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Signs of adolescence

Leta, screaming from the backseat: “WE’RE GOING TO GRANDMOMMY’S HOUSE, RIGHT?” Jon remains silent, not because he means to, it’s just the screaming doesn’t sound so much like screaming anymore as it does background noise. I think this is called Coping. Leta, again screaming, “DADDY! WE’RE GOING TO GRANDMOMMY’S HOUSE! RIGHT? RIGHT?” Jon continues driving [...]

Despite the language barrier

Video of Japanese game show involving rubber bands, marshmallows, and much determination Someone somewhere had to approve this idea, had to say, let’s do this, let’s strap a giant rubber band to someone’s face and see if he can stretch it far enough to reach a marshmallow dangling from the ceiling. And I want to [...]

Porcelain sugar jar

Another find from a local antique shop, something I had hoped would replace the rickety sugar dispenser we now have. But Jon doesn’t like the form factor of this jar, doesn’t like the fact that he’d have to use a spoon to get at the sugar instead of just pouring out the sugar like he [...]


You can see here where some of Coco’s teeth have gone missing. I can’t believe I’m about to admit this, but I collected most of Chuck’s baby teeth as they fell out and stored them in a ziploc bag. I don’t know why, it just seemed like the right thing to do, and that bag [...]

Because of the wonderful things he does

Jon and I attended his sister’s graduate school graduation on Saturday morning and afterward had lunch on the roof of one of the buildings that overlooks Oz Temple Square. This is the famous Salt Lake Temple, and the little golden guy on the steeple is Angel Moroni facing east. I know my heart is cold [...]