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NYC book signing and meet-and-greet

We finally nailed down the time and location for the book signing in New York (Brooklyn) this Wednesday: Location: Soda Bar 629 Vanderbilt Ave. Brooklyn, NY Time: Starts at 5:30 PM and will go until almost 8 PM I know it’s not in Manhattan, but on such short notice this was one of the best [...]

Nine West black pumps

So these are adorable, yes, but they do not fit well at all and I’m sure that after an hour of having them on my feet I will fall over in agony. They are narrow and unforgiving and ridiculously rigid. But oh my, do they look so amazing on my feet and with the dress [...]

Dog as home decor

The argument could be made that we got Coco specifically because she matches the colors in our living room. And when people ask me how it’s going, living with this awful puppy, I like to avoid the truth and just say LOOK HOW WELL SHE COMPLEMENTS THAT LAMP? DENIAL. DENIAL. DENIAL.

Lou Lou

I get the occasional email wanting to know if I have killed Lou yet, and I have to tell you, no one is more surprised that he is still alive than I am. He’s treated very well and fed on a regular schedule, except that one time I went to Palm Springs and Jon forgot [...]