• http://barelymyself.com Diz

    I, too, am thinking more and more about changing (I find that the closer I get to thirty, the more it’s happening). After reading Skinny Bitch this weekend, I’m thinking it’s time to give up the meat. What’s another big change, after paying off credit cards, decluttering my bedroom, and getting promoted? This year is only half over, so I may as well really get crazy.

    Good luck with the cleanse. Looking forward to hearing your progress.

  • http://mamafunk.typepad.com Angel Funk

    You are so awesome. Just when the cynicism gets hard to read you become vulnerable again. I am blown away by how open you are about your life and really appreciate how honest you are.

  • http://livingintheory.blogspot.com Sugar

    Oh My GOD! The dog poop! I can’t imagine a worse way to return to reality. But how cool that you attacked the problem without losing it completely. I don’t know that I would have.

    As for the cleanse, you had me until it said no caffeine… I don’t know… I want to be healthier, but why do they always make you say no to the caffeine? Could it be an 85% cleanse?

  • Nicole

    Great post.

  • Christina

    Good luck on your cleanse. I am doing something similiar but long term (the first 21 days are harsh though, after that you can slowly add back in one thing each week…first thing back for me will be caffeine!).

    Glad you had a great vacation, welcome back!

  • http://dsharp.typepad.com/ d. Sharp

    Thanks for this – especially that last paragraph.

  • http://fatpinkhippo.wordpress.com Enna

    Holy cats! I am doing something similar to this diet myself. Let me tell you, after week 1 you start to feel GOOD and have more energy.

    Unless you go all feral on a little Debbie like I did. One day 2 (or some really inappropriately-early-in-the-diet day).

    Good luck!

  • Coco Armstrong

    Hey, why does Chuck get a “daily Chuck” and I get nothing? Love, Coco

  • Debra

    In case there was even a second of self-doubt, it needs to be said:

    You are one super awesome human being!

    You’ve given me a much needed boot of inspiration today. Thank you!

  • Coco Armstrong

    To the nice lady, “Monica DC #394; NO, I am not Ok. I need attention, new stuffed squirrels and a soft bed to sleep on, NO crate! But, Yes, my intestinal problem is rectified… for now… Coco

  • http://www.laughingatchaos.wordpress.com jen

    I did a similar cleanse a few weeks ago and discovered a few food sensitivities. I’m doing a lot better now. And, in all honesty, it was really good to see someone who appears to have it all write that last paragraph. I’m not alone in feeling that way.

  • http://seriouslybecause.com Lori

    I’m a bit sad that I didn’t bump into you while you were in Destin. Next time, let’s get together for a drink!

  • http://www.ramblesofheather.blogspot.com H

    I am very curious about the cleanse! Going to start reading it myself!!! The one thing that will be hard is my damn coffee!!!

    Glad Florida was fun!!

  • Anonymous

    It’s interesting how so many women, myself at times included, when contemplating real issues that need to be dealt with (large issues, small issues, whatever kind of issues), conclude that what is needed is a diet, which gives us the pleasant feeling that we’re going to take control of something. Of course, this almost never works out, but it does prevent us from identifying/addressing the real issues, which we like because a lot of anxiety can come with pondering the real issues, if we can even figure out what they are, whereas, “I’ll go on a diet!” (or “I’ll do a week-long fast!” or “I’ll do Oprah’s cleansing regime!”) at least SOUNDS simple. Everything gets translated into food/diet/fat language. By the time the thought “I wonder if I’m equal to the task” gets processed by our diet heads, it comes out sounding like, “Dammit, I shouldn’t have eaten those cookies.” I’m not dissing Heather–she is in excellent company with this one. Just kinda sad to see so many women waste energy this way. (Which is not to say it’s not good for us, for animals and for the planet to eat less animal flesh. By all means.)

