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For all the new people visiting because they saw that five-second clip on FOX 13

Every night we have a ritual where we eat a pot of edamame and watch the national news. Yesterday after I posted a portion of a grocery receipt I got a lot of concerned email wondering just how much edamame we go through on any given day. And the answer is a lot, probably more [...]

Wooden letter blocks

We gave these to Leta for Christmas a couple of years ago, and I thought we’d packed them up into a box in the attic but I found them on her floor yesterday where she had been stacking them into short words. We found them at a locally-owned toy store, and I did a search [...]

Beware of the furrocious puppy

Yesterday on a hike we met this 10-month-old Springer Spaniel who was not at all impressed by Coco Furrocious despite Coco’s incessant commands that she be taken seriously. Coco was so loud and mouthy that if you had only heard and not seen the spectacle you would have sworn that we were beating her with [...]


Maybe because I was too young to appreciate it, but I don’t remember spring being so explosive in Memphis like it is here. Maybe it’s just because the winters here are so hideous, and spring by comparison is that much more resplendent. But everything is blooming right now and Utah couldn’t be more beautiful, although [...]