Didn’t that woman blog about Al Roker’s nipples?

When the producer for NBC called me and asked if I’d be interested in flying to New York to be on a live segment of the Today show to talk about the business of mommy-blogging — okay, wait a minute, I think I should address this right here, right now, this label MOMMY BLOG. Do I consider my website a mommy blog? Not really, no. When I sit down to update my website I don’t think to myself, “What will I say today on my mommy blog?” The first thing I think is, how can I give my father a heart attack? And then I back up a second and go, nah, I’d miss him too much, I will just have to write this story about Jon’s Brazilian wax in my personal diary. Dad, are you paying attention? It’s because of you that the world does not get to hear about Jon’s genitals. I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY.

But I also don’t get offended when people call this website a mommy blog. Not at all. Because even though some people use that label to belittle the fact that there are women out there writing about their experiences as mothers, how dare they? Who do they think they are? NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR KID, YOU MOMMY BLOGGER! Yeah, that. Turns out lots of people want to hear about your kid. Oh, and did you hear? All this writing about motherhood is bringing people together and changing lives. So you go ahead and wrinkle your nose and dismiss those mommy blogs. And I’m going to sit over here at my laptop and be totally flattered that someone thinks I’m worthy to be among their ranks. Hell yes, I’m a mommy blogger.

So I was prepped for an interview about mommy blogs, the lot of us, how this thing we started to document the tiny and intimate moments of our lives has transformed into our jobs. Our jobs that pay us money. And I was totally under the impression that it was going to be a more in-depth interview than the usual, so, tell us about your blob, is it? Your blop? Your blonk? Little anecdote here, the driver they sent to JFK to pick me up turned out to be Chelsea Clinton’s personal driver when she’s in New York, which does not have anything to do with the point I’m trying to make here other than that he said she is always shouting from the backseat, “GO FASTER! GO FASTER!” And I don’t know why but just knowing that about Chelsea makes me want to invite her over to play Scrabble while chugging Kentucky bourbon. It just makes me love her even more to know that she gets impatient at stop lights, and that maybe she has once or twice waved her middle finger at a stranger, not because it would make any difference or cause traffic to go any faster, but because IT FELT SO GOOD.

Anyway, the driver asked me why I was in New York and what I did for a living. My friend, Maggie, is going to be so proud of me for this because I told him, “I’m a writer.” And I thought it was going to sound natural coming out of my mouth but in fact it did not whatsoever. I could have said, “I teach English to genius pandas,” and the look on my face would have been the same. He asked me what kind of writing, and that’s when I looked around to see if anyone was within earshot, and duh. It’s New York. At any given moment there is someone having intercourse with a goat within earshot. So I whispered A BLOGGGGG. And I am not even kidding, his whole face shriveled inward as if he had just been sprayed with mace, and he said, “Does that hurt?”

Yes, it hurts. But I’m taking antibiotics.

So I got a call from the producer about 20 seconds before boarding the plane to New York telling me that they had bumped the segment to the fourth hour of the show, and that I’d now be interviewed by Hoda and Kathie Lee. I knew right then that the interview that was supposed to happen was not going to happen, but I still had hope. I knew that a taped segment featuring other bloggers (Kristen Chase, Mir Kamin, and Jill Asher) was going to run before me, and I thought I’d still be able to get in a word or two about why I think companies are so interested in marketing to this group of people, why they are sending us thousands of PR emails saying DEAR BLOGGER, PLEASE WRITE ABOUT MY PRODUCT ON YOUR WEBSITE. Except how many times have we been sent an email addressed to the wrong person? I’ve been called Heather Anderson, Sarah Armstrong, Hannah, Halley, and one time someone even called me Jim. Note to PR people: maybe pretend that you are paying attention.

I’d been to Rockefeller Center before but never inside the Today Show studios, and I don’t know how to say this without someone deliberately misinterpreting it, so I’ll just go ahead and blurt it out: it was kind of sad. The green room was tiny, and the make-up room looked like it had been haphazardly set up in someone’s garage. Not that I was expecting the walls to be lined with gold, but you look at the set and see how sharp and clean it is, and then you go backstage and, oh my god, has my daughter been playing in here? Because there was stuff and paper and little bits of things everywhere. Like, I had a thought that if I took off my shoes and walked around for a little bit back there that I’d stumble over a Barbie corvette and maybe cut myself on that missing Polly Pocket shoe.

