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Jon and I both agree that our trip to Florida was the best trip we’ve ever taken together, and we think we might try to go back every year. I see this photo and I can smell the salt water again. I also see where Jon missed a large portion of his nose with the [...]

Monogrammed Egyptian cotton sheets

I got a frantic email from Maggie last week advising me to go right that second and buy these 360-count combed Egyptian cotton sheets. On sale for 75% off. That’s practically stealing them off the Internet. They only have them in king sizes, and alas: Maggie and her husband sleep on a queen. As of [...]

Protecting his sensitive scalp

I bought a new sun hat while we were in Florida because my scalp kept getting too much sun, and I had to settle for something much less glamorous than the one I found in Palm Springs. So I’m thinking Coco will be less tempted to eat it since it won’t look as stylish coming [...]