  • http://amyrollo.com/brookland Amy

    I’ve been a vegetarian – or pescatarian, rather – for 6 years. I did it for health reasons, but now I do it for pretty much every reason there is to be veg. And, not that you need to worry about this Miss Long and Lean, but you’ll never be fat if you’re a vegetarian. How can you? You become conscious of everything you put in your mouth… even when you goof now and then and hoover that pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

  • Elizabeth Twist

    A word on cleansing: it’s a great thing to do for your body, but a lot of people make the mistake of feeling that because you’re cleansing you’re going to feel better and keep feeling better through the duration of the cleanse. Sometimes when your body begins to detox, you start really feeling junked up. A strong detox can result in flu-like symptoms (muscle aches, exhaustion). So: water water water; if you feel really low, some good-quality, organic protein; and prepare for quiet time and extra rest.

  • kate

    that photo is so beautiful..it startled me when i opened the page.

  • http://www.prettylush.typepad.com Pretty Lush

    I’m intrigued and anxious to hear about your progress. I hope to wring some motivation from it because my goals mirror yours. Best of luck, and welcome home!

  • http://www.princessingaloshes.blogspot.com Cat

    I’ve been SOOOO tempted to try a cleanse for a long time, now. But I just can’t quite commit to it. I will be very interested to hear how yours goes! Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    You know why COCO had diarrhea don’t you? She’s “cleansing” too.

  • VinnyGirl


    It’s my friend’s blog. She has celiacs disease.

    P.S. Oprah isn’t all that.

  • Agent Scully

    I’m not sure why everyone is labeling this diet lifestyle as a “cleanse” because it’s simply being Vegan. I became a Vegetarian 5 months ago and a month into my new diet I went all the way and became a Vegan.

    I think it’s a wonderful lifestyle change. There is plenty of food to eat and I’m having so much fun discovering new dishes every day. For example, I didn’t know what lentils were until recently and now I’m eating lentil soup for lunch at least twice a week. They’re delicious!

    The reason for the change was a simple protest to the way human beings treat animals and the horrific damage upon the environment that is produced by livestock farming. Although I know it’s a small stand, I feel good about making it.

    I feel great and healthy. I’ve had a surge in my energy level and attention span. I feel more calm than ever before.

    Good luck.

  • http://breki.se Breki

    Semi-longterm reader, first-time poster. Sorry to hear about Coco, it’s always bad to wake up to a sick dog. My Siberian Husky, Shuuji, had a urinary tract infection just over two months ago, and hearing him howl when trying to pee probably makes the top 5 “Largest Feelings of Sympathy”-situations in my life.

    In other news, good luck on the cleanse! I’ve been wanting to do something similar for a long time now, but seeing how I’m underweight, the sudden lack of calories would send my body into systematic shock.

  • http://www.peacemongermom.wordpress.com Laura

    Seeing as how you clearly don’t have enough people weighing in on your cleanse, Jon’s sinus infection, or Coco’s problem with the runs, I thought I’d offer my sage two cents. :-)

    I have skimmed through the Quantum Wellness book recently, and I have read parts of Oprah’s blog regarding her cleanse. I have recently made some pretty mind bending changes in my life in preparation for my son’s deployment to Iraq, and honestly, I think that 99.999% of it is in the mindset that we embrace. It’s time for me to stop drinking like a teenager (I’m 41, for heaven’s sake), it’s time for me to stop eating meat (it is morally impossible for me now to eat something with a face), it’s time for me to shore myself up and give **me** the tools I need to make it through Chris’ deployment. I know (even if I don’t like it much) what is going to help and what is not. Beer every night has not helped. Hamburgers have not helped. I’m ready to change things.

    And so I did. It was pretty simple, but I think that comes from my mindset. I was just ready. I think that Freston addresses it in her book early on, but being aware of ourselves and what we need/want/etc. is important. I knew that a long time ago, but seem to have forgotten it through my 30s. I’m relearning it in my 40s.

