• http://www.sxhuachun.com 造价咨询

    I read through the comments and I think you guys have been given a good smattering of the goings on..

  • Courtney

    Don’t miss “Undercover Hippo” this weekend on the Nat Geo Channel at 9PM

  • http://ldylvbgr.blogspot.com/ Ldylvbgr

    You’ll have fun here in San Diego! Tons to see and do that’s for sure. For some neat shopping, check out Seaport Village, right on the bay. http://www.seaportvillage.com/

    Its been beautiful here lately, so hopefully the rain Mon/Tues won’t stick around. Have a safe trip down, it’s a long drive! We recently took a trip to Utah, driving w/3 kids.

  • Elizabeth

    San Diego is a great place to visit with kids!

    Legoland. The Zoo – which has hippos. Sea World. Old Town. And Balboa Park – one of my favorite places to go when I was a kid. It’s an awesome park with 15 museums, a carousel, miniature railroad, street performers…

    Have fun!

  • aquanetta

    There is a hippo exhibit, and you will see the hippos. The tank is full of tlapia, you should look for the syphilitic tlapia fish.

    As someone else posted, the exhibit with the monkeys and otters is really cool, they play really well together.

    Also second shopping in Solana Beach, the shopping district is on Cedros Ave just off Loma Santa Fe, a block east of the 101. While you’re there, try the beer at Pizza Port, Santa’s Helper if they have it. The pizza there sucks, I recommend the wings. Or if you want sushi, a block south of Lomas Santa Fe on the 101 is Nobu Sushi (next to Long’s drugs), it’s really good.

    If you go to Ocean Beach, have some fish tacos at South Beach Bar & Grill, it’s right by the pier. Or eat burgers at Hodad’s.

  • Bess

    Oh, I just remembered to tell you that there is an awesome dog park at Balboa Park. It is right by the beautiful bridge leading into the park. It’s close to the intersection of 6th Ave and Prado.

  • http://aliciagray.wordpress.com/ Alicia

    I used to live in San Diego. It was about 18 years ago but I do remember that Balboa park was quite nice (the zoo is there) and it has some nice museums in addition to the zoo–which I do believe has hippos. My mom always took me to Mission Beach, and Sea World is right there. I don’t know what Mission Beach is like nowadays, it could be a real hole. Back when I was 11, it was my favoriteplaceeverintheworld. Oh, and Old Town is pretty cool though I am not sure what they have for Leta to do. I think they have a fair amount of little kid things though.

    Have fun :o )

  • http://flickr.com/castaspella Alli

    Balboa Park, must go see this, and bring your cameras. I promise, you won’t be disappointed! As far as beaches, you absolutely have to cross the bridge and go to the beach just next to the Hotel Del Coronado. You will probably need to bring an extra 4GB memory card just for the damn hotel shots you’re going to take. Oh and if you’re looking for fun at night, and you can get out? Gaslamp. Look it up and trust me on this. Gaslamp District.

    You can always go to La Jolla too. Such a fun little town, and Leta can check out the baby sea lions!!! The hippo you so love? Forget her. Baby sea lions!!! are the bomb diggity.

  • http://www.gn28.dk Jac Nordquist

    LOL You would be amazed how high I can count with one hand ;) But what a beautiful dog you have, I am in the runnings to convince my wife to have a Butterfly dog… I love them.
    Greetings from Denmark
    Jac Nordquist

  • http://jcristg.wordpress.com jcristg

    the last look chuck shoots you at the end is classic.

  • http://blog.scrapbookingresourcecenter.com Gina Maria

    For kid-friendly, low melt-down possibility, I’d suggest Seaport Village for a few hours. They’ve got great shops, good food, fantastic views and a beautiful old carousel that even the fussiest child should enjoy. They’ve even got horse-drawn carriage rides. It’s a nice place to have a relaxing time away from the manic crowds you’ll find at the theme parks and zoo. Old town is great, but unless Leta really enjoys walking, I’d make a it a quick photo-opp and Mexican food stop. If you like old sailing ships, stop by the Star of India (you can’t miss it if you’re in the Seaport Village area) and go aboard for a tour.

  • http://www.nothingbutbonfires.com Nothing But Bonfires

    Damn good drunken burritos at Cotijas. If you like that sort of thing. Which I’m hoping you do.

  • lisa

    strange how he totally avoids to look into her eyes.. no wonder she does not really “react” to it and goes on trying!

    i love to see pictures of chuck and coco. so cute!

  • http://www.swing-dancer.com Christina Rose

    And Hippo Statute. Not quite like really hippo riding though.


  • elizabeth

    Chuck’s appreciation for Bow-haus is really showing…his growl sounds uncannily similar to Peter Murphy.

