saw her with the string in her mouth I had a mini panic attack. I spent a night at the emergency vet clinic with a friend who’s 2 year old cat swallowed some string. She had to be put down, and it was the hardest, most awful thing I’ve ever had to see a friend go through. So, if she were my puppy (and I realize she isn’t) I’d remove the string promptly. Even though it makes for some cute pictures :)

    Coco is completely adorable, and I can’t promise my husband won’t send you any hate mail. It makes me want another, however I don’t think our 700 sq ft apartment can manage it.

  • stephanie

    totally not even bothering to read all the other comments because OMG IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR PROJECT RUNWAY.

    anyway we used newspaper with my first dog, moxie, until she was old enough to go the whole night. she had a crate within one of those metal foldable pen things, so at night if she needed to she just went on the paper.

    but i don’t think she ever was really a puppy since she only did that once and to this day she’ll only go out twice a day.

    anyway good luck, she’s SO CUTE [duh], etc etc :)

  • http://www.sunshinedaily4me.blogspot.com dana

    Perfect writing, as always. :) And the pictures…I am IN LOVE WITH YOUR DOGS. BOTH OF THEM. But Coco…be still my heart!!! And thanks for opening up comments because so many of your entries just SCREAM for people to say something good….so I appreciate when you let us talk!

    Of course, you probably could never read them all…..you are so popular. ! Anyway, love your site.

    All the way from Texas.

  • http://tossedrice.blogspot.com lindsaywillman

    she’s so stinkin’ cute!!

    i MUST know where you got your dog bed. i.love.it

  • stephanie

    i was blinded by the cute, and therefore worded my comment badly :(

    moxie still slept in the crate but if she cried she was allowed out onto the paper [silently] and that was it. the paper wasn’t very much fun unless you really had to go so she quickly learned to sleep through the night.

    also someone said something about eyebrows…i think they are big long eyelashes but either way they’ll certainly get her what she wants, i love it!

  • Elena

    WOWWW, she is cute! I hope Chuck comes to love her. Our second born dog has still not really forgiven me for adopting third born dog, and its been a year. I hope Leta learns to enjoy them, too. It would be so hard if my daughters didn’t happen to be animal-loving freaks like me!

  • http://chloeishere.blogspot.com Chloe

    I love how serious she looks all the time! Someday, I hope to call Coco, “Madame President.” Hey, if Chuck can be a senator… why, who knows what could be in this little one’s future? Hopefully she isn’t disqualified just because she’s an Australian… shepherd.

  • Manda

    I would love to see a video of Coco. I remember when my dog was a puppy. She never let me pet her because she couldn’t stand still long enough. I would take her outside and say, “Go potty” and she’d be like, oh this rock and twig look good for putting in my mouth. Once we were inside she’d pee. But she is 2 now and has learned the being cuddled daily is not an option.

  • http://www.companytwentytwo.com catherine

    The only thing better than one dog is two dogs. :)

  • Nan

    Having raised a puppy, the only thing I would do differently would be to move the crate into our bedroom right off the bat. I know you’re not asking for advice here, but when I read that you guys were taking turns sleeping next to Coco in the spare room, it made me want to share the very small bit of wisdom I’ve gotten from our own doggy adventures. :)

    Good luck!

  • http://jennyhappylife.blogspot.com Jenny

    After reading your post, I felt like I do when I see people with babies…I’m SO glad I’m done with that! Our golden’s are one year old. We got two at one time so we had double the pleasure!
    She’s adorable…looking forward to the pictures!

  • Tara in VA

    Oh my goodness, she is so cute it HURTS. Why can’t I reach through my computer screen and kiss her adorable fuzzy muzzle (fuzzle?)?

    (I promise I will not show up at your UPS store address to kiss Coco. I am not a stalker. Besides, you’re like a whole country away from me, and gas prices are totally ridiculous right now. As are any form of diapers, adult or otherwise. And that whole scenario is so last year, anyway.)

  • HDC

    See? This is why I say every single world leader and morose rock star needs a puppy. I mean how can you possibly be a life hating, war starting, melodramatic sourpuss when you have a puppy?

    Puppies for everyone = world peace & no more emo turds!

  • http://www.sushiforlunch.com Connie

    My last dog somehow got the idea that he was half-human, half-dog. Whenever he needed to shit, he would go to the bathroom. A normal human instinct. But since he was half-dog, he just HAD to shit on the tiled floor instead of the paper mat my mother had set aside for him to use. Like, “I made it this far to please you, now you want me to go an extra mile to make you even happier? I DON’T THINK SO!”

  • http://advicefromasinglegirl.blogspot.com/ Victoria

    You officially have the two cutest doggies ever!

  • Tam

    We have two Aussies – a mini and a full sized. I have to warn you… they are WICKED smart. Ours can spell and we’ve had to get creative with certain words because they learned what they meant too quickly.

    One last word of advice – Aussies get really destructive when they’re bored. They need to work all the time; ours really liked herding the cat around.

    I wish you the best of luck. They’re amazing dogs and you will wonder how you ever lived without one.

  • http://vanessalongman.blogspot.com Vanessa

    Adorable! I have an 11 month Mini Schnauzer and I have to say I am glad to be past the up all night, I’m a new puppy nights.

  • http://whenispark.wordpress.com/ paula

    her eyes in a way remind me of leta’s – wide open, bright, with an insatiable curiosity

  • http://www.valcox.blogspot.com/ val cox

    wow, you’re quite a photographer too!

  • Anonymous

    “Also, she’s just so adorable that having her around makes me feel like my veins have been injected with glitter.”

    This is perhaps the best description I’ve ever heard for how adorable things make one feel.

  • http://tiggerlane.blogspot.com Tiggerlane

    I have Puppy Envy.

    And the fact that you can take photographs while Coco IS DESTROYING SOMETHING. WITH HER TEETH!

    Well, that’s just amazing. You’re definitely ready for another kid.

  • Megan

    Aw, she looks like a tiny, plush stuffed animal. I bet she barks tiny cute little barks too.

  • http://paperseed.wordpress.com emily

    I love my dog, but I think I love yours too.