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While watching an episode of “House”

Me: “Is that even legal? I didn’t know you could give half of your liver to someone who needs it.” Jon: “I didn’t either, but I guess that’s why they say the liver is so magical.” Me: “I’d give you half of my liver if you needed it.” Jon: “I’d give you half of my [...]

Retro Seth Thomas tulip clock

I found this at my favorite local antique shop, The Green Ant, and the moment I saw it I thought, yeah, we’ll be taking that home, thank you very much. It plugs into the wall and keeps the correct time, except my correct time is much different than the world’s correct time, meaning that the [...]

Also prefers Safari to Firefox

Coco always falls asleep on top of an object, here her back paw is resting on my laptop. I don’t know how she can find this comfortable, but it’s like she’s looking for a tower of crap, a stack of books or DVDs maybe, and she’s all, how can I wedge my body around all [...]

Strange dust

This is the hardest part of winter, the time when the snow isn’t as beautiful as it was when it first fell, and everything is covered in a layer of dirt and soot. I daydream of the smell of barbecue wafting through an open window.