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Dinner with the Southern in-laws

Jon: “What are we having to eat at your mother’s house?” Me: “Ribs, I think. No, wait. Country ribs.” Jon: “There’s a difference?” Me: “Is there a difference? Did you really just ask me that question? Oh that’s right, you refer to biscuits as muffins, so we already know that your brain is a little [...]

Christmas 2001 Mix CD

Years ago when this website was just a baby I used to post a weekly MP3 playlist of the music I was listening to, and the only reason I stopped doing it was because there was that one month I racked up $2000 in bandwidth charges (does anyone remember that nervous breakdown?). During that time [...]


This is almost insulting to Chuck because it’s so easy, except that he’s got to sit there as still as he can while listening to Coco go nuts in the other room because we’ve tied her up to the dishwasher. So although he may look remarkably calm here, inside he’s thinking HOLD. IT. TOGETHER.

Home library

Our main bookshelf is in the downstairs utility hall next to the laundry room, and as I was sitting on the floor this morning sorting out the darks and the lights I saw this particular arrangement of books and was amused at the juxtaposition of the World Masterpieces I collected in college as an English [...]