  • http://dcfullest.livejournal.com dcfullest

    Balboa Park kicks ass. Here is their calendar:

  • http://www.sakeriver.com Mike

    I’ve noticed that just about all of my recommendations have already been covered, but hopefully another “Me too” won’t hurt.

    A bunch of people have mentioned the Hash House (on 5th street in Hillcrest) and Extraordinary Desserts. Those are both places my wife and I always go when we have out-of-town visitors. You will, unfortunately, have to expect a long wait at the Hash House and I’m not sure they take reservations on the weekends. For Extraordinary Desserts, I prefer the Little Italy location (on Union Street between Ash and Beech) as it’s a newer, more striking building and has more tables, but if you prefer a cozier, cuter atmosphere the Hillcrest location is also very good.

    Sushi Ota, as has been mentioned, is one of the best Japanese restaurants I’ve ever been to in any city, in terms of food. You will, however, have to wait a while to get a table, even if you have a reservation, unless you can somehow pass for a native Japanese. (I’m only Japanese-American, so I also have to wait.)

    Buon Appetito and The Linkery have also been mentioned, which are two of our favorites. And I’ll also add my support for all of the -ertos taco shops.

    Someone before mentioned the Ghirardelli chocolate shop in the Gaslamp and while I do think that place is fine, it’s also a chain that you can visit in many cities–and since you’ve spent time in San Francisco you’ve probably already been to one. For a more uniquely San Diegan chocolatier, try out Chuao, which is located in the UTC mall in La Jolla. It’s a Venezuelan chocolatier that has some very interesting and unusual flavor combinations (including truffles made with balsamic vinegar or spicy chiles), as well as the best, richest hot chocolate I’ve ever had.

    You’ve seen several people mention the Gaslamp District either positively or negatively. I find that few locals go there as it is pretty touristy and pricey, and while any of the food choices there can be found elsewhere cheaper and better, if you like being around lots of people and have the money to burn it’s not a terrible way to go. Though, the main thing the Gaslamp has going for it is the clubs, which I’m imagining you will probably skip since you’ll have your daughter with you.

  • Emily

    The hippos at the San Diego zoo are some of the best I’ve seen. And I’ve seen a lot of hippos in my 24 years.

  • http://www.allconsuming.blogspot.com kim at allconsuming

    The thing I like the most, apart from Coco’s puppyness, is that even Chuck is taken by his own barking – how he looks to the camera as if to say, ‘you better be taping this because dude, can you hear the timbre of my bark? Awesome.’

  • http://robertfuel.com rob

    Confirm hippos at the zoo. Check out the wild animal park, too. No hippos, but still cool. http://www.sandiegozoo.org/wap/index.html
    Might be more Leta-friendly, as you’re a bit more removed from the animals.

    Check out George’s at the Cove for eating time:
    My wife and I go every time we’re in SD. The Terrace has a fantastic view of the La Jolla beach, especially near sunset (they’ve got those fancy outdoor heaters).

  • MT Nest

    I admit I haven’t read all the comments – but I haven’t seen anyone in the ones I did read salute your courage at driving all that way with a small child and 2 dogs. You must be really, really brave. :)

  • Alli

    Oh and yes, like someone up there just said…Croce’s. In gaslamp. So so so good, and go when there’s live music. And live martinis.

  • http://roxandroll.vox.com Rox

    You’ll see more hippos than you’ve ever seen together in your life at the Wild Animal Park, which is basically breeding grounds for the San Diego Zoo and many others. A few people have mentioned the giraffe feeding, but the last time I was there you actually couldn’t do that with a child under 8. It’s still very, very cool, and you can ride around the place on a fairly quiet train to get an idea of the whole place before walking to your favorite hippo exhibits. Of course, the zoo is unparalleled. My family’s other favorite places are Coronado, hitting lunch or dinner at the Coronodo Brewing Company (very cool logo t-shirts with a red-headed mermaid) after the beach, and we also love going to the beach in La Jolla at sunrise, when there are lots of surfers — but, then again, we’re east coasters, so a 6 am sunrise is actually 9 am our time. Balboa Park is awesome as many have mentioned. Gaslamp and Old Town are touristy and skippable, IMHO.

    Lastly, our very favorite thing to do is to drive from San Diego up the Pacific Coast Highway to Carlsbad Brewery/Pizza Port, perhaps the only place at which the pizza is as good as the beer. Plus, there are lots of surfers hanging around all of the time — and few tourists. Have fun!

  • http://shilly-shallier.blogspot.com Emily

    Oh, the zoo has hippos, and they’re wonderful. That whole frickin’ zoo is wonderful. So wonderful, that you should probably give yourselves a good three hours afterwards to take naps, because that zoo’s Awesomeness will just wear your shit right out.

  • LBM

    Coco is absolutely adorable! Have fun at the zoo.

