• k-m-s

    And that she does! Your whole family, in fact.

    Thanks for always making us laugh!

  • Hmmm

    There’s something about reading a blog entry out loud that just doesn’t do it for me. I think that all bloggers should try reading their blogs out loud before they post…I think if they did, the quality would increase significantly. But for some reason I like reading them in my head more than hearing them read to me.

  • Alice

    Um. Jon is so hot. (You too, Heather, obv.)

  • http://www.mssinglemama.com Ms. Single Mama


    Heather and Jon:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you … for inspiring so much of us creatives to step out of the mold and start our own blogs.

    You’ve paved the way and you’re right, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Soon you’ll have more hate mail than Oprah. Remember – hate mail = success. Because for every hater you have a thousand lovers. Basic law of fame.

    Many kuddos and I can’t wait to read the book!

  • Reggie

    Great to finally hear the voice behind one of my one of my strongest addictions!


  • Alaska Mom

    Heather, your blog is awsome. As a stay-at-home mom your extraordinary take on every-day things is enough to make me laugh hysterically just about every day. I really like that you really do read and respond to your negative replies, like with the free-range organic chicken broth… your responses to all of these crazy people are everything that I think and only hope and wish that I could actually say to people! You and Jon did a great interview two thumbs up :)

  • http://www.greenduckies.blogspot.com DM

    I just wanted to say that I loved the hippo you got at Target and was thrilled to find it myself. I love your daily style, links and Chuck (and Coco as well).

    Thanks for making things so entertaining, I love your style because you make parenting sound intriguing. Not enough to actually have a child but enough that I can actually handle being around small children for more than 5 minutes without screaming. My nephew thanks you for this as well.

  • nina

    did jon say playa? not dot com playER… but play-ah? LOL. so not only is jon hot, he’s also gangsta :) well done.

  • http://soonthebandwagon.blogspot.com Tasty

    So, if I leave MY pants on, can I get four treats, too? Because I might leave them on way more often if I can.

    Keep up the good work, Dooce, you rockstar, you.

  • Philly

    I am fairly new to Dooce’s page and while I do enjoy reading her I have always pondered why she doesn’t open her comments. I have emailed her but to no avail.
    Now it seems with her newest post her comments are open,,,why is this,,,because of the media,,,makine her look good? I have also noticed there are NO negative comments. Dooce, give me some love here hon,,,I need some answers.
    I’m tryin to understand,,,help me out

  • Larissa

    You really need your own reality show.

    I agree with Reggie – it’s nice to finally put a voice with you and your personality. I think I just fell in love with you a little bit more.

    Also as a long-time reader and first time commenter, I just want you to know, Dooce always brightens my day. Seriously.

  • http://webcookie.net Kristen

    I was thinking, “You know, Heather doesn’t really have a Southern accent.” And then you read the part of your blog entry where you yelled at Chuck. You must try extremely hard to repress that accent in your daily life, and it only comes out when you’re angry.

  • http://www.eleventwentyseven.com Christine

    What an amazing time for you guys! It’s almost surreal.

  • http://www.anewyorkgirlinutah.blogspot.com Shannon

    1. Why is it that all of the negative commentors (is that a word?) seem to have the worst grammar?
    2. Vanocour reminds me of that creepy curator from Ghostbusters II.
    3. Cameron Diaz could totally play Heather in Dooce:The Movie. I believe I have seen Cameron do that crazy arm wave dance in a movie before.

  • http://perfectlyshelly.blogspot.com Shelly

    Well crap…If I knew I got FOUR treats I’d have put my pants on before 5pm yesterday.

  • http://urbanspinster.org Bess

    Hmm… Jon should be played by John Corbett PLAYING Aidan. i.e., You know how some people are more Edward Scissorhands than Johnny Depp himself? John Corbett should GET INTO the character of Aidan and THEN become Jon. That’s the only way it’ll work, I think.

  • http://ransom-note-typography.com/ jon deal

    All three of you did really well.

    And Vanocur OBVIOUSLY has a crush on Sarah.

