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Happy Earth Day!

This letter pressed card was sent to me by a reader named Lindsay, and I thought it was such a cool gift because the card is made with handmade paper that is embedded with wildflower seeds. The instructions on the back of the card read: “Moisten paper and plant in well-drained soil one-eighth inch deep. [...]

Portrait of a lady…

… who was left in her crate for only two hours on Sunday, and when we returned home from dinner she was dripping wet from having slept in a puddle of her own urine. Jon didn’t notice this when he let her out of the crate, so she ran upstairs and was so excited to [...]

Starting her young

Saturday was the first time this year that I had the time to dedicate to some deep cleaning, so I spent several hours in the kitchen organizing drawers and cabinets. Afterward I thoroughly cleaned every surface with Leta’s help, although she just stood in one place and sprayed half the bottle of cleaner on the [...]