    You will be watching Brady Barr’s special about the hippos Sunday night at 9 on National Geographic, won’t you? He builds a fake hippo to collect hippo sweat. If that’s not compelling TV, I don’t know what is!

  • Anonymous

    Have you seen the Gaslamp District? Tons of great photo ops there! http://www.gaslamp.org/

  • Jennifer

    I’m so jealous of you. I love San Diego so much I would live in a cardboard box there if I had to.

    The San Diego Zoo has everything, including animals you’ve never heard of. And the hippo exhibit is the best. You’ll love it.

  • amysh

    As a fellow hippo-lover, I can say with complete certainty that there are hippos at the San Diego Zoo.

    Great places to eat that I would consider moving back to San Diego for:
    – The Linkery in North Park
    – Sushi Deli 1 in Hillcrest
    – Soltan Banoo in University Park
    – Mariposa Ice Cream in Normal Heights

    Have fun!

  • Kelly

    There is a great restaurant in Hillside called Kemosabe. Amazing food! There is also a great little bar in Hillside we used to visit that has 50 cent well drinks from 7-9. And to make this cheap drunk happy, they have the best selection of 80′s music and a very big dance floor. Also, if you can stand the tourist thing, there is no better Mexican food than in the Mission district.

  • http://blog.scalejunkie.com Diana the Scale Junkie

    Welcome to life with two dogs. There will always be one toy/bone/rock that is the coveted item. Even when they have identical items, one will always be better than other. I just loved seeing the two of them playing in the snow the other day because my two play like that all of the time and the judgmental one dog humans at the dog park look at me like I’m a bad puppy momma who lets her dogs eat the poppy plants when really its just normal dog play.

    Enjoy San Diego and safe trip!

  • http://sanctitysabbatical.blogspot.com/ Mrs.Strizzay

    I love how Chuck stops as soon as he sees you are watching him. heh. Maybe he barks all the time when no one is around.

  • Danille

    this is an awesome website to help you find your way around a new city.


  • http://www.1129media.com/shawn webgrrlie

    heather, you MUST go to george’s at the cove in la jolla, and eat on the ocean terrace. there is no view like it in the world (and the food’s decent, too). also visit the gaslamp quarter in downtown san diego, and try dakota grill or osetra. also in the quarter is croce’s bar (owned by jim croce’s widow, and their son) – a great place to enjoy music.

    i love going shopping at horton plaza, but the kidlet would probably enjoy seaport village more (i seem to recall there’s a carousel there). also, go over the coronado bridge and head to the hotel del; it’s phenomenal.

    hit balboa park for the architecture, and the san diego zoo isn’t considered one of the top zoos in the world for nothing – it’s truly amazing. but buy tram tickets and ride around as much as you can, because the zoo is enormous, and you’ll get exhausted, FAST. you might also want to consider going up the freeway a little ways to carlsbad, and go to legoland (i don’t know how much leta digs legos, but i think she might enjoy it).

    finally, as cheesy as some might think this is, i absolutely love sea world. it fascinated me when i was a child, and i go back every time i have the chance. and especially for kids, the have the sesame street bay of play.

    have fun!!

  • Anonymous

    I got nothin’ on SD, but wanted to say that not only do I enjoy when you post about the fine linguistic distinctions between your speech & Jon’s, but it really tops the cake when you put the audio up for us to get the full effect.


  • http://www.shealynnbenner.com Shealynn Benner

    This video cracked me up!! You should have seen my dog while I was watching it! LOL.

    Downtown San Diego is a BLAST! Lots of fun things to do!

  • Melissa

    We stayed in some awesome cottages in La Jolla called “Redwood Hollow”. Close to the beach, very private, reasonable price–and they allow pets with notice. Private kitchen ($$ saver and a way to not have to rush the morning).

    I love La Jolla. Everything we ate and everywhere we went was wonderful.

    Soak up extra sun for the rest of us!

  • Anonymous

    speaking of hippos and christmas, i really really hope that you know that the whole I want a hippopotamus for christmas song is available AS AN ELMO SONG!!!

    yes, elmo wants a hippopotamus for christmas and only a hippopotamus will do. it’s on the “elmo saves christmas” cd.

    just thought that you (and leta) should know

  • Anonymous

    three words – carne asada fries

    you’re welcome.

  • erin

    you should eat breakfast at the big kitchen. best breakfast i’ve ever had in my life. ever. and i love breakfast

  • Karin

    I hope I don’t offend anyone, but I was not at all impressed with the San Diego Zoo. We went there 2 years ago and it was dirty, and all the animals were asleep. We loved La Jolla, there is a resturant called Georges’ that overlooks the ocean and has GREAT fish taco’s. There is Sea World which the kids always love, and Lego Land (I’ve never been). Most of it was pretty touristy, head NORTH and hit the beachy towns.