  • Anita

    So – I’ve not read the other comments, and I hope you don’t hate me for this, but the animated Heather appears much younger than the Heather in photographs. Seriously, you have such a sophisticated look that in photographs you appear exactly your age, and mature, but you on TV appears much more spunky, and young.

    It’s truly intended as a compliment – but I’m not the master of words that you are so you’re probably cursing my name thinking I’ve totally just insulted you. I hope not.
    You rock, sista.

  • Anonymous

    I’m proud of you girl.

  • http://tterroni.blogspot.com Terroni

    In fairness to Chris, Sarah started it with her sultry, suggestive “You should try it.”

    Brazen hussy.

  • http://oooohelisabeth.blogspot.com/ elisabeth

    You are AWESOME. Congrats on this success. You inspire me not only to write more, but to teach my dog to balance things on his head.

  • http://undercovermutha.wordpress.com UCM

    I couldn’t help but think that “Rhymes with Moose” from the article would be the perfect tagline, but I think you already used that before. Damn!

    I also couldn’t help but notice the body language with all the legs crossed toward Chris. Hmmmm….

  • Jennifer

    Wow…Jon’s Hot.
    There, I said it.
    Uses his hands WAY too much when he talks, but I can totally overlook that.

  • http://kimmersforlife.typepad.com/my_weblog/ Kimmers

    That interview was fantastic… you could’ve cut the sexual tension with a knife. And Sarah was totally aware of and encouraging it, which was even funnier. I also love that Chris doesn’t seem to even get what a blog IS… that’s pretty classic. I like Jack Black for the role of George! in the Dooce Movie… but that might just be because I love Jack Black.

  • http://www.sarahnielson.com Sarah

    I think this is the first time ANYONE has referenced my alleged bosom. My mother would be so proud.

  • Suzie

    Heather & Jon… I can’t easily explain the feeling I had when I watched you in the interview. It was as if you were close family or friends, and I was unbelievably proud! I mean, seriously, what a freaky emotion to have….
    great job. with everything. your family, your business, each other.
    really inspiring.
    ok. done being all gushy.

  • http://www.drinksareonme.net Dale Cruse

    First time I’ve ever heard Jon speak.

    Heather, your accent isn’t that bad this time. Of course you probably didn’t say “crayon!”

  • Maureen

    Yay! I just pre-ordered your book on amazon.com… I didn’t know the title until I watched the interview.

  • http://simplyblissful.blogspot.com/ tracy

    I’m curious what it is about children & the need to take off their clothes, and I’m really curious if my child will have the same affinity towards nakedness.

    congrats on all your media coverage ~ well deserved!

  • http://gravyandbiscuits.com Jebbica

    Heather, congratulations on all the press! That’s great! I really, really related to your article in Wall Street journal…my “husband” and I are both full-time bloggers and live in a one-bedroom apartment, and we have barely had a day away from each other in 3 years, and I agree that it is a little maddening at times! I’m really sensitive too, and the hate mail and comments used to really bother me, and sometimes it still does. But most of the time you just have to accept that it’s just one person, just one person’s opinion, and that that one person is probably not as smart as you are, jealous of what you have and your talent, and is too cowardly to say anything like this to your face, and so he/she is taking comfort in being the internet bully. It’s so pathetic…just imagine them in their underwear dripping nacho cheese sauce all down their bellies while they’re writing that and remember: how valid can that person’s opinion really be? ;-)

    Oh, and I definitely think Amber Valletta should be the one to play you in a movie. Every time that movie ‘Hitch’ comes on television, I’m like, “hey there’s Dooce Jr.!”

    Have a great one,


  • http://enjolie.wordpress.com Enjolie

    just wanted to send you some love, Heather! I’m actually in tax class right now (oops), but can’t wait to get out and watch the video!


  • ChrisW

    Dooce, delurking to say: I read some comments from the WSJ link, and wanted to let you know, I started a journal with letters to my two-year-old daughter, simply because of your monthly newsletters. I thought it was a stunning and simple idea, for your child to know what she means to you and adapted it for my pen-in-hand, non-blogging self. Yeah, maybe it is too much for some people, but for me it’s a memory jogger – dooce wrote to leta, time for me to scribble a bit to my baby. Thanks! (For the record, you slay me!)

