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A true scientific marvel: the Utah accent

Top shelf

Margaritas last night at Las Casuelas, and the older man sitting next to us would not believe that my website is not totally about porn. No way, there has to be a ton of boobies on there, otherwise why is it on the Internet. I KNOW, RIGHT?

Hand-carved wooden figure

I scored this from a local consignment shop for almost nothing, and it didn’t come with any information, so I have no idea who carved it. But I adore the style of it and have it sitting next to my computer speakers on my desk so that I have something watching me, urging me to [...]

Special dog

I keep looking at this photo and feeling bad about the fact that I can’t stop looking at Bo’s left eye, and if I didn’t know him I would be wondering, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT DOG. And the answer would be that he is so overweight that sometimes when he thinks too hard, his [...]