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Be sure to make it to 3 minutes and 44 seconds

When things go BOOM! The 13-year-old boy inside of me thinks this video is exceptionally rad and has watched it four times in a row while shouting DUDE! at the screen several times. Also, some of the comments are so good that I want to stick my cold, wet finger into the Internet’s ear.

With a canteen of NyQuil hanging around my neck

Because I’m still violently ill this is going to be a somewhat brief message to say that I am very sorry I did not update much while we were in San Diego, it’s just there were reasons, plenty of reasons, Jon got sick with a fever and chills the first night we were there, then [...]

Basting brush

A few Christmases ago I bought Jon, the chef in this relationship, several new cooking utensils to make the act of cooking a tiny bit more pleasurable. Up until that point in our marriage we were still using the pots and pans and equipment that I had collected as hand-me-downs in college, and it was [...]

Trudging slowly over wet sand

Finding it hard to be so goth when there’s all this sunshine to soak in.

Bird against sky

We visited SeaWorld on our first full day in San Diego, and the whole time we were there we were dodging swarms of aggressive seagulls who would swoop down and come within centimeters of our heads. I kept waiting to feel the inevitable SPLAT! on my shoulder or forehead, but luckily I escaped with nothing [...]