• http://sarawr.wordpress.com Sara

    I think the hat looked kind of awesome. May it rest in peace. (I really wanted to make a pieces/peace joke there, but see? See my restraint? Behold the power of the hat.)

  • Linda

    OK, that was hilarious. I was looking at the white scraps on the dog bed thinking, what is that? What the … THE HAT! THE HAT! THE DOG ATE THE HAT!!!!!
    Thanks for the laugh. I needed it.

  • http://yoongz.livejournal.com/ Sandra

    Ahhh… dogs!! They are sooooo cute but sometimes u just wanna ……. (fill in blank with desired action)….!!
    A little like kids – just they don’t respond as well to time-outs & shouting – hehhehehhee ;)
    PS: the hat looked great on you – go get another!

  • http://www.ramblingjune.blogspot.com June

    You bring a smile to my face everyday. I love you!!! And sorry about the hat….

  • http://goaliej54.blogspot.com Jessica

    Oh, that sucks! You looked like a movie star in that hat. Time for more margaritas. :)

  • http://pursuitofprogress.blogspot.com Violet

    Bummer! That hat looked good on you!

  • http://www.thelisashow.com Lisa

    I think I love you.

  • Nick

    A similar thing happened to me in October, except instead of a hat our puppy ATE MY WIFE’S iBOOK. He chewed on the screen (it no longer works) and scraped off some of the keys (he may have eaten some, we never found them all). The laptop itself still works if you plug it in to an external monitor (thankfully, there were some irreplaceable pictures on there), but that was a big, expensive lesson in DON’T TRUST PUPPIES WITH ANYTHING YOU DON’T WANT THEM TO EAT.

  • Anne

    Her tombstone may well read WAS SOLD TO BUTCHER, but can she be sold as organic free-range if she is kept on a leash? Clearly she will make inferior puppy broth.

  • beth

    OH NOooo!! Just keep repeating to yourself that you didn’t like it to begin with, then have another margarita.
    That really sucks.

  • http://undercovermutha.wordpress.com Undercover Mutha

    Surely it can be salvaged. A little dental floss, two years of weaving, and good as new.

  • Sarah

    OH MY GOD!!! will you keep her :) :)

  • http://sarahthe.wordpress.com SarahThe

    After college I lived with a roommate who had a Boston Terrier puppy. I brought home the holy grail of breakfast burritos once, set it on the coffee table, and stepped out of the room for some hot sauce. Upon returning to the living room, I found that the dog had pulled the burrito out of the bag, and unwrapped all the foil, and eaten my breakfast burrito whole.

    I was totally depressed, cause wasted bacon! But I couldn’t help but be impressed with her accuracy.

  • http://www.spamboy.com/ Spamboy

    I always assumed passing a straw hat out your butt was a modern-day rite of passage.

  • SuzieQ

    Reminds me of the time I shopped for days and days and finally found the PERFECT pair of sandals..only 2 pair in my size and to be smart I of course bought both pair…No, my bouvier did not chew up those beautiful sandals…ONLY THE LEFT ONE OF EACH PAIR!!! Would have been great for anyone in a one legged shit kicking contest though! By the way, you have the most beautiful hands..

  • Addie

    Awe…My heart just dropped with the tear from my eye…

    I’m so sorry, that hat was a fabulous look for you…I am in mourning for you.

  • nikkip

    you look SO A-list celebrity in that photo–you’re even shielding yourself from the photographer!

    it seems you’ll need to go hat shopping this weekend.

  • http://www.pogonipnv.blogspot.com pogonip

    Puppies are destructive until they become dogs–at two. You could have just shown me the two photos and I immediately would have known what happened! Just wait till the snow melts and she plays with your sprinkler system…

  • http://www.benjaminboudreau.ca Ben

    Oh puppies…trust me, it’s no better when you have a small dog except for the added pressure of having enough self-restraint to keep from squashing it like a cute, fuzzy bug.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! The look you had on your face and the feeling you experienced in the pit of your stomach when you saw the destruction wreaked upon your hat – I know that look well. My pup has a particular love of turning my pants into chaps and my undies into garter belts. Oh, the scraps of colorful fabric ass-confetti I’ve found in my yard a day or two after I failed to close the closet door securely!

  • http://jazzlilly.blogspot.com Lstew

    that was a very great “i should be finishing my taxes, but instead i’m dicking around on the net” break. thank you.

  • http://frettingthesmallstuff.typepad.com andrea

    Fortunately my Irish Wolfhound only chomped on my shoes a few times and tore apart one of my husband’s ugly t-shirts (go Finny!). All that is nothing in comparison to stories I’ve heard about bored wolfhounds tearing part AN ENTIRE WALL!

    So sad about your hat though. I thought it was pretty cool and brimmy.

  • http://wickedopinion.blogspot.com wickedopinion


    (Um, not in a creepy, room full of your pictures, it puts the lotion in the basket kinda way. Just to be clear.)

    Thanks for always making my day!

  • Linda

    LOL. How many hats do you think you will get in the mail? I’m sure at least one reader will want to help you recover from your loss.

  • http://theanomalouslife.com Nikki

    Ah,the vacation hat…it works so well at the beach or while window shopping in a known tourist locale. And it did suit you well. But it’s possible Coco did you a favor. I once wore my “vacation” hat to a hometown pub after returning from a trip, and I gotta be honest, it didn’t go over so well. Maybe I need to get a dog.

  • http://www.huriyamanzar.blogspot.com Huriya

    HAHA that made me laugh out loud! Awsome title too.
    you got great sense of humor.

  • http://www.pinkbunnyears.com Wine Dog

    At least we now know that Coco is a real puppy. I do so miss the daily treasure hunt to identify what missing item my dog has just crapped out.

