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April 2008

Forgive me

In sickness and in health, through the irrational demands of a wife who regularly struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder: the Armstrong marriage survived another home improvement project. Maybe because he’s been taking Prozac, or maybe it’s because of all that HOT HOT SEX, but when I told Jon what I wanted the wall to look like, [...]


This is one of six prints that I framed over the weekend and hung on the living room wall. It’s one of a collection of four you can buy from artist Camilla Engman. Love, love, love this one in particular for its simplicity and, of course, because it’s called “Spring” and wouldn’t it be nice [...]


Do you see how Chuck’s ears are peeled back a little bit? That’s his way of saying, please, please do not get up and walk away without taking her with you. I cannot bear her one more minute. So I got up and walked away without taking her with me. I call it a Life [...]


2011 06.24.2011 Forbes, Top 100 Websites for Women 2011 ( blurb here) 06.06.2011, Best blogs of 2011. Also includes as one of the five essential blogs to read. Profile here. 02.23.2011 New York Times Magazine, Queen of the Mommy Bloggers 02.2011, Heather was ranked at number four on Babble’s Top 50 2011 [...]

Baron Woolen Mills

This is an old abandoned building in Brigham City, a few blocks from the house Jon grew up in. I’d say this photo pretty much sums up that tiny town.