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Exclamation point, long overdue edition

To set the tone for this installment I think it’s safe to assume that each one of these pieces of mail was written late at night a few minutes after the author had taken a shit in his adult diaper, and after he hit the SEND button he went merrily back to picking the lint [...]

Large citrus juicer

Our old aluminum juicer broke last fall, and because margarita season begins, oh, tonight we had to find a suitable replacement, and this one matches all the other orange utensils we have in the kitchen. Recipe for The Perfect Margarita: shake two ounces of Herradura Silver tequila, a splash of Cointreau, and the juice from [...]

Princess Charming

You want calm, submissive energy? BEHOLD CALM, SUBMISSIVE ENERGY.

Drip drip drop

At least it’s not snow, right? When I heard the rain hitting the bedroom window this morning I had two immediate thoughts: 1) PLEASE GOD DON’T LET IT WAKE UP THE PUPPY, and 2) it’s at least 33 degrees outside, one degree closer to flip-flops.