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Deprivation never tasted so good

This is what I had today for lunch on this, the fourth day of my cleanse. (I had two of these) It’s a hard corn tortilla (the only kind I could find that did not have any added sugar), vegetarian refried beans, roasted and minced garlic, fresh tomatoes, plus an avocado mashed up with salt. [...]

Where is Heather and what have you done with her body?

So a lot of people have some pretty strong opinions about my diet. WHO KNEW. I don’t think I’ve written something so controversial since I announced that I was pregnant and was flooded with some angry email about why? WHY? Why go and do that? NOT THAT! NOT A HUMAN BABY! Because then I’d change [...]

“Flock” silkscreen print

I’ve been meaning to feature this here for some time since many of you have seen it in various pictures and wondered where I found it. It’s the red version of a silkscreen print from Wayne Pate of Good Shape Design (scroll down a tiny bit). I bought it the first time I saw it [...]

Bikini wax

Chuck is skeptical of the butt hair trim we gave Coco yesterday afternoon. But I don’t think he remembers the one I gave him when he was five months old that made his hind quarters look like Cesar. Coco’s rear end here looks more like Cousin Itt, but what an improvement.

Night swimming

It’s hard to capture the color of the water along Destin’s beaches, but for the last four days we were there the waves were all small and smooth. When we waded out to water above our heads we could still see the ground far below us distinctly. It’s sometimes turquoise, sometimes crystal blue, sometimes straight [...]

If anyone mentions cheese pizza I may just have to take up violence

Oh, Florida. Yesterday morning life hit us like a searing laser of Utah sun at 4:30 AM when Coco began howling wildly to be let out of her crate. We were still high from the smell of salt and sea, our bellies still full of fried everything, our minds still as calm as the line [...]

Handcrafted rings

My friend Cami recently spent a month in Europe and picked up these rings when she was in Sicily. My favorite one is the oblong, pointy one in the foreground which when worn on my finger makes my already lengthy digits look that much more alien. You could say that I like to highlight my [...]

Bucket of trouble

The night before we left Florida we took a long walk along the beach and found a group of kids catching crabs. It’s something we used to do as a family in my childhood, although we’d always let them go. But I’m permanently scarred by one instance when my sister’s husband (then her boyfriend) reached [...]

At it again

You’d think that these two would be entirely bored with each other having shared sleeping space for almost 10 days at the kennel. But once they got inside the house the wrestling started up immediately, and this time Chuck instigated it. I’m looking at this photo and realizing Coco is way overdue for a butt [...]


Jon and I both agree that our trip to Florida was the best trip we’ve ever taken together, and we think we might try to go back every year. I see this photo and I can smell the salt water again. I also see where Jon missed a large portion of his nose with the [...]