  • celeste

    That is a great blog and I loved every minute of it. I’m also scared by the sun (and I live in Florida, I know….How sad) and anyone who has a problem with your hat has obviously never had a real sunburn. Hats off to you :)

  • Laura M.

    I love my cats.

  • http://www.worldwiderolves.blogspot.com Nancy R

    It’s so unfortunate, really, because you can SO pull it off and the hat totally goes with your celebrity status. You know, for those times you want to avoid internet paparazzi and crazy internet stalkers.

  • http://dampscribbler.livejournal.com Kristi of Portland

    Awww, damn. Don’t you hate it when your dog eats your new lifestyle? Love that picture of you in the hat, you look great. And tell me about that dress! I’d love a dress like that. Well, in August, when Portland finally gets warm, then I would love a dress like that.

  • http://www.randysblog.com Randy

    And soon we will hear the words, “The hat is shat”. God.. I love a puppy.

  • k-m-s

    L. O. L. How is it that you always make funny right when I need it most?!?

    You should do a Happy Face edition of Exclamation Point just to show the haters how much more you are loved!


  • stella

    I must say that I really really love your blog. The story today about the hat made me laugh out loud. Thanks for making my day a little brighter with your hilarious insights about life. Know that you have fans in Vancouver, Canada!

  • Seaglass

    Easily one of your funnier posts in recent memory…sorry about the hat (it looked wonderful on you), but its loss was justified if it meant we got to enjoy this very droll account.

  • http://trashytashy.blogspot.com tachae

    My God that looks like my house does everyday. I have 2 puppies that have a fascination with making everything into confetti.

  • Jenni

    Ah … too bad about the hat.

    Last night, I had to make my dog drink hydrogen peroxide (the vet told me to!!) so that he would vomit up the corn cob he had just swallowed WHOLE. He took it down in 2 seconds flat.

    We were watching the Illusionist … we thought it was a magic trick.

  • Often Embarrased by my Dog

    Willa is part dog, part billy goat. Sunday night, for a snack, she ate two UNused, tampons. They were delicious aparently. All that was left were the small bits of wrapper and one half of one cardboard applicators. Call me in a couple days, we’ll have a great photo opportunity for you.

  • http://milk-inducedcoma.blogspot.com Milk Maid

    You’ll always have the memories…

    (PS- At least Leta didn’t eat the hat).

  • http://www.postednote.com Eddo of Posted Note

    Darn it. I really liked that hat and was even thinking about going out and getting one for myself. How stylish would I look in Texas with one of those on while I mowed my lawn, or went to the market, or two-stepping. I’d be all the rage, eccentric, and maybe even a bit gay, but no one could deny my stylishness.

  • http://weaverrantings.blogspot.com Mary

    My dog eats Christmas lights. Seriously. Try and clean that poop up!

    As to the 7000SPF sunscreen and still getting burnt, check out this site, which is designed for people who need extra UV protection.

    www dot coolibar cot com

    My cousin uses this all the time (she’s a walking melanoma) and swears by it. Worth a shot, anyway!

  • http://www.myfunnyfunnyfamily.com Carrie

    I am going to print that picture and paste it on the steering wheel of the car, so that every time we are tempted to go down to the shelter and meet some puppies we are reminded of what we are getting into.

    You did look good in that hat, Heather, but you also looked a lot like a very famous person trying not to be recognized. Which I guess you are.

  • Kay

    Oh No! You looked so good in that hat too! Well you should get a new one and hide it from Coco.

  • DesignGirl

    Ha! When my dog, Dakota, was about 7 months old, a pair of black lycra biking shorts went missing. I found them a couple days later, in the back yard. They were missing most of one leg. Hmmm… where did it go? Oh yeah, a couple days after that, I look out back to see Dakota all hunched over doing a scootie across the yard. And what was coming out of that doggie place we never, never go? Yes, the missing leg to my shorts. Here it is about 10 years later, and to this day, he’s never chewed any more clothes! I think I can hear his little mutt-butt puckering each time he sees me folding laundry.

    Pavlov would roll over in his grave ….

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/wwcutie wwcutie

    Hats are for women who can pull off puffy sleeves and lacy collars

    You appear to be wearing slightly puffed sleeves in the picture above. And I’m so glad you opened the comments, because I was tempted to send you an e-mail but was afraid it would end up in one of those Exclamation Point! posts.

    Your fabulous. Your hat is fabulous. I hope you find a new one soon.

  • http://www.amysamson.com amy

    heather, so many of your blog entries regularly make me laugh hysterically or smile very loudly. this one made me do both enough to comment for the first time. (actually, i wanted to several entries ago when you posted several examples of crazy people emails you get, but i waited too long.)

    i do not have a dog, but love several dogs who live with other people. these other people’s dogs are the reason i do not have one of my own. ………..though i said the same thing about other people’s children, and now i’m about to have one of my own of those, and so i’m sure it’s just a matter of time on the dog thing.

    also, i liked the hat. i think you rocked it, with or without margaritas.


  • http://www.undomesticdiva.com Undomestic Diva

    Your hat? Very Palm Springs.

    Straw coming out of one’s ass? Also, very Palm Springs.

  • jenni

    wow – very funny

    thanks for the laughs

    read about you in wall street journal – knew nothing of you until then

    glad to have found you

    keep it up

  • http://www.kcrccoaches.blogspot.com Jenn

    Fell right on the floor laughing out loud…where my furry darlings began licking my face and made me get up.

    Good stuff!

  • akaellen

    For everyone who made a comment about their puppy woes I say AMEN Brethren!

    I catalogued the list of things my pup was destroying –for a while–but then that got just way too depressing.

    But DANGIT she’s so darn cute!