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That bizarre woman and her rude blog

So I thought I should start this post with an email I got this morning from a Canadian reader named Tessa. Hi, Tessa! Subject: Your Misrepresentation of Canadians Should Be Embarrassing You are such a wonderful, wise, witty woman. And there you go making comment after comment about how backward and maladjusted Canadians are. How [...]

Sigg water bottle

UPDATE: A reader named Dawn found it available here. AWESOME. Thanks, Dawn. I bought this at a market called Capers in Vancouver, and since I threw away (meaning: RECYCLED) the packaging so that I could fit it in my luggage I don’t know exactly which type of Sigg bottle this is. I know it’s a [...]


Enjoying a good half hour of the National Geographic Channel. Chuck can remain calm despite all the animal noises, but in just a second Coco is going to start howling at the television because she heard a bird fly past the camera. My friend would say that she does this because she routinely eats retard [...]


Jon and I were walking through Stanley Park in Vancouver on Monday afternoon when we stumbled upon this giant swan who was begging for scraps from tourists. I didn’t have any food in my purse, and yes, I know you’re not supposed to feed wildlife, just go ahead and stop composing that email you want [...]