• Cre8tiveGenius

    Hey up – thought you might get a giggle outta this, all the way from New Zealand (pronounced Nu Zeulund ;)


  • Michele

    My son looooves edamame. It is the greatest thing when the waitress comes with a big plate of edamame and your three year old says “Yea, my favorite!” (I still haven’t had much success with home preparation. Perhaps Heather can share her recipe?)

  • http://wackymommy.org/ Wacky Mommy

    Nothing wrong with lying, I do it every day.

  • Heather

    Me loves me some edamame!!!

    But you should know that too much of a good thing can be bad. Especially for Leta and you – if your trying to have more children.

    Just an FYI from one Heather to another:

    You can check out some info here – not trying to scare you or anything – just want you to on occasion step away from the soy bean.


  • http://republicofdogs.net Adorable Girlfriend

    Jon is so wrong.

    So. So. wrong.

  • Dangercat Dave

    It is for the last few lines of this log entry that I fell in love with you and your family. Successfully lie. Fantastically fib. Perfect prevarication. I love the Armstrongs.

  • Priya

    Don’t judge me….. but I have never had edamame before…. ever. I am most definitely getting it the next time I go to the store. Can someone tell me how to cook it? Just boil it?

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone explain what edamame is please?
    Or has it already been explained above (there are soo many comments!!)

  • http://hopesmommy.blogspot.com Melissa

    You’ll also be proud when she drops her first F Bomb…we’ll at least the first time anyway, I speak from experience.

  • http://zenmommasgarden.blogspot.com/ Zenmomma

    More than once I have noted that the advice my husband and I give our teens would surely get us all arrested in certain parts of the country.

  • http://www.alithinks.com/ Alison

    @ Twinsdad (#151):

    I buy ONE yogurt and use it as a starter for my own yogurt. Maybe Heather and Jon have a yogurt maker? Or maybe they were making a dip? Who knows?

    But mmmm. Edamame.

  • http://runningperson.blogspot.com/ Liz

    What you are teaching people to do is *have a sense of humor*. Many don’t, and they live their witless, empty lives always feeling like they are missing out on something: which, in fact, they are.

    Rock on, Dooce.

  • J. Bo

    @ Alison:

    My guess is that Chuck was waiting in the car and needed a snack for the ride home…

  • Candycorn

    But do these edamame beans make you go… like more than usual? Being beans and all.

  • Melissa

    I wish I had that much space for edamame.

    For those that don’t know how to prepare it or think it’s bland…I boil it up, pop it out of the shell and toss it with a splash of soy sauce and some toasted sesame oil. Mmmmm…yum. It make a good, quick side dish.

  • Patti

    Wow, I was really stoked to have been the first post today! Also, our Louisiana Soybean Farmers are going to love you!

  • Terri Sinclair

    Should Leta ever go into politics she will need all the help you can give her. I applaud you for thinking ahead! (That people would think you were serious makes the hair on my arms stand up and only in a creepy way)

    For those who don’t know what edamame is, that’s just a little weird. Really. Wow. Especially since I assume they have computers and could Google edamame. Oh well. Think of all the people you’ve educated today in addition to Leta.

  • Candycorn

    Dooce, my Rob and Big dvds just arrived in the mail! Squee!

  • http://truthsandhalftruths.typepad.com Nils

    I LOVE edamame! I eat it every day, instead of potato chips or crackers and cheese or popcorn.

    There. Teach Leta to lie THAT well, and we’ll talk.

  • http://www.x96.com Zack, from X96

    Love the website, but I just started reading it. I saw the lovely clip on FOX 13 and just couldn’t resist a trip over here.


  • http://www.almostvegetarian.com almost vegetarian

    If you are eating that much Edamame, then you must have some truly amazing recipes.

    At least, better than my heat ‘em up, toss ‘em with olive oil, sprinkle on the sea salt and grab those forks ’cause dinner is on.

    Post ‘em, post ‘em, and make a girl happy.


  • rhea

    I’ve never been a successful liar, but, every day I’ve got to practice, practice, practice! (I’ve almost got the white lies down pat)

  • http://athenasmom.wordpress.com/ Athena’s Mom

    You aren’t teaching her to lie– you are teaching her how to piece clues together to tell a credible story. It’s an exercise in cognition. I mean, you don’t want her called out during her first fiction writing workshop in college for writing a story with glaring plot-holes. She could be scarred for life.

