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Washing our mouths out with soap

Jon: “Leta, what book do you want to read?” Leta, pointing to the one tucked next to her bed: “This one, Daddy.” Jon: “Harold and the Purple Crayon?” Me: “That’s CROWN, Jon. Remember? Crayon is pronounced CROWN. So it’s Harold and the Purple CROWN.” Jon, steam shooting out both ears: “GODDAMMIT, WOMAN. I really wish [...]

No matter how they toss the dice, it had to be

I know it isn’t normal, but both Jon and I take Leta to school every day and together pick her up in the afternoon. Leta is the only kid accompanied by both her parents, and instead of making fun of her for it, the other kids have come to expect the two of us to [...]

Jade plant

This is one of two jade plants that I bought at Ikea that I have sitting on the kitchen table. They’re really odd looking plants and resemble an illustration you might see in a Dr. Seuss book, whimsical but still elegant. The vases are from the

Right before the evening walk

The instructions were: Chuck, down, stay. And then I left the room to find his leash, and when I got back Coco was lying right there with her paws draped over his. Without any prompting. Because she must be touching him AT ALL TIMES. This doesn’t drive Chuck crazy at all.


This is the bundle of wires hanging between two telephone poles near our house. I find it oddly beautiful, but at the same time I’m all, you’d think we could come up with a better, perhaps more compact solution to this because one big wind storm and boom, you’ve got a bit of a mess [...]