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“The Giant Suburban Bear Monster” gocco print

I bought this gocco print from the fabulous Etsy shop of one Matte Stephens, an artist in Portland, Oregon. I love the whimsy in his work, and I’m eventually going to hang this up in Leta’s room once I’ve decided on the permanent home of all her furniture (and made enough room in her closet [...]

Mover and shaker

Last week we demolished a wall of badly designed shelving in the garage to make room for a better system of organization. I forgot just how hot my husband looks when he’s ripping things apart with his hands and can now think of at least two dozen projects that need to get done around the [...]


From her wikipedia page: “Blanche was not at Big Daddy’s side when he died because she was attending a ball in Miami, but refused to go to his funeral because of an argument with her sister Virginia; Blanche regretted this afterward and resolved to try to rethink her priorities in life. After Big Daddy died, [...]