    Also, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm edamame.

  • http://www.theglamorouslifeblog.blogspot.com The Glamorous Life

    We must encourage all of our children’s talents. And we must give them the skills to succeed in business. Or politics. Or dating. That is makes us good mothers isn’t it?

  • http://her-hairstyle-blog.com CindyM

    My God, that’s brilliant. Sitting your child down and teaching them how to lie PROPERLY. :) My oldest daughter can’t lie at all. She tries, then stumbles, then turns herself in because it’s just easier.

    My youngest daughter, on the other hand, will make a wonderful politician one day–if you catch my drift.

    Hilarious story about Leta–thanks for sharing!

  • Kristine

    Love it! I love your method of thinking.

    I also owe you a huge thank you – I ordered the lavendar Angela Adams purse because I loved yours so much (but the yellow was not available) but I was so happy with the one I chose. I’ve gotten so many compliments and it’s just so “me”.

    Thanks Heather!

  • http://the-blue-cat-speaks.blogspot.com/ Jessica

    Heather — I’m not sure if you know this, but soy beans can constipate you, which is a problem with you already. Did you know that? I wonder what would happen if you quit soy beans for a week. It would at least be an interesting experiment! (Don’t hit me!)

  • http://chaoticharmony.us Chaos

    My sentiments exactly! If you’re going to lie, at least do it well. C’mon people!

    Do you ever watch reruns of Still Standing? That’s the kind of parents we are – I suspect that you and Jon are too :-)

    I’m looking forward to watching you, Jon and Leta tomorrow night!

  • Ashley

    oh, thank god! i’m not the only one who used google to figure out what edamame was. btw, successful liars end up in politics! your child could have a fantastic career carved out for her in the future! keep up the excellent work! wow, i used alot of exclamation points.

  • Kelly

    It didn’t even occur to me to read your list. I just looked at the coupons and read your post. lol We use the same philosophy with swearing. If they’re going to do it, at least use the word correctly.

  • danielle

    Maybe i’m insane, but in my house my husband do not flush for number 1. It’s an environmental thing – flushing every time wastes alot of water. But – if being too environmentally kooky for you, and flushing every time is a behavior you want to encourage..i understand.

  • http://sitdownforthis.blogspot.com Rick

    I’m Australian and have never heard of Edamame…thank you Google! Heather, is it wrong that I am so fascinated by the contents of your shopping list? Least of all EXCITED FOR YOU both at the use of two super-dooper coupons?

    I’d be excited for myself except I have never used a coupon and probably never will, so, vicariously, you have helped me explore a little more of life.

    Thank you.

    Keep up the blog too…I am addicted. It goes well with my morning cigarette and line of coke.

  • http://eleanorstrousers.wordpress.com Eleanor’s Trousers

    On a business trip now and wishing the worst thing I had binged on was a bowl of edamame. Oh, bourbon. Why do you taste so good?

    As for Leta, I would expect my child to develop better lying skills. My fiance’ is horrible at it, so I’m praying our kids will take after me. Otherwise, how will they ever hold down a decent job and support me in my old age?

  • http://alldrainsleadtotheocean.blogspot.com Emily.

    It’s not the edamame that bothers me, it’s the fact that you found MALTESERS in Utah. I spent 3 months searching California for them when my Aussie girlfriend was visiting and you found them in UTAH???

    On the topic? I can’t wait to raise my son the way you’re raising Leta. We would anyway, but at least this way when my mother freaks out I can say it’s your fault. :)

  • Dana Wyzard

    Alright, now I’m embarrassed. I noticed all the edamame on the grocery checklist, but I’m a hick from Indiana and I had absolutely no idea what edamame was, or is. I just wish I knew how to cook it cuz we’ll eat anything as long as it’s not tofu.

  • http://cowjumpmoon.blogspot.com Shalini

    Yes, lying well is a good trait, but you also have to remember the lies as mothers usually remember EVERYTHING, so you gotta have the list of lies somewhere hidden – just have her put it with the groups of things she keeps with her at all times….. She’s so adorable!

    Edamame.. I bet Australia doesn’t allow that… They are hardcore about their import/export… so maybe this summer I’ll try it out! Does it go with anything? Rice?