    As to what to do about protein? Feh. Gimme a break, commenters! http://tinyurl.com/678fs4 Don’t fall for the hype…and it’s all hype, dude. Take what works for you and discard the rest.

    Oh, and one more suggestion for reading material, if I can be indulged: Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. If you can make it through all the cursing (which something tells me that you can), it offers some really great advice, or assvice, whichever you prefer.

    Sending great white healing light to both Jon and Coco, hoping that their respective ends dry up.

    In Doociness–


  • http://partoftheprecipitate.blogspot.com/ Leslie

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are going to try going Veg! I have been on and off for years, and whenever I stray, I read a book or watch a video of how the animals are treated and I’m right back where I started! If you need some (rather slow but EXCELLENT and information filled) reading, pick this up:


    at the bookstore… Very eye opening. Good luck! It is definitely harder for some people than others…

  • http://www.redswritinghood.com Red

    Heather, Go for it girl! You can do it. I was going to, but, I think I need to take it a step further and go RAW!
    We are looking forward to you blogging about your 21 day journey- I am sure it will filled with more swear words then Oprah’s 21 day cleanse blog, haha.

  • mackley q greene

    “I’d like to handle my anxiety better.”

    You may actually be on to something by trying a quasi-elimination diet. I had major anxiety problems about 6 years ago which led to an elimination diet phase (you get rid of all common allergens, then add them back in one by one to see if anything bothers you) and wound up cutting out casein and gluten entirely. Got tested for celiac, which I am not, but those proteins do bother me. (A handy way to tell is if your heart rate increases by more than 5 beats per minute after you eat a certain food — your immune system may be reacting to it.)

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the link handy any more, but I did find research that indicated these proteins can even cross the blood-brain barrier and might make anxiety worse, beyond the immune-system involvement.

    Whatever their true effect, because I was eating whole wheat and dairy 2 or 3 times a day, I had to endure a racing heartbeat for hours afterward. I had to make sure to eat dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime or I had major insomnia. Food sensitivities (secondary allergies) can be really hard on you; the constant inflammatory response is hell. I also got sick more often — got bronchitis like clockwork every winter for years.

    I still dream of eating cheese (no lie!) but would never go back to it. It’s not the perfect answer, of course (I take naturopath-prescribed herbals for anxiety and depression also), but I am much happier and less anxious no matter what happens.

  • http://steechez.blogspot.com Slub

    Hey Heather,
    I’m an everyday reader of your fabulousness and when I read that you were in Destin I was hoping that your crew would make it over to Pensacola Beach for a day.

    I live here and I was on DOOCE lookout all week! I wanted so bad to see you on the beach and yell “DOOOOOOCCEEE!” real loud in front of everyone. Perhaps as loud as your burps. I would have loved to meet you and the blurbodoocery, however you spell it.

    This is indeed one of the most beautiful beaches in the US- especially Destin and Pensacola Beach- I grew up in Ohio and its really great coming over the bridge to the island, instant VACATION.

    Good to hear you had a great holiday. You’re awesome.

  • http://thisisitseriously.blogspot.com Melissa

    1. I grew up in Florida but have been living in NYC for the past 7 years. I was home for 8 days the week before you went and spent my time on the Gulf of Mexico, as well (which is also where I will be having my wedding on Nov. 8th), and for the first time since I left home, I dreaded coming back to Manhattan. I forgot how peaceful my cells feel when I can walk barefoot pretty much anywhere without worrying about contracting hepatitis or stepping on a used condom.

    2. Good luck on the cleanse. I tried one a couple of months ago and made it about 12 hours. Pathetic.

    3. I applaud the fact that you are even considering giving up meat. I became a vegetarian at 14 years old for the exact same reason you mentioned and have now been meat free for 16 years. I hope you like it as much as I do.

