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Today’s post is going to have a bit of an administrative angle to it because there are a lot of things happening on the business side of this website that I’d love to share with you. First, I found out last week that this website has been nominated for six Bloggie Awards, including Best American [...]

Antique decanter

This is my favorite of five blue-glass pieces that I inherited from my late Granny Hamilton. You can find pieces exactly like this in almost any antique store, and although at first I didn’t think it fit my style, I find that the unique color adds just the right amount of eclecticism that I like [...]

Coastal town

Jon is holding on very tightly to this memory, especially on mornings like this one when he had to dig us out of another six inches of snow. I know you’re tired of hearing me talk about the snow, but in all the winters I’ve lived in Utah, I have never seen so much snow [...]

Signs of life in January

This was one of the many exotic plants growing in pots outside our hotel room in San Diego, not sure of it’s name, but I love how it and several of the others look like something straight out of a cartoon. Nice change from all the snow covered pine needles surrounding our house in Utah.