And that is less a judgment than it is an observation, because the experience I had with the make-up people was more than professional. They handled me with great care and made me feel like a million bucks and didn’t mind Jon as he furiously circled the room with our camera:

Just as I was about to walk back to the green room I asked Jon if he thought my make-up looked okay, and in front of about 10 people on the Today show staff he said, “Okay? OKAY? I’d lick you right now if we were alone. COME ON!” Someone started laughing, so Jon continued: “What? WHAT? Doesn’t my wife look good? I’m allowed to say that about this woman because I saw a baby come out of her body!” And thus commenced a chorus of disgusted EWWWWWWing. And I was all, okay Jon, you can stop. And he was all, “Not just ANY baby! MY BABY! OUT OF HER BODY!” This is obviously proof that one side effect of Prozac is acting like you’re drunk when in fact you are not.

15 minutes later I’m sitting on a couch opposite Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. And we’re making small talk in the four minutes leading up to my segment. They’re asking me all sorts of questions about my website and where I’m from, and then I think but I can’t be sure that Kathie Lee Gifford winks at me. Just out of nowhere. WINK WINK. And I’m so caught off guard that my face changes its expression involuntarily, and she says something like, yeah, that was a wink, it’s something we do on television. I go, okay, so you weren’t trying to hit on me, just clearing things up. And she says, no, she wasn’t hitting on me, but honey (she called me honey), I am totally her type.

I am Kathie Lee Gifford’s type. You know what? I am not even going to start decontructing that, and instead I’m going to let you consider what that says about my husband.

And then she said something to me that made the rest of my day one giant confusing puzzle that I have still not been able to put back together. I don’t remember her exact words, but she asked me if I get a lot of criticism for writing about my family on the Internet, and when I said yes she said she could totally relate. Because people were all over her back in the day when she talked about her kids on television. She told me she could empathize. For those of you who have not seen the segment I’m going to post it here, and afterward you’re going to think to yourself, “HUHHH?”

I don’t know what happened to frighten Kathie Lee in the span of four minutes, but my guess is that she had either been instructed to bring up that controversial aspect of mommy-blogging, or maybe she herself thought that she needed to layer the interview with that perspective. Either way, it did not make her a friend of this community from what I’ve read on other websites and forums.

And here’s my take: this is obviously a case of an interviewer not being adequately familiar with the topic at hand (also, probably not a good idea to have someone afraid of computers interviewing someone about their job using computers). And I’m not about to jump into the crowd and start calling Kathie Lee names, she does not deserve that from me. I’m not so much angry at her as I am disappointed that this topic was not given the service it deserves. Blaming Kathie Lee for that would be misguided, and in fact, I don’t think there’s really any one entity responsible for how this played out other than the beast that is broadcast television. The segment got bumped, things were shuffled around, and maybe because of some miscommunication here and there it wasn’t the piece it was supposed to be. Instead of looking at this as a setback I’m thinking that this is a great opportunity for someone out there willing to take a look into the heart of this community. Start the interview with the fact that you are uncomfortable with what we do, and then let us answer you. Unless you are afraid of us, and if that’s the case, well, here, let me rub your head, you poor little bunny.

  • http://www.macaroonshindig.com Katherine

    Kathy Lee is unbearable, and when I tuned in to see you withstand her general idiocy, I cheered from the couch because you handled yourself with poise and dignity. (And I don’t think I could.) Knowing that about Chelsea Clinton makes me love her even more, thank you for sharing!

  • http://thewildeparty.blogspot.com Patrona

    I didn’t think any post could surpass your labor and delivery, but this one did. The interview has weighed on my mind, for reasons similar to your own. Thank you for offering your insight and settling my issues in the process. I feel the same as you do, regarding the interview and topic of discussion, and think you have very tactfully addressed a very curious issue. Kudos to you and the work you do. Now someone just needs to give KLG a throwdown and send her back to journalism school.bride

  • bohica

    The whole point of being interviewed by experienced networks and anchors is that they’re supposed to have this stuff down before the segment. It didn’t appear to me as if they knew much about “your” blog. Yours is so much more than just Leta and mommy-blogging. It appeared as a very generalized statement on blogging, and disappointed me. YOU didn’t disappoint! Every time you tried to talk, KLG cut you off. I wanted to reach through the screen and strangle her (sorry, I’m not nearly as kind as you are). I felt that Kota was there to make the whole thing more legitimate.

