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If your colors were like my dream

Carol: “Who is this? Culture Club? Is that the one with Boy George?” Me: “I’ll never forget the first time I saw the cover for this album, I remember thinking how much I loved her eyebrows. And my friend was all, umm, that’s not a her.” Carol: “Do you hear these lyrics? It’s a bunch [...]

Elephant clips

I bought these darling paper clips at a shop called Therapy in the Mission in San Francisco and use them to help organize the stuff on my desk. Except when I can’t find them because a certain four-year-old someone has stolen them, stashed them in various purses and hidden them in her closet. “Leta, where [...]


I would consider this progress, all three dogs looking up at Jon, waiting for the next command. And come on, look at this photo. I defy you to see those adorable three faces there together and persist in your opinion that it would not be totally awesome to blow raspberries into their bellies.