  • Lesley

    The only concern I have about the diet end of this program is the amount of soy (as a protein source). Soy products are not healthy for people with thyroid conditions, particularly hypothyroidism (which many women suffer from). Soy also wreaks havoc with hormones and women with excess estrogen are discouraged from consuming soy products. Many mass produced soy products have huge amounts of salt in them, which is not good. Useful protein sources include beans, and nuts and seeds in moderation. I personally have no issues with ethically produced chicken and turkey (organic, free range sources.)

  • http://thoughtsofasinglegirl.blogspot.com/ The Single Girl

    Caffeine is easy to give up, just wait until around day eight when you would sacrifice your dog for few potato chips or some grilled cheese sandwich.

    A great treat, thinly sliced potatoes with some olive oil, salt and pepper roasted in the oven for about ten minutes. Served with tahini on the side for dipping. Mmm mmm good.

    Good Luck! It is tough some days but you have never felt better. And there is nothing quite like a retox after a good detox.

  • http://www.thebeadedlady.com Heather P.

    Meat free! Never have I so badly wanted to hug a person I don’t even know. You will thank yourself for this change, I promise. Good luck!

  • Tiffany

    I picked up a copy of Quantum Wellness last week. I decided to coincide the start of it with our vaca in Lake Tahoe. We arrived Sunday night, so I’m on day 2. Glad to hear you’re doing better with the caffeine part. I’m a Diet Coke addict and even though yesterday was fine, today – oooooh, boy, I really want to drink away the pain. Totally defeating the whole purpose. So I’m all hopped up on mega-Advil and praying that the beautiful setting will help negate my current misery. Jury’s still out on that one.

    I’m also trying to get a handle on my life. I just feel like I could be doing it better. I’m also reading Marilu Henner’s newest book “Wear Your Life Well.” I’m just into the second chapter, but it is jam-packed with really good stuff. I’m finding it more useful than Quantum Wellness.

    Good luck with this. I’ll be checking in to see how your experience is comparing with my own.

  • Kim K

    Laughing so hard about Coco, Jon & the diarrhea.
    I have SO been there!
    And OK…The beach photo….it’s AMAZING.
    Did you do anything to it? Actions?
    Or is this REALLY the color of the water.
    Must head to Destin!
    Glad you’re back!

  • J9

    My fiance and I tried the cleanse about two months ago. We made it 8 days. The siren song of pizza and wine was too beautiful to ignore. It did break my caffine addiction so at least there’s that.

  • http://gorabbitrabbit.blogspot.com Sarah

    Not that you *need* a 445th comment to wish you well, but it couldn’t hurt, right? (Or maybe it’s been that pesky 445th comment that’s been the problem all along…see? Resume eating crap!) I’m excited to see how the changes go, especially since I’ve also been thinking about doing the same. Thinking, but so far not getting the spark that would make me actually do it. BUT, I am desperate to be a better, healthier, nicer, more patient mommy, wife, dog owner (ugh), and friend, the kind who doesn’t get a panic attack every time something drops. Every little change is good, and who knows where it might lead.
    Soooo, thank you for sharing it all with us, and again, very best wishes.

  • Gabrielle

    I think this post may have been the blow to the head that I was waiting for to start making some much-needed changes to my life (I mean that in the most complimentary way possible). So much of what you wrote really resonated with me – especially about being more present and handling anxiety better. In the past month and a half, three members of my family have passed away and my husband and I moved into our first house. My father-in-law is having major (potentially life-threatening) surgery this week, which is causing untold stress for my husband (and me). Work is overwhelming and I’m having unpleasant health issues of my own (think Charlotte in the Sex & the City movie). For some reason this post (and the amazing picture that accompanies it) made me feel a little calmer today, just when I really needed it. Thank you for being my moment of Zen.

  • http://seriouslybecause.com Lori

    You’ve talked about how beautiful the water was in Destin. Check out these pictures: http://ourcircle.wordpress.com/2008/05/05/i-dont-mean-to-brag-but/ It was a particularly amazing day! I LOVE this place!

