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Tommy Hilfiger flip flops

These were the only pair of shoes I packed for our trip, and the only time I’ve worn them was on the plane and that one time we left the condo to get groceries. This is the life I’ve always wanted: being able to go without shoes and pants just about everywhere.

Natural pattern

I found this crab shell as I was walking along the beach last night, and I’m still struck by how much the pattern on the shell looks like a hand drawn illustration. It would look great on a fabric for a pillow or even on the cover of a notebook.

I am an adult

[Today's guest post is from Todd Levin, author of the website Tremble. See if you can get through this post of his without using Google. Go ahead. Try it. See?] Lately, I’ve been preoccupied with the parts of me that seem adult vs. the parts of me that maturity continues to elude. It’s a two-columned [...]

Morning workout

Getting the dogs warmed up for a photo session. This usually involves riling Coco up to a frenzy while Chuck sits in my lap and worries.