    I do think you’re far more kind and honourable than I am. I don’t think I could go through what you did and not be wanting to call someone some miserable names, especially given what KLG has done with her own children, and the snowball she threw at you.

  • http://www.smoterhingsuburbia.blogspot.com Suzanne

    I was befuddled as to why KLG wasn’t more concerned about Chuck’s (and now Coco’s for that matter) resentment with you for sharing their personal details. Housebreaking is a pretty personal thing you know.

  • http://www.undomesticdiva.com Undomestic Diva

    I’ve got one word for Kathy Lee: HYPOCRIT

  • Margi

    Wow. They couldn’t be more PLASTIC if they tried.

    Eh, that whole SAHM stuff has been looked down upon for decades. And the fact that they knew nothing of the subject is only proof to their lack of credibility.

    It’s not hard news, but I would have expected a little more respectful treatment. Not sure why, but I did.

    You sailed through it admirably. Don’t let the plastic people get to you.

    P.S. I have a little problem with the Central Park analogy. In the “real life” scenario, you can SEE the predator and know that he’s a 45 year-old man with ill intent. Online, he’s got the nickname “FairySunshine12″ and he poses as a 12 year-old girl who wants to be your daughter’s BEST FRIEND. It’s the lack of ability to actually SEE the predators as who they really are that makes the IntarwebnetAOL a little different.

    (NOT criticizing, just sayin’.)

  • http://www.theadventuresofsupermom.com Michelle

    I think you are a great blogger! We share the same views on so many things, even MUSIC!!!

    I thought you looked FABULOUS!!!!!

    I am a fellow mommy blogger. I blog about nothing really. Like Seinfeld. A blog about nothing. lol Sort of. I have four children, the youngest is 4 weeks old. I blog about poop, breastfeeding, my oldest going through puberty and my son having girls call him and he’s only 10.

    Mommy Bloggers ROCK!!!


  • http://www.studiomelablog.com shells

    I felt like I was watching an SNL skit!?

    You were perfect and beautiful and omg I loved your dress!

    But those women? Ew. Ew. Ewww.

    Seriously, you are amazing and fabulous! An interview, no matter how odd and wacky it turned out, is just one of those great moments in life we will always remember.


  • http://whathappensnext.typepad.com What Happens next

    When I saw this interview, the first thing that came to mind was how embarassing for the Today show that they could not provide someone with even the slightest clue. Kathie Lee is the queen of the fluff piece, so it is not surprising, mind you, but embarassing for them nonetheless. Afraid of computers? Whaa??

    You handled it brilliantly, however. It just would have been nice if you could have finished a thought.

  • http://meandyouandellie.blogspot.com/search/label/by%20Jacquie Jacquie

    It was a weird, off putting interview. They should have had Al interview you, preferably topless. No wait, ew.

  • http://mytatertot.blogspot.com/ 1sttimemom

    Heather: my husband and I both greatly enjoy reading your “mommy blog.” Please keep the posts, uh, er, posting! You are, more often than not, mostly funny, and certainly, at times, inspirational.

    I once saw a picture in a newspaper of a very pregnant woman in her front yard bringing a well smoked cigarette to her lips as she was looking down the street towards new construction. The caption for the picture said “[Jane Smith] expresses her fears over what potential harm to her unborn child could result from the loud jack hammering coming from the constuction site near her home.”

    That was Kathy Lee. Even as she expressed some inscrutable internal fear over Heather’s parading of her daughter’s innocent face on the web for all to see, Kathy (or the Today Show) showed, not once, but twice showed those same photos on TELEVISION for yet millions more to see. The worst of the hypocrisy is that Kathy herself has exhibited (pimped?) her own daughter’s young pedophile-candy face ON TELEVISION!! For YEARS!!! How could the weight of the irony slamming into the folks who make the Today Show not break someone’s nose?

