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Fueled entirely by Advil

Best thing about Austin so far: all the barbecue-soaked meat. And how neatly it fits into my mouth. We’re still here in Texas, and I have a few engagements I have to run off to here in a second, and then tonight is the last night we get to pretend we don’t have children, and [...]

Employee’s out of

When we lived in Los Angeles we had a neighbor who apparently lived in the same apartment for over 30 years and had a habit of collecting massive amounts of junk. When she died her best friend combed through her apartment, pulled tons and tons of that junk out onto the sidewalk and had a [...]


This is Leta’s favorite doll whom she calls Baby (except when it comes out of her mouth it sounds more like BAAAAABBBBY!). It doesn’t have any clothes on, much like every other doll in Leta’s collection. She would have a heart attack if she knew this had touched Chuck’s head. I promise not to show [...]


Not sure if you can still find this at your local grocery store because it’s a limited edition run and we bought it several weeks ago, but it is seriously the most amazing ice cream in the entire expanse of the universe. I am personally a chocolate ice cream type of person, and I don’t [...]