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    Don’t tell Chuck, but I think the Coco masthead is your absolute cutest ever. All puppies are adorable, but Aussies rock. I look forward to a Daily Chuck and a Cuppa Coco now.

  • http://blueeyezz.livejournal.com Mel

    Oh, I must have her!

  • http://blog.maclaughlinstudios.com Kristie

    I do not mean this in any disrespectful way, but Coco bears a striking resemblance to Leta.. the large expressive eyes, the tapered face, the precious little nose… you should do a side-by-side comparison. Seriously. They’re both too cute.

  • http://crazyamandaworld.blogspot.com Yankee Amanda

    That is so cute it’s painful!

  • http://arkiemama.blogspot.com Arkie Mama

    Am loving these puppy photos.

    I have a 13-year-old Aussie (same coloring). They’re great dogs — very devoted and adoring.

    And I do love being adored.

  • http://blogspot.princesstrudy.com princesstrudy

    I remember when we got Nina, 2 years old now. A “labradoodle” rescued from a mill, in Ontario. And how H, my husband, didn’t believe in crates…So I spent 5 days with Nina, making sure she didn’t fall down the stairs (couldn’t climb yet), her peeing on me, yipping (what we call a small puke) on me. I hadn’t bathed, brushed my hair, or been apart from her for that length of time. Then I called H, and said BRING A CRATE HOME, NOW. He understood the urgency of my mental state.

    But ohh, how I love the puppy breath…so sweet. We call her Monster now. And yes, she’s a total whore “touch me…why aren’t you touching me?”

    Congrats on Coco. And for Chuck, you might find that he exhibits some kind of “pa/maternal” thing…to teach Coco how to be a dog. It happened with our old girl Trudy, and Nina. Now Trudy’s so old that Nina takes care of her.

  • Anonymous

    Aussie sheppard .. be afraid .. be very afraid .. you are no longer in charge of your home, life or family.

    Sorry, you got an Aussie. That’s how it is.

  • Donna Stickler

    I wanna puppeee! One as cute and sweet and smart as Coco! Wait — maybe I just want to read about one and see your wonderful pictures of her and by the way the last picture of her today is completely absolutely a Chuck face. I wonder what else he’s teaching her?

  • Jessica

    She is so adorable! Nothing better than puppy breath! Yay!

  • Becky

    So so cute!

    Just keep her away from corn dog sticks – oh the stories that “frat boy” Chuck could tell! :)

  • Cherie

    Love your puppy, he is the quintessential Australian dog…this song by Angus and Julia Stone “Mango Tree” has an all-grown-up “Coco” in the clip and the song is the perfect song for cuddling a puppy on a lazy day, hope you like it!


  • dammit sami

    I just wanted to chime in with a WORD on the eyebrow approval. A wee explosion of white whiskery goodness. Totally redonk. The masthead is cracking me up.

  • http://so-b-it.livejournal.com/ Debi

    And the fun begins. My Aussie is a B*R*A*T!!!! If I leave the room for ONE MINUTE, she will shred something or pee on the floor. JUST BECAUSE SHE CANNOT SEE ME. My rooms do not have doors, she could follow but it is easier to piss in my cheerio’s I guess. And she is the smartest dog we have of 7. Go figure. :o )

  • http://projectmommy.wordpress.com ShAnNyMaR

    Does anyone have some insulin I can borrow? Looking at that dog is like eating 16 cupcakes. Straight.

  • http://doctorsilence.blogspot.com dr. d

    Two questions…

    1) How many readers does this blog have again?

    2) Is it possible to buy STOCK in a dog breed? Becuase I think you are going to single-handedly send the popularity of the miniature Australian Shepherd skyrocketing!!

  • http://www.nerdwagon.org Candace

    She is absolutely adorable! I am going to look into the mimi-aussies.. because I wouldn’t mind having one some day. I have a Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix and she is the LOVE OF MY LIFE! She is really the smartest and most wonderful dog ever. I can see the love in her eyes and how much she wants to protect us. Awesome dogs!! And so SMART And easy to train. Good luck with her.

  • http://imaveg.blogspot.com/ plue

    Okay, is this just me, or does the puppy look kinda like Leta in that first picture? Those HUGE eyes! S’cute!

  • http://milktongue.com Kate C.

    God! That is one cute puppy.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Tracybeth,
    Eata PETA!

  • http://soulprncs2.wordpress.com/ Wendy

    You lost me at the picture of her tearing into that pillow. I am done. No puppy envy from me, but you almost had me.