  • sromeo

    I don’t know if you’ve ever read Mark Twain’s essay, “Advice to Youth,” but it’s a satirical bit that reminds me a little of you and John. I think if Leta ever reads it when she’s older she’ll get the joke :)

  • DesignGirl

    This is really going to date me, but every time I think of edamame, it reminds me of Charlton Heston in the movie Soylent Green, especially towards the end when he screams …”soylent green … is … peeeeeeopppppppllllllle!” So I won’t eat edamame unless the bag has a disclaimer that states, “no humans were killed in the making of this food.” :o )

  • http://www.monkeythoughts.com Dangermonkey

    I was wondering about the edamame!
    As for kids lying….yeow, I am horrible. I mean, I tell my son not to lie, and yet was coaching him this morning when he was on his way to school late today “Remember…you weren’t feeling good this morning, ok?” Truth was, I was very ill from breathing in delish noxious fumes from the neighbors renovations for 13 hours, so I was not in any shape to drive. So not a horrible lie, but I’ll be damned if his school believed me any time I’ve told them I was too ill to take him. Ah, the challenges of living 20 mins away and having the other parent not home from work to take him to school!

  • http://www.myfunnyfunnyfamily.com CArrie

    Every time my soon-to-be-4-year-old comes out of the bathroom, I ask, “Did you flush?” or “Did you wash your hands?”

    Same answer every time: “I *will*”

    It’s strikingly similar to the answer her dad gives if I ever happen to ask him, once we’re ensconced in bed, if he brushed his teeth: “Not yet.”

  • http://twitter.com/notthatgirl LA

    You do have to know how to lie successfully. Otherwise, how are you going to get away with anything at all in life? And, really, there are so many people who can’t lie that by teaching Leta how to lie successfully, your are enabling her to live a much more successful and productive life.

  • Pascha

    For the few people criticizing Sarah because they thought she was insulting Heather by stating she left posts on her blog about her family…lighten up! I love reading Heather’s website, I read it everyday. And I was actually getting a little annoyed because I don’t think Sarah was given enough chance to talk. Every question the guy asked, Heather or Jon jumped right in and answered. I had never even heard of Sarah before watching that interview, but I felt bad for her that she wasn’t able to speak more.

  • De Anna

    The first time I went out for sushi, my friends had arrived a little early and were enjoying edamame. I ate out of the used “pod” bowl. Little embarrassing.

    As for lying. My dad cured me by driving me to the nearest Utility company that had razor wire surrounding it and telling me that it was a juvenile detention center for LIARS!
    Obviously I wasn’t very good at lying.

    Hey, let’s talk about me! *eyeroll*

    You’re doing a very good job with Leta. Teach her well and you’ll avoid PTSD around Utility facilities.

  • http://abadmother.blogspot.com/ bad mother

    I had to google edamame too. I’m surprised dooce wasn’t the top ranking link.

    I too encourage lying successfully but I am also cheerleading for guilt and remorse – I want my kids to lie and then feel bad about it.

  • http://www.snickrsnack.com Katie

    Edamame is gooood stuff. I think I may need to make that a nightly ritual.

    Yay for Leta going potty all by herself! And by the way – my husband still lies about flushing the toilet after he goes. And about washing his hands.

    Where, oh where, is Leta’s monthly newsletter?

  • qiana

    ok. i just want you to know that last night, when i was so impatiently fast forwarding through the commercials while watching american idol, and i saw you for that split second on that commercial, i absolutely freaked out. my mom was with me and we are both readers of your site and absolutely adore it. we flipped out. it was crazy. i jumped up and down and cheered for you. i actually rewound it and watched the commercial :) go you for being on fox 13!

  • Anonymous

    I just don’t understand why you have LDS ads when you clearly have no respect for Latter Day Saints. Weird. I hate the “F” word or I’d keep reading your blog.

  • http://stevenjones.blogspot.com/ Memphis Steve

    I’m afraid I don’t even know what edamame is. But this teaching your child to lie sounds like a good idea. She’ll be properly prepared for the corporate world.

  • http://AllAdither.com All Adither

    If only they made edamame ice cream. Edamame gum. Edamame soda.

  • http://www.westcovinacriminaldefenselawyer.com LA Attorney

    We eat edamame three times a week. As for lying, some parents inadvertently teach their kids to lie when they make up excuses of why they can’t make certain appointments or when they compliment someone they really don’t mean it.