    BTW, we saw the segment on Nightline, and thought it was really well done. Much more informative and interesting.

  • http://www.inevergrewup.net Vanessa

    You should have screamed redo at the end of the interview. I feel like the whole segment and topic of blogging or mothers blogging needs to be done all over again. You and all of the other bloggers I thought did a fantastic job but the way it was put together and how the interview went fell so flat.

  • http://www.stuffbytace.com Tace

    It was an odd interview, I was so excited to watch it in a totally non-stalker fan kind of way and it was over so fast. Also, it seemed like the interviewers asked deep in-depth questions but wanted fast food answers, 30 seconds or less or something. Blacck I hate when interviewers yak and don’t let the guest talk. You did great though, I’d have been frozen in terror, bright red and gibbering like a fool. I’m curious, do you have to get your hair and make-up done by the people when you do something like this? I mean HAVE to? Don’t they trust you’d know how to do your own hair by now? I always wondered about that, it makes sense for the tv hosts as obviously they were too busy learning about their subject they’d be discussing to do their own hair, but what about guests?
    Also I keep hearing about this inter-web thing and how do I punch that up? Computers scare me too.

  • http://www.writer-mommy.com Marianne

    My first visit here and I’m glad I clicked through to this post and video.

    You did handle yourself with grace and humor in the face of the interviewer’s (both) obvious lack of knowledge of the subject at hand.

    When you think about it, mommyblogging has made shows like Today obsolete – I can get all I need to start my day in the blogosphere: tips, news, opinions on news, and stories that play to the whole spectrum of human emotions.

    I couldn’t help but feel like I was watching the changing of the guard as I watched this interview.

    We are here to STAY!

  • deanna

    You should have addressed KLG as Kelly and then said

    “oh sorry, this tv stuff is so scary..I know nothing about it!”

  • pam

    Ok, to broadcast news, Kathie Lee, et al (fancy I know), PAY ATTENTION!!! People use the internet, on.the.computer. And they.talk.about.stuff!

  • http://getupandplay.blogspot.com Barb @ getupandplay

    It was just so horribly painful to watch Kathie Lee make a fool of herself. She really just came off as very unprofessional and tactless (notice, I refrained from the adjective “tacky” because I don’t usually care to *STATE THE OBVIOUS.) You, however, were graceful.

    *May I just say, that after using ALL CAPS, I totally get it. Super fun and effective.

  • Gabriella

    Heather, you were awesome. I think you were eloquent and poised; what you’re doing is very important and incredibly helpful. Kathie Lee needed to do her homework. Congrats to you on another job well done!

  • Susan S.

    You know I saw both Today and Nightline. I didn’t think either one did a very good job of telling us about your blogging. Today was just stupid and way too short to give any idea of what you really talk about. Nightline seemed to me to be off because being a Mommy is only a part of what you talk about.

    I’m a 65 yr old woman whose kids are long gone and I read your blog because it is entertaining and thoughtful and deliciously off sometimes and says so many things I wish I would have said at some time in my life.

    Television shows these days do quick and dirty interviews and seldom do we have the opportunity to find out any indepth information about anything…except Britany Spears of course. We know lots about Britany.

  • http://alevai.livejournal.com Laura June

    Heather you actually, legitimitely win both the internets AND life.

    Like, for reals.

  • pam

    **ImPorTant** Where’s Today’s Chuck???

  • Megan

    well done, miss.

  • http://www.ellou.com Lauren

    Oh em gee. Do they think they’re presenting America’s next top model or something? Are all american hosts like that? I thought hosts on topics and issues of the world were meant to hold an ounce of intelligence but obviously not!

    You held yourself together very well, and I could tell by your expressions you were wanting to stab her in the eye with a fork. A rusty fork. You rock.

    Besides that, you do have a wide variety of readers and audiences.

    I’m a 21 year old british woman and you crack me up. Seriously. I hope when I eventually have children and grow up (although the growing up part is never likely to happen) I hope i’m half as awesome as what you are.

    Hey, did I just taste shit on my tongue? I’m not usually an arse licker..haha. x

  • JPH

    “I think that Old Media is TERRIFIED of New Media. The fact is, your content is so much more relevant to so many more people, and so much more real and impactful.”