  • http://www.thesorority.blogspot.com Diane

    I remember those days. Our sweet puppy Arthur was up twice a night for his first 2 weeks and I thought I was going to die. He was a mini Satan until about 4 months old when the extra sharp puppy teeth stopped biting me. They are so built with extra cuteness now so that they can bite you, wake you or eat things you love and then 5 minutes later look at you with such love and give you a lick that you forget. There really is nothing like Puppy Love (and not the kind from Donny Osmond)!

  • http://seedleaf.blogspot.com jady

    My puppy is about a year old, and still a little brat.

    But every time he does something nutsball, i remind myself that he’s NOT peeing inside like he did for the first month and therefor I don’t have to cry myself to sleep just wishing to god above for strength.

    housetraining is HORRIBLE.

  • http://www.spaces.msn.com/gilliangaladriel Gillian

    Our puppy just hit six months old. We’ve only liked him for the last month, but now we adore him and he’s a lot less work. Those early puppy days are brutal! Cute as they are, holy hell whipping out the vinegar water to spot clean the carpet gets old. As does getting up every five minutes to take him out.

    Since I’m 6 months pregnant, I feel like it was practice for the new baby!

  • sravana

    Please don’t forget about your first love, the Senator Chuckles.

    That being said, Coco is insanely cute. :)

  • jojomac

    I bust up laughing out loud whenever I read your latest contribution. Except when you make me cry.

    Coco: Wins the award for the cutest puppy. Ever. Except for when my little Toby was a puppy. Now Toby is an 86 lb Doberman (with a docked tail too) and when he looks at me he looks directly into my soul.

  • Z

    Ugh she is so cute!!!! I can totally see how your veins feel like they have been injected with glitter every single time you look at her. We have a shetland sheepdog and she reminds me a lot of his puppyhood. I love hearing stories and seeing pictures of her.

  • http://zenmommasgarden.blogspot.com/ Zenmomma

    Oh no! Now I’ve got the most dreadful case of puppy love EVER. Makes me want to go hug something.

  • Anonymous


  • http://goingtothecountry.blogspot.com Terri

    I know those puppy nights oh so well. Our puppy is now 4 months old, a goldendoodle, and somehow we never thought of trading night duties. DAMN IT! It was always me! Bugger!

  • http://www.generaldin.blogspot.com Michele R

    That has got to be the cutest puppy – EVER!

    And I love it when you write things like,”having her around makes me feel like my veins have been injected with glitter.”

  • http://www.fromthesaucyone.blogspot.com RiceWenchie

    Ok, fess up…you have a secret stash of adorable dog breeders, right? Because Coco is abso-freakin-lutely ADORABLE!

    Also, I am hoping that someday you will share your swami-like secrets to capturing the essence of Chuck and Coco with you picture taking device. Please????


  • http://frettingthesmallstuff.typepad.com andrea

    Not just glitter but sparkles too!! I just love that sweet face!

  • http://deemystified.livejournal.com Dee

    And the Daily Coco will be added to your site when?? :-)

    I am in love ALL OVER AGAIN.

  • Kate

    Aw, I love the pics of Coco.
    It makes me want to hug her!

    I laughed about kissing the nyquil with tongue.
    That’s a good one! Writing that down for future reference. LOL!

  • http://www.sylvied.wordpress.com sylvie

    Coco is so cute but there is no way I could sacrifice my sleep for a dog…I will carry on saying no to the kids, so glad I read your blog!

  • http://melbournedreaming.blogspot.com/ Kelly

    Oh she is ADORABLE!

    I remember when we got our puppy, the prettiest Tibetan Spaniel/Australian Terrior cross – my parents kept her hidden and brought her out for me and my brothers as we each got home from school.

    I will never forget her fat little puppy body wiggling with excitement as she met each one of us. Sadly she passed away recently, at age 16. She never lost her puppy-cuteness, though.

    Pepper Reynolds, 1993-2007

  • http://pimpajoentje.be Greet

    She is soooo cute and I am soooo jealous!

    I’ll show these pictures to my boyfriend to make him change his mind about having a dog. Thank you in advance ;-)

  • rachaelcleopatra

    Okay just to be different, I’m going to say how NOT CUTE Coco is… oh, who am I kidding, she’s adorable. It’s those eyebrows! Too cute for words.

  • SCY

    I want her! NOW ;)

  • tracybeth

    I wanted to share some information about crating because I was shocked by how many people think it is ok to crate puppies. I think it is so sad and unfair. I understand how hard it can be and I am sure no one means to hurt but it just isn’t right. I hope this helps.

