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Dooce, Behind the Music

[Today's guest post is from Maggie Mason whose websites include Mighty Girl, Mighty Goods, and Mighty Junior. I should just note here before you read this that we have both seen each other naked. And that this post of hers is only to get back at me for the fact that my butt is so [...]

You ain’t been pucked til you been fud pucked

Several months ago when Jon and I were looking at our plans for the summer we decided that we wanted to take a family vacation. And we asked ourselves, where in the world would we like to go most with Leta? Since she was coming with us we had to go somewhere that has chicken [...]

Calvin Klein pleated one piece bathing suit

In preparation for our trip to Florida I bought a few bathing suits including this one piece from Victoria’s Secret. I’ve owned several VS swimsuits over the years and have always gone back to them because one, they fit a taller/bigger woman and two, they always give you the option of a padded bra. Yes, [...]

The Gulf of Mexico

The view to the east from our condo in Destin, Florida. Half of the bag I packed was filled with 30 bottles of sunscreen.

Coco got a job

We’re having to start slowly with Coco, no blenders or engine parts, but during this photo session she remained in this position for over 15 minutes while we arranged and rearranged the scarf around her head. Afterward she collapsed for four hours because the concentration had been so exhausting. Coco, welcome to the family.