    I am in MN and frezing my A## off, so wish you’d bring me with too!

  • http://www.janetnelson.net Janet

    The other day I saw a commercial for a program — one of those animal advernture guys that do dangerous things. So I dont know what network it was on — Discovery maybe, Animal Planet?

    But he is going to put on this big hippo costume and go out amongst the hippos! I wish I could remember who and what program. Maybe someone else here knows what I am talking about.

  • http://ourboxofrain.blogspot.com K @ ourboxofrain

    I’ll second (or is it third?) the Wild Animal Park (http://www.sandiegozoo.org/wap/index.html) recommendation.

  • http://www.jillshalvis.com/blog Jill S.

    Hit Sea World! And the Wild Animal Park! There are usually a few hippies there . . .

    (we escape our snow for SD once or twice a year, it’s a Must Go To Spot for us when we’re desperate for sun and warmth)

  • Sarah

    You should stop by Croce’s. It’s a good meal and a better time.

    Also, check out the photography museum. There are about five million museums all gathered into one central location in San Diego and right across from the natural history museum is the photography museum. It’s pretty cool.

    They do have hippos at the zoo, too. Yay for hippos!

  • Lindsey

    The Wild Animal Park definitely has hippos and is usually a bit less crowded than the zoo.

    I’m more of a North County girl, so I’d recommend heading up the 101 through La Jolla, Torrey Pines, and then hitting Del Mar and Solana Beach. Solana Beach has a design district called Cedros, which you’d love. And you can eat at the Board and Brew (great sandwiches) in Del Mar or Roberto’s (AWESOME Mexican food) in Solana Beach.

  • Audra

    There is a dog beach (where you can take the dogs off the leash and let them run) on the Pacific Coast Highway between Del Mar Heights Rd and Via De La Valle.

    If you guys have time you should check out Muttropolis on Cedros avenue 2 minutes from dog beach.

    As far as food in that general area I recommend Pizza Port, Station Sushi and Pacific Coast Grill.

    And yes the zoo has hippos.

  • Anonymous

    If you want to camp a night or two, there is a state beach at Carlsbad that is really cool. Legoland is 5 minutes away. I took my 5 and 3 year old there and they loved it. My kids refer to that vacation as the Legoland trip. I’m not sure if it’s too cold to camp this time of year-but it’s wonderful to fall asleep to the sound of crashing breakers. In the summer you need reservations months in advance, but this time of year, I suspect you could just show up.

  • Owen P

    Places to eat: Buon Appetito in Little Italy for homemeade pasta. Khyber Pass in Hillcrest has really good Afghani food; Bronx Pizza in Hillcrest has phenomenal pizza. If you’re up for a little pricier dining experience, Dobson’s near Horton Plaza is delicious. If you get a night for just the two of you, South Beach in Ocean Beach (AKA O.B.) has the best Fish Tacos in SD and a lot of good beers on tap.

    To Do: the Zoo of course, and maybe the Wild Animal Park in Escondido (although that might be too much walking for Leta). A ferry trip to Coronado Island is a nice ride on the bay. I dunno if Leta’s into Legos, but if she is, Legoland would probably be right up her alley – though if Jon’s a *true* geek, he may dig it more than she does. Browsing the shops on Pacific Highway in Del Mar is also great fun. You might want to wait on taking Leta to the track, though; she has years to get into betting on the ponies.

    The County Building on Pacific Highway downtown is also worth a visit for you, Heather. It’s got great ’30s era architecture and might very well be a good place to take some cool photos.

    Enjoy! I’m gonna say hi if I see you kickin’ around town. :)

  • Adrienne

    Balboa Park (the one that the zoo is in) has a FANTASTIC upscale Spanish-influenced restaurant. If you go before five they also have great drink specials and (half-price?) gourmet appetizers. One of the best restaurants I’ve been to in SD.

  • http://deannster.bigfolioblog.com/ Deann B.

    The zoo is fun as is the Wild Animal Park. The most popular dog beach is in Ocean Beach, but I believe there is also one in Del Mar (although they are snootier and you have to pay for parking). Hillcrest is an awesome boutique kind of neighborhood – great for furniture shopping, perusing used bookstores, and trying all kinds of food – Ono Sushi is good as is Crest Cafe. Little Italy (part of downtown and the harbor area) also have a lot of local flavor and Seaport Village is a great place to while away the afternoon. They even have a carousel that Leta might enjoy. If you like really cool architecture and museums galore, check out Balboa Park. And if you like history and Mexican food, be sure to check out Old Town. Lastly, this might help point out a few highlights of some of the popular neighborhoods: http://www.signonsandiego.com/feature/238/.

    Hope this helps… Have fun… it’s sunny and about 70 degrees today!