• http://www.sushiforlunch.com Connie

    I love your accent. My boyfriend was all, “Did she just say ‘Chook?’” I was all, “She’s from Utah!”

  • http://www.honeykbee.blogspot.com Honeykbee

    I vote for Ed Burns to play John.

    What? Why are you making that face?

  • http://www.monkeythoughts.com Dangermonkey

    Right on, Leta! I hate keeping my pants on when I get home too.

  • http://creationhalt.blogspot.com/ erin

    Jon – Sizzling – Yes.
    You – Great Voice.
    Her – Funny post about “purse envy” (my words) on her site.

  • Erin

    Hubby is the best kind of nerd hot.

    You yourself are even hotter than I realized from pictures. You have to know you are the target of many a girl-crush.

  • http://fiddley.com Pete Dunn

    I would tune in to watch it on Sunday but I’ll be busy keeping my wife away from church. Thanks for posting it so I could watch it at work instead.

  • http://www.meganwhittaker.blogspot.com megan

    he’s totally throwing google eyes.

  • http://www.amidoingokay.blogspot.com Vanessa

    Wow. I went to work, the grocery store and disputed the pre-existing condition also known as my boobs. I want your life.

  • http://melinor.blogspot.com Melanie

    Good job, you two! And I love the selection you read. It was cool to get to hear how it sounded in your head when you wrote it.

  • Heathyr

    You are so inspiring… and how hot both YOU and Jon were on TV. Jon is such a pinchable nerd, I love it.

    I have to wonder how many of us will hit Sarah Nielson’s website after you plugged it; so awesome that her entry today was dedicated to your Angela Adams purse. ha.

  • http://www.fromthefrontpage.com/WPBlog Ann from Montana

    Forgot to say – LOVED the photo of you and the dogs…and yes, BOTH looked obedient and even regal!

  • http://www.myfunnyfunnyfamily.com carrie

    Because those three words out of Leta could really give people the wrong idea about your Web site.

    I thought the WSJ story was very interesting, and I’ve been wondering what you thought of it, Heather. I’m sure it has inspired a lot of mockery along the lines of, “It must really be rough.” That certainly crossed my own jealous-blogger mind. But once I got over that I realized how very difficult it really must be, and the enormity of the social experiment you are living.

  • cb

    whoa, that’s coco? all of you look so . . . civilized. like, hello upper middle class white family.

    i mean this with love, of course.

  • http://www.longwindedandproud.com adriana

    Congratulations! You are an inspiration – thank you so much for your site!

  • Wendy

    Oh my god y’all…..Britney Spears should totally be Heather!!!

    I think this is the first time I have posted twice in the same comment thread….damn the thesis!!

  • Jennifer

    Actually, I’m sorta afraid to say it, but I think Chris Vanocur might have the hots for Jon. His gaze lingers just a bit too long. Of course, I have to agree that Jon is hot. You both sounded great!

  • http://dadshouseblog.com dadshouse

    That’s so cool that as a blogger I’m doing, as your husband calls it, a Captain’s Log. Beam me up, Dooce!

  • purpleME

    Holy shit JON IS SMOKIN!


    I even clicked on the link and read the story. Not something I do for everyone! lol.
    I think you rock!

  • http://www.pollycolephotography.com/ Polly

    hee hee. you said management agency.

  • http://www.tortillatime.com Tori

    Congrats Heather! You did great!

  • http://kimblahg.com kimblahg

    I have to say my favorite part was when Jon said, playa as in “hate the playa not the game”. And yeah, the host totally had the hots for Sarah. He wants to enjoy some of those special heterosexual male feelings for her.

  • http://woefullyuncreative.blogspot.com Sarah D

    I’d never been to Sarah Nielsen’s blog before. I can say with utmost sincerity that I’ll never go back. I got through one-half of one post and couldn’t stand it anymore. Watching her on that video is also painful. Not only is she trying too hard in her writing, but she’s trying too hard with Vanocur.

    I love that you’re candid, open, honest, and unphased by things. Thank you for the breath of fresh air, and for writing about things that are actually interesting.

  • http://verygeorge.com GEORGE!

    Just talked to Sarah on the phone and she said she’s gonna go out with Vanocur this weekend.

    Not really though… next weekend is when they’re going out.

  • http://velvetlava.blogspot.com/ Ann

    Loved every minute of it, but the sexual tension…made me pull back and recoil, actually. Oof-da. You’re hot, Jon is hot – you totally should’ve insisted on having Chuck and Coco on the panel.

  • another jon

    your jon is hot! you both are!

  • Anonymous

    Heather & Jon: I’m so happy to see how some good things have evolved for you over time. It’s been fun following you and your lives. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://mcdufftheblog.squarespace.com/ Shii

    My kid comes home and disrobes too…so funny. He just turned 5. Most of the time he is in underwear and a t-shirt.

  • http://winecat.typepad.com winecat

    Fabulous picture. Chuck and Coco look so well behaved. Our dog runs from the camera as if it’s going to steal his soul.

    Terrific to have voices to go with faces. Congratulations on all your well deserved publicity.

  • http://according-to-kelly.blogspot.om kelly

    what a great interview. i’m new to your blog (i can’t believe i’ve never run across it before)… but it was fun to “virutally” meet you thanks to the interview. i hardly ever watch clips like this, but you guys totally had me glued to the screen. i loved seeing your hubby on there two – you guys seem to really compliment each other. anyway, congratulations on all your success.

    & you are so right… i could totally see the sparks flying between those other two.

