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How I spent my morning

This morning Jon and I were interviewed live on KUER’s RadioWest with Doug Fabrizio (that same old dude who interviewed me for Utah Now), and man are those people rude. First they frisked us when we walked in the door, and the security guard demanded to know what I had hiding in my shirt. And [...]

Ruthie Pearl reusable and reversible bag

We found an excellent stand at the farmer’s market on Saturday selling adorable reusable shopping bags. Leta’s yellow polka dot school bag died a couple of weeks ago and we’ve been using whatever we could find around the house since then. So I walked her through the booth and had her pick out her favorite [...]

Flying nun

This is one of Leta’s skirts, and the elastic around the waist is so strong that even though I took this photo over a half hour ago he’s still got it on his head. And he’s chewing a rawhide bone right now, his head jiggling here and there, so you can understand it when I [...]

I never meant to cause you any sorrow

My mother gave me two pots of flowers for Mother’s Day, and now that summer has finally set it I’m having a hard time keeping these alive. If I don’t water them twice a day they pretend to fall over dead. This has happened three times now, I’ll look out the window and think OH [...]