    I am an “old media” person (I’m a newspaper editor — starting my brand-new, first job out of school job next week!) and even those of us in the newspaper industry who love the Internet admit it has ruined our lives. But we know what it is, how to use it, and how to make it relevant to us.

    This isn’t an old media vs. those new-fangled blogs issue.

    This is an issue caused by the fact that Kathie Lee Gifford is an idiotic, talentless, vapid narcissist.

  • Pavakgirl

    I watched the interview, and I thought Kathie Lee was rather condescending toward you. Was she trying to make you feel bad about blogging? Whatever. You’ve been doing this long enough and gotten many many emails regarding what you do, both positive and negative. Who does she think she is anyway? Didn’t she JUST come back to TV? Why did she have to act so “holier than thou”? Also, it was much too short of an interview to really get opinions out there.
    My friend bought your book and I am waiting for him to finish so I can read it. (yes, I’m cheap..I don’t buy DVD’s either)

  • http://www.thispile.com Jen Zug

    I fumed about this interview for days, mostly because it hit a nerve concerning people in my offline life who just don’t “get” blogging, and continually give me a hard time. Hearing a media professional give an accomplished blogger the same kind of grief was discouraging.

    Also, I happened to catch KLG’s interview of Christie Brinkly the other day while at the gym, and I nearly ripped the HDTV out of the ceiling I was so mad. Christie Brinkly told all of America that her daughter was a ‘bonafied couch potato,’ and then they proceeded to show a picture of Christie Brinkly – SUPERMODEL HOTTIE – with a very chubby 10-ish year old.

    I was horrified not only with her comments, but that KLG did not seem to bat an eye at the obvious humiliation of this poor girl who has to grow up in the shadow of her supermodel mom. The fact that KLG did not feel ‘uncomfortable’ about this as she did about your candid accounts of parenting Leta is telling of mainstream media’s view of blogging.

    Your comments are very gracious toward KLG, which I appreciate. Your kindness a good example to follow. Because of this, I will not post my own (angry nasty ungracious) thoughts on the interview, and spare the Internet any more negative vibes.

    And thanks for representing the rest of us well.

  • Jaclyn

    I think you handled yourself very well with the whole KLG interview. Personally I think she was such a coward for throwing a negative comment at the end of it without giving you the chance to defend yourself and what you do. Whatever!
    Seriously, if I had a burn book, she would be in it.

  • http://www.jaimeblogers.com Jaime

    They barely even gave you a chance to speak! They cut you off when you were trying to explain the website and what you do…what’s the point of the interview if they aren’t really going to look inside your soul?!?! Roar that made me mad.

  • http://www.anneanddrew.typepad.com Anne

    You rock.
    You are an inspiration to all of us who are busting our butts to be good moms.
    You make me laugh.
    And that is sometimes what I need to just keep going.
    (Oh and I put pictures of my kid on the web too.)

    Thank you.
    KLG is a freak-job.

  • JLJ

    You know, that interview amused/annoyed me so much at the end that I e-mailed you about it, harping on the word ‘reviled.’

    After I did, I admitted to myself that 1) I don’t really hate Kathie Lee 2) but that she often comes across very, very badly. I was very interested in the whole feature, women, the Internet, business, what the future might hold … but that feature just didn’t happen.

    I think you’re amazing for handling that interview with so much aplomb. I would have liked a more in-depth, smart interview about women and the Internet, which, with you in the chair, should have been terrific, but let’s face it … they don’t ask the hard questions anymore. Alas, the Walter Cronkite news days are behind us now.

    That said, a part of me still strongly believes that Kathie Lee is not as unprepared as she would have us believe. A big part of me thought, “She is afraid. She is afraid because her public take on motherhood is all moonbeams and sunshine. And to hear someone say that the truth, which is is that motherhood is wonderful AND terribly, terribly hard frightens the living bejesus out of her.”

    Well, that and I stand by what I said in my e-mail … Kathie Lee thinks you’re hot. She wants your bod. Your hotness distracted her. She just could not help it.