  • Ginger

    Thanks for all the laughs. My fave was the racoon series of pics and of course, everything Chuck. Leta has reconciled me to the realities of the world of a 4-year-old. It’s good to know what’s coming when mine turn 4…
    The message from your Mum on the answering machine made me cry with laughter and those Leta Princess Song videos just made me cry. I guess what I’m trying to say in a characteristically eloquent style is – I love dooce.com and I feel my butt growing! ;)

    Hugs across the globe and keep it up. ~ Love, Ginger

  • Julie G.

    Heather, I’ve enjoyed reading your site for years and am often telling my own handsome geek husband about your latest post, as in… “Randy, you know my virtual best friend, Heather B. Armstrong? Ya know her Mom, the one who doesn’t believe in global warming? You gotta read this post about the message she left on Heather’s answering machine…” …anyway, just thought I’d point out striking similarity between Jon and this photo of writer Anthony Horowitz… http://www.abc.net.au/reslib/200608/r102391_313381.jpg

  • Kara

    Um, I’d like to suggest John Corbett (Aidan from SATC) to play Jon. Same name (sorta), same overall dashing and cuddly aesthetic. Ok? Ok.

  • http://www.scandaloushousewife.blogspot.com Scandalous Housewife

    Hilarious! The Goldielocks chick is so trying to seduce your interviewer. I love your supportive husband, also. My husband, the Gray Fox, is horrified by his wife on a daily basis. Thanks for keepin’ it real, sista! Any advise on helping the Gray One to loosen up?

  • http://inbabyjail.blogspot.com Jenn D

    I just have to say it. I absolutely ADORE your accent. I’m going to spend the rest of my day trying to talk just like you. Well, not really, but it’s a creepy thought, ain’t it?

  • jen

    that reporter could have his own blog called douche.com!

  • Anonymous

    Did anybody else tell you that you look like Reese Witherspoon? It never occurred to me before from your pictures but on video, you definitely look like her.

  • http://vintagethirty.blogspot.com/ Tootsie Farklepants

    NOW I know why you haven’t Twittered in days! You’re busy rockin’ the super star thang! Congrats to you!

    **currently wearing pants**

  • Tara’s Mom

    I think I am responsible for at least a MILLION of your web hits. My 11 year old daughter is now also a Dooce “addict” and is really impressed with Chuck. She likes to replicate Chucks photo accomplishments with her Guinea Pigs…sooooo funny, yet almost torturous.

    Love you!

  • http://petuniaface.blogspot.com Petunia Face

    I agree with the John Corbett casting with maybe a little David Duchovny thrown in.

  • http://petuniaface.blogspot.com Petunia Face

    I agree with the John Corbett casting with maybe a little David Duchovny thrown in.

  • http://www.piratingeleet.org Sara

    the part about leta wanting take off her pants almost made me cry i was laughing so hard!

    I can’t wait to here what you guys are meeting with hollywood producers for!

  • Lauren

    I could see Chris Vanocur’s mind boner from here! Shudder.

  • http://www.doubledanger.com Shala

    WOW! What a week for you and your family. You really deserve the recognition.

  • http://www.paintingchef.com PaintingChef

    And here I’d been rewarding my husband for taking his pants OFF. Good god I’ve got it backwards!

    Thanks for clearing that one up…

  • http://knaphrodesiac.blogspot.com Knaphrodesiac

    Well done, Leta. As for me, the moment I grace the tube for the first time when I become famous I, too will say “Poop”, “pee-pee”, and probably also “fart”.

  • http://www.twentycarlo.com Debbie

    Way to go! I love you for bringin’ big eyebrows back!!

    I know it’s a hard battle, I too am waiting for time to go home so I can take off my pants.

  • Sarah

    You sound so Southern! Congrats on all the recent excitement, and I’m definitely looking forward to clips of Leta saying “POOOOOOOOP”