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Handmade pencils from Nepal

A reader named Margo sent me these gorgeous handcrafted pencils, and I think they may make my handwriting more legible just by virtue of their beauty. The paper used to create these “is made from the paper of the Daphne bush using locally grown materials, simple technology and ancient skills that protect the fragile ecological [...]

The eyebrows run in the family

That’s my seventeen-year-old niece Mariah, my sister’s oldest kid. She probably looks a bit more like her dad than her mom, but she still sports some undeniable Hamilton features like the eyebrows and the wiry hair. She came to Florida with us, and I had such a great time getting to know her better. And [...]

Someone’s been eating my rice cakes

Chuck reports that he’s never had so much energy. And his complexion is as fresh as when he was a puppy. Now if he could just give up tequila.