    Ending with a wink. They do that off television, too. ;)

  • http://www.digitalcatharsis.com the mighty jimbo

    i wonder if memoir writers have to defend their work like this.

    maybe it’s just the internet that makes people twitchy when you write about your life.

    lord knows i’ve taken my share of shit – and my blog didn’t even involve babies. boobies, yes. babies, no. you shouldn’t write about your health. you shouldn’t write about your relationships. you shouldn’t write about work. ok, right, maybe you shouldn’t. you shouldn’t write about that one time with the stripper and the bathroom and the cocaine and the tube of go-gurt. i’m pretty sure google has effectively ended any chance i have of being elected to public office.

    i digress.

    what i’m trying to say is that you write about stuff that everyone (nearly) can relate to in some way. you have a voice that resonates and i for one have laughed and cried and felt better about who i am and where i am as a result of your voice.

    people who are critical of what you do are, well, afraid. their fear is their loss and their problem.

    ps: i saw the segment and it sure looks like your take on KLG is dead on.

  • kate

    You know, I’ve always just assumed you had a british accent. Im not sure where that came from, and Im not sure why I was surprised when I watched that clip…

    You have a great blog – I appreciate the wit and humour you bring to my day! :)

  • http://www.myspace.com/beccasue1975 Rebecca

    I watched the interview after reading your blog and after following the links on yesterday’s blog wherein other bloggers bashed Kathi Lee… so I watched expecting to totally hate Kathi Lee. I was surprised that I didn’t hate her. In fact I don’t understand what has everyone up in arms. It was a great interview. I think it ended rather abruptly but that is television. It happens. I agree with the sentiment that should be a more thorough look into blogging and the community and the new avenue of income that has opened up for stay at home parents who write blogs… but all in all, I think Kathi Lee is getting castrated for nothing. She was the right person to do the interview after what she went through with her kids… I mean come on! No one knows what it’s like to be called an opportunist more than Kathi lee Gifford. I hope “the community” lays off this woman. She was just doing her job. I would like to insert here that I am NOT a Kathi Lee Fan; in fact her face and her voice nauseates me. I just think that in this case she is being thrashed for no reason.

  • http://www.imaginarybinky.com imaginary binky

    Since Kathie Lee had hit on you only moments before an interview, I’m pretty sure the only response would be for you to show her your boobs. That way, you could end up on the cover of Star Magazine as the woman who stole Kathie Lee from Frank. What a missed opportunity!

    Fantastic job on the interview!

  • http://theoverflow323.blogspot.com Michelle

    I was sooooo sad when I saw your interview. I was completely into the topic but felt you got the shaft on the interview. I wish that someone would do bloggers justice.

    lol I also for some reason imagined you with a New York accent. I have no idea why but for some reason that is what will be forever stuck in my brain. Anyway I love this blog and I hope that some of those crazy cool important people will give you the interview you deserve.

  • http://tsheva.deviantart.com Tracye

    Kathy Lee comes off so wrong on television. I say this because I know how she is in real life. She is the kindest person you could ever meet. I do think you are correct however, interviewers should be well informed about the person they are interviewing. Someone in her position is getting paid far too much money to not know what’s up. By not doing research she is doing you and the viewer a disservice I mean, why am I watching? To see her face? Yours? No. I want information! Anyway, congrats on your success. I love your site.

  • http://blog.sweetlifesite.com Andrea @ Sweet Life

    I’m so glad you addressed the interview, and gave a softer interpretation of Kathie Lee. I was quite disappointed when I saw it the other day, but am pleased that you handled yourself in such an admirable way.

    I think that over all, this is only going to make our community of “mommy bloggers” stronger. We are women, watch us pat bunnies as we ROAR.

  • http://www.annieaidenmarc.blogspot.com/ Annie

    I have never before commented on your blog, although I have always wanted to. This interview made me so MAD!!! I wanted you to say something about KLG always talking about her children on T.V…everyone knew her kids back then. How can she be so hypocritical. Afterwards I tried to put myself in your place and I don’t think I could have handled it so well…actually I know that I would not have. So props to you sister! You handled it all with dignity and grace. Who really likes KLG anyway eh? Seriously?!?!?!