  • http://www.lisaschaos.com/ Lisa’s Chaos

    I’m so glad you open comments occasionally so I can chatter back at you, otherwise I would remain a silent reader.

    Happy you had a wonderful vacation and since we recently got back from our own holiday I know exactly what you mean about walking around the piles of laundry. We spent some time in the Rockies so had the joys of altitude sickness, who knew Wisconsin was so low below sea level.

    I’m continually amazed at watching Leta develop and feel like she’s a distant niece I get to watch grow from afar.

    Looking forward to your cleanse review although not sure I’ll ever have the guts to give one a go.

  • http://www.annwn.com Linda R. Moore

    On the getting organized front, try the Flylady book (Sink Reflections). If you can get over the evangelical god-talk and the 1930s housewife attitude and the pure vomitous sugar, there are some really great ideas and techniques in there. (The website is scary but has most all of it for free…the book is easier.)

    Good luck. That really was a recommendation, I promise. ;)

  • http://zenhomeeconomist.typepad.com/ Kristi

    Best of luck with that cleanse, Heather! I’ve found Spring/early Summer can be a great time for that kind of thing, but I’ve never tried it while parenting. I’m timid that way, I suppose. I did quit coffee in March, though, and had some awful psychological side-effects, so if you find yourself suddenly thinking you must be losing your mind, consider the possibility that it’s actually part of the detox process, and try to give yourself extra breathing room and trust that you will get through it, because you totally will.

    This is a great time of year to go vegetarian, too — so many fresh veggies available! I’m lovin’ it!

  • http://www.lisaschaos.com/ Lisa’s Chaos

    Oh and pizza, cheese pizza, meat pizza, bring on the pizza, I feel strong today.

  • http://sillygrrl.wordpress.com Sarah

    if you’re gonna go veg, morning star chickn and steak strips are the best. they have a more meaty texture and taste than most products. and they fry in about 2 minutes.

  • geekgrrl

    Good luck.

  • http://www.bloggingjacki.com Jacki

    I too have been thinking about the quantum wellness but really too chicken because I don’t have anyone to do it with me, gosh how lame does that sound!

    Good to see you back!

  • http://insertcleverblognamehere.blogspot.com/ skapeseven

    My New Year’s Resolution was to “get organized” in every aspect of my life – and I mean EVERY. From the laundry and cooking to the financial stuff to my health to making regular one on one time for my daughter. I’m sick of not being able to find stuff too and that includes time for myself and that hot black top I could swear I washed last week. So far this year I’ve organized a cutlery drawer and sorted out my insurance. I think I need to get cracking and this just may be the inspiration I need. Thankyou.

  • http://www.libelletage.blogspot.com Lisa

    Yea! for giving up meat. I gave it up for lent once (and I am not even Catholic) and I never missed it. I just eat better things.

  • Kelsey

    It was so nice to meet you at the beach! I still can’t believe the coincidence of us staying at the same place. We love Destin and I am glad you guys did too!!

  • http://www.tri4ever.blogspot.com fe-lady

    Shit I would eat like Oprah too if I had a gardener growing my potatoes, tomatoes and salad greens and a chef to fix it all.

    I am currently eating tomatoes off of my own plants tho while everyone else is scared to even buy them…and I live in the desert (it’s 108 here today)-do THAT Oprah! (Or Oprah’s gardener!)

    Good luck with the diet…I have NO desire to cut out caffeine or alcohol from my table but I am currently training 10-20 hours a week for triathlons, so I guess I am allowed to “fall off the wagon” a couple times a week! Hehheh.

  • carolyn

    Congrats! Good for you taking charge. I have many of those same wants for myself. I found a book by accident while browsing Borders, bought it and absolutely loved it. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? “Skinny Bitch”, sounds much the same to the Quantum book. I too have changed much in my diet.

    I hope you will enjoy these 21 days and look forward to reading about your experiences with it. Thanks for sharing.