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Organic lip balm

Not only is this some of the most soothing lip balm I’ve ever put on my lips (doesn’t dry them out, doesn’t make them flakey) and some of the best smelling, but it also comes in the coolest little tin. Perfect for the harsh and brutally dry Utah climate. (Can’t remember who recommended this to [...]

Dog beach

Took the dogs for a walk this morning on the beach, and it was one of the most beautiful and serene thirty minutes of my life. The weather is gorgeous, and while the dogs attacked each other and any other dog who would put up with it I just stood there and soaked in the [...]

Somewhere along the freeway near Nephi, Utah

Took this out the front window of the car right after our first stop for gas where the temperature outside was MISERABLE DEGREES FAHRENHEIT.

Conversation in the car somewhere in Nevada to pass the time

“Leta, who are all those princesses in the books I bought you Santa gave you for Christmas?” “There’s Belle, aaaaand Cinderella, aaaaand Ariel.” “Who else?” “There’s Aurora, aaaaand Snow White, aaaaand Jasmine.” “Is that all of them? “No, there’s also Mulan, aaaaand Hoca Palas.” “Hoca-what?” “Hoca Palas.” “Who’s Hoca Palas?” “She’s the pretty princess with [...]