  • Meranath


    “Dooce – The Final Frontier”: Cpt. Jon Luke and Commander Heather search the galaxy for a food that their mysterious alien offspring will eat. During their journey, Commander Heather’s pointy elbows punch a hole into space/time, lauching them back into the early 21st century.

    “Dooce 2 – Future Wars”: A cyborg from the future travels back in time to stop Leta from starting a blog that becomes sentient and declares war on humanity.

    “Dooce 3 – First Blood”: Heather launches a rescue effort and allies herself with rebels to get their help in trying to rescue Jon from a Russian Colonel.

    That last one mighta been the plot to Rambo 3.

    <3 you guys.

  • Christy

    Good press. This is awesome. Way to go. I heart this place.

  • http://habitual.wordpress.com Creature of Habit

    OMG – he’s totally into that other blogger! I’m embarrassed for him.

    Congrats on your blitz – all of your hard work is coming to fruition. I think it’s great!

  • http://athenasmom.wordpress.com/ Athena’s Mom

    If I keep my pants on, can I have Jon?

  • HeatherJ

    Jon makes me want to take off MY pants.

  • lindsay

    i seriously love you and jon.

    that was fantastic

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I’m not wearing pants now!!


  • http://bunagsbooks.blogspot.com Lisa

    I totally felt the sexual tension as well. Creepy!

    Great show! Thanks for sharing as I read dooce, blurbomat, and Sarah’s blog! Yippee for bloggers!

  • Janice

    Nice work. Way to go.

  • Ashley S.

    My dorky-ass just now figured out how to watch the video..

    Good lord, who the hell pumped Chris full of extasy and pot before the interview?!? I kept thinking any minute he was gonna lunge at her and do his best to ravish her. He acted like that creepy dean of admissions on Orange County! Okay now I’m giggling thinking about Chris and the dean. I don’t know HOW ya’ll got through the interview without laughing. Bravo. John – you sounded so smart though! And Heather – what the heck!? A Southern Accent? I can’t believe it. How cool.

  • http://kristanhoffman.com/ Kristan


    Please don’t take this the wrong way… Before this clip, I never really thought of Jon as “scrumptious bearded” Jon. I mean, he’s definitely above average looking, but “scrumptious” seems like a level (or many) above “above average.”

    Now, with the whole multi-angle motion thing, I SEE the scrumptious!! He reminds me of that guy in My Big Fat Greek Wedding (and I think he was in Sex and the City too, but I never watched that show). And let me tell you, I mean that as a COMPLIMENT.

    Anyway, fun to see you guys “in live action”! And I thought Jon made a really good point about blogs needing to have a “personal voice,” not just be random stuff people update every now and then. Good food for thought for the rest of us.

    And just because it seems weird to be complimenting Jon so heavily on Heather’s web site, let me assure you that my 2 friends that met you (Heather) thought you were unbelievably GORGEOUS.

    Done being awkward,

  • JMB

    Was he deliberately being naive or was he really that stupid and ignorant about blogging? There is nothing wrong with ignorance, but generally when you are doing a professional interview with someone, you should have a general idea of the topic, not just read questions off a notecard.

    Anyway, go you! More media attention=more signs of insane minds (!!!!), but hopefully also more fans. May every negative new reader come along with 19 people who love your work half as much as I do. :)

  • Ritamarie

    The whole time I am watching this, I am distracted by the headline at the bottom of the screen that reads: “Update: Sandy police arrest teens who cooked feces in convenience store microwave”. Now them are some good times.

  • Nina

    Oy, you’re such a spaz! I so thought you’d be beyond cool where I wouldn’t feel worthy if we were to hang out. Why? You are Such a dork and yet, now, I’m even more in awe. And yes, Jon is a big hunka droolin goodness. I also had no idea you have that many hits a day. Love love love seeing you out there beyond the printed word.

  • D from AZ

    Okay I’m from Arizona and I didn’t pick up any accent. ???

    Were you guys totally making fun of him before you even left the building. Don’t lie, you were. I was embarrassed for him. I think I actually blushed. God, he was horrible.

    If you watch it with the sound off (don’t ask me why I did this) Jon could be a wee bit gay with all those hand movements.

    Whose idea was it to read excerpts from their blogs? It was aaaahhhhwkwarrrd.

    I’m all over the place with this post. One last thing – Heather you’re awesome and you looked great.

  • Colleen

    Nice interview. You and Jon both look really great. My guess is a Dooce TV show.

  • Tootsie Forks

    This was so great. I want to grow up to be like Russell Baker and write auto biographies.

  • http://cowjumpmoon.blogspot.com Shalini

    Way to give a shout out to me Jon!!! Here in Australia! Awesome!

    I loved the interview, and Heather you are SO right about Jon’s hand gestures, in the 25 minutes I was watching, I tried to keep track of how many times his hands moved, but I lost count after 7. But I think I do the same.

    Yeah I also don’t hear an accent heather, but I’m from Texas originally.. so I think you sound wonderful! :)

    Love the blogs Blurb and Dooce, haven’t heard of Sarah Nielson before, but will go and check it out…

    Thanks for posting the video and can’t wait to buy the book! (The money is going straight to replenish the vodka stores at Blurbodoocery and not to Leta’s college fund, right? ;)

  • http://jesuisserieux.blogspot.com/ Eve Grey

    ha ha ha, that interviewer KILLED me with his shameless flirting & his sign-off with raised eyebrow. Bwahaha!

  • http://www.yardsnacker.com Yardsnacker

    So great to see competent writers facing the ivory tower of the appropriately called “old media”. Yea! Let’s smash em’ down! :D

    Great job Heather!