    A crate will not help a puppy learn
    to “hold it.” Puppies’ bladders are not
    fully developed until they are 4 to 6
    months old, so trying to force them to
    learn something that they are incapable
    of learning can backfire.

    Crates do not promote a feeling
    of security. On the contrary, many dogs
    who are “crate trained” for long periods
    develop separation anxiety, depression,
    hyperactivity, and other types of antisocial

    He doesn’t “love” his crate.
    He loves YOU. And he’ll do anything to
    please you, including sitting behind bars,
    waiting patiently for you to free him.

    A crate is not similar to
    a playpen, crib, or den. A crate is a
    cramped, impoverished environment
    that prevents dogs from engaging in
    basic normal activities, such as looking
    out the window, walking around, and
    stretching out comfortably.
    Using an exercise pen, gating off a puppyproofed
    room, tethering your puppy to you,
    making arrangements with a dog walker
    during the day, putting in a doggie door,
    going home at lunchtime and not working
    late, providing interactive toys (such as
    Kongs), and deciding that your couch isn’t
    more important than your relationship with
    your dog are all better options than a crate.
    But mostly, puppies and dogs just need
    consistent, attentive, knowledgeable
    training and care—just as children do—
    not warehousing in a crate.

    No more denial! A crate is nothing more
    than a convenience device for busy
    humans—but it’s not good for your dog.
    No animal on the face of the Earth “loves”
    being locked inside a cage, including
    your dog. If you still doubt it, go on—
    lock yourself inside a crate and see what
    you think.

    Thanks for listening.

  • http://have-the-t-shirt.blogspot.com/ Have the T-shirt

    Oh Tracybeth get back in your crate and be a good little puppy

  • http://rocky-thisisme.blogspot.com/ Gale

    What a cute baby, have lots of fun

  • Anonymous

    Coco is so darn cute! I wish you much success with the housebreaking. We have 2 new puppies in our family. And we crate trained the first pup, a yellow lab and it worked great. Our little pup, a chihuahua is proving to be more of a challenge but is coming along. Crate training is not abusive to your dog, as some people think. Have loads of fun with that new puppy, they bring tons of joy into your already joy filled life.

  • Jo

    Your puppy is adorable, and I love your photos!

    Not sure if you’re still reading comments, but if the puppy hasn’t *quite* satisfied your desire for a baby hippo as a pet, you might sympathise with the kid who put together the petition described in this article. He wanted the UK to change the laws disallowing elephants from being kept as pets.

  • jwhite222

    Ahhhh She’s so adorable…great photos! Love your site and I love the Chuck putting up with Coco photos…he looks so upset!

  • http://www.pinkbunnyears.com Wine Dog

    She is so ridiculously cute. I get glitter in my veins just reading about her and the glitter in your veins.

    Crate training is your friend, they learn to work you pretty quick though. I brought a rescue home on Saturday and it’s Thursday and she knows when the heater kicks on, it’s time to punish me until let her out. Still, this is the tough love portion of our program, she’s working you, get some sleep girl!

  • http://jonniker.com jonniker

    Tracybeth, I would also not like it if I had to poop outside on the grass, in full view of the neighborhood, but in case you missed it, dogs and people are different. I also like wearing pants, whereas my dog … not so much.

    Also, my dog is currently in her crate, under a blanket with the door shut. OH I AM SO MEAN. Except… she actually went in there by herself, pulled the door shut behind her and crawled under a blanket because she wanted a nap, as she does every day at this time.

  • Sheri Bheri

    We got OUR little Coco before having our daughter, and part of the reason we named her Coco is that it’s short for cocorico, (which is what a rooster ‘says’ in French) and we were horrified that she would wake us up at 5 am to go pee. I know!

    Then we had a baby and laughed at ourselves over it.

    Your Coco is so very sweet, I’m glad that she’s the “good one”, the second one is always the “good one”, for babies too!

    Sheri Bheri

  • http://www.sillylittlegirl.org Kate

    That puppy is fucking fierce. If, you know, by “fierce” you just mean “completely snoogly and edible.”

    P.S. I think captcha’s should be designed to come up with words relevant to the entry, because I’m really not sure what “extolled staffing” has to do with Ms. Fierce.

  • http://www.stuperb.com Stuperb

    Whew. For a minute there I thought she was chewing your comforter instead of a doggy bed.

    Though with that face it would be hard to get mad at her for doing it!