  • http://www.likeavalentine.blogspot.com lkoivu

    I’ve been reading your blog for a long time, and I definitely don’t read it for the “mommy” content, the Chuck content, Coco, Jon, Leta, or anything else. I read your blog because you’re a real person, providing wise and humorous insights into life.

    I think it’s true that old media is just scared of new media in this case – I mean, come on – your blog and others have been around for years and you’re just now getting a spot on the Today Show? They’re just now asking: What is this? You mean there’s more stuff than scary internet chat rooms on the internet?

    KLG seemed fairly harmless to me, but I think she was just jealous that she didn’t have a blog going back in the days when she used to talk about Cody nonstop!

  • http://www.mydogwontbite.com sarah

    all i have to say is nightline was AWESOME and made me want to take my pants off.

  • http://theoverflow323.blogspot.com Michelle

    so i am only commenting again to say that I just read comment 438 and laughed cause we both talked about different accents… the end

  • http://www.shoutdaily.com Tricia

    I’m so glad you came away with this perspective, and this newly developed challenge. When I saw the interview, I kept scratching my head and asking how did that just happen.

  • Jeff

    Just watched the Nightline interview and that was spectacular. From a 34-year-old man with two boys, for what it’s worth, you and Jon and Leta are awesome.

  • http://gochaseatree.wordpress.com Kimberly

    i hope kathy lee dies.

  • http://passionfish.vox.com/ Molly


    I am a fifty-one year old Mother who bought my (now twenty-one year old) Daughter her first computer when she was twelve years old. She is the one who told me about your blog.

    Jenna (my spawn), and I, live in a community with a population count of about four hundred Rebel-Flag-flying Loggers. The kind of town where Obama should be scared, very scared of visiting unless he is equipped with an army of Secret Service Men and a heavily armored tank.

    I was born and raised in Seattle and spent my years (1970-80′s) there building computer networks. When Jenna was born we moved to this wonderful place and forsook the “small-mindedness” for the beauty and small town education for our daughter. After the divorce we moved back up to Seattle but Jenna wanted to return here. She started her blog at twelve years of age and we have endured ridicule, lectures, “your Daughter needs counseling” talks to Parents telling me that I am destroying my Daughters “social life” by letting her stay at home and be on line as apposed to going up the river and drinking beer, snorting meth and driving 80 miles per hour in a Rebel-Flag-flying pick-up truck on a VERY RURAL, VERY WINDING, VERY POTHOLED HIGHWAY!

    Sorry for this lengthy response but I just wanted to tell you that your blog is awesome. I have journals of Jenna’s growing up written in long hand and if she would have “shared” and not hogged the computer back then, I know that I would have had a “Mommy Blog” and that it would have been WAY BEFORE YOU! Alas, I am always a dollar short and a day late but I am so happy that you do what you do. My Daughter and I look forward to your posts everyday and please just know that we understand about being one of the “firsts”.

    When the finger wagging, lecturing, hand-wringing neophytes start hyperventilating, the one thing you can take to heart is the fact that your are….SUCCEEDING!


  • Sam

    Would it be more or less insulting to call you a “doggy blogger”? If people are going to distil you down to a single element – why mommy blogger and not doggy blogger?

    I don’t get it.

    I don’t care for Kathy Lee or the Today show, but that is another issue for another day.

  • http://www.eatmypress.com/ eatmypress

    that was really well written, heather.

  • part of the community?

    If it’s any consolation, you seem like a veritable GENIUS PANDA by comparison to those two ladies. Still. They could have done so much better by you. Maybe one day you’ll get to be interviewed by Terry Gross, and actual insights will be shared. But till that day, keep the faith. Nice work, in spite of it all.

  • http://www.alikelystory.blogs.com Kath

    Hey Heather -

    You really were grace personified in this interview…unlike KLG and Hoda who are supposed to be the ‘professionals’.

    I think you should have your own tv show and show them how it’s done…or how it’s supposed to be done.

    And when that happens, I would love to be in the audience for your first show. Front row would be nice.

    And I am sure your Green Room would totally put NBC’s Green Room to shame.


  • http://www.doubledanger.com James | Double Danger

    Ripa would have done a better interview… if that makes sense.

    GO RUN A SWEAT SHOP! Wait… ok, enough.

    Your cool Heather, too cool for school.