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One tiny speck

Yesterday we had a few hours to walk around the city and take photos, so we walked slowly from our hotel over to Grand Central Station. We stopped every block or so to stare up at the sky and the feeling was not unlike what I imagine an ant feels like right before you stomp [...]

Small oval vase

I have a large collection of clear glass vases, all shapes and sizes, that I keep randomly arranged on the counter top in the kitchen. I think I got this one and a few more like it at Target last fall, and I have so many because when everything blooms in spring I want to [...]

10 pounds lighter

So we took everyone’s advice and bought a Furminator for Chuck’s excessive shedding, and all it took was one session with that device and the problem is solved. I’m almost disappointed that there is no more loose hair to extract from his wiry little body, what will I obsess over now? Oh right, everything else.