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Because I am only a little obsessed

This is one of the two hippo figurines that belong to a Noah’s Ark toy given to Leta by a neighbor. I have stolen it, and now it sits next to the keyboard on my desk. Leta hasn’t noticed, probably because this hippo isn’t wearing a crown or a ruffly dress. When I look at [...]

Ceramic rosette

I found this small, palm-sized rosette at a local antique store that I keep on top of my jewelry box next to my perfume and the earrings I take off at night. It’s only a decoration and serves no practical purpose other than to make me feel very elegant, and let’s be frank, that’s not [...]

Smelling very yummy

I know Chuck isn’t in this photo, but this was Coco’s first bath and can you even believe what a teddy bear this dog is? And thank god she is or I would have to strangle her when she wakes up